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Undercover Crime

You are the leader of the Criminal Investigative Department of the FBI. After the manager of the Beverly Hills Hotel is murdered, it is your job to find out who did it.

Zombie Annihilation

A simple zombie CYOA.
There is a bit of a inventory mechanic, but some items are just there for the fun of it.
This is my first CYOA, so I would be happy to recieve any comments about how I could improve.

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Logic Puzzles on 11/23/2020 7:37:03 PM

Wait a second!

Is this CYS?

Logic Puzzles on 11/23/2020 6:48:07 PM

I think it's a splinter.

Logic Puzzles on 11/22/2020 7:31:53 PM

WARNING: This is a quite lengthy solution.


Here are the boxes:

|Black| |Brown| |White|

Each of these is labeled incorrectly, so (each labeled box has the possibility):


|Black|: Brown or White

|Brown|: Black or White

|White|: Brown or Black


Let's say you open the box labeled "Black". There are 2 seperate cases:

1) There is a brown strand. By process of elimination, you can determine that the black strand is in the white box, and the white strand is in the brown box.

2) There is a white strand. Again, by process of elimination, you can determine that the black strand is in the brown box, and the brown strand is in the white box.

And then after both of these, you can swap the labels out and then you can get all of them in the correct boxes.


In fact, if you open any box, you can determine the color of the strands in the other boxes just using process of elimination.


1) Open any box. Doesn't matter which. Let the box label be color 1. Then find out the color of the strand. Let the strand color be color 2.

2) Find the box with the label that isn't color 1 or color 2.

Ex. If the strand color is brown and you picked the black box, then you would pick the white box. If the strand color is white and you picked the brown box, you would pick the black box.

3) Use process of elimination to determine that the box with the color 3 label has the strand with color 1, and the box with the label of color 2 has the strand of color 1.

So it looks like this: 

Label:                 |color 1|    |color 3|    |color 2|

Acutal Strand:    |color 2|    |color 1|    |color 3|

And then you can rearrange the labels to make the labels match the strands.

That's it.


Link Script Editing on 6/16/2020 12:34:52 PM

Thank you!

Link Script Editing on 6/16/2020 12:25:18 PM


I'm a new writer, and I'm starting to write my first storygame.

When I open the edit script page for one of my links, i notice a button that says: Help On Scripting.

However, it does nothing when i click on it.

Can someone explain to me exactly how to script (programming languages) and how to fix that button?