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I'm Catholic... I like war and zombies... What am I supposed to put here? How about the things that pertain to the content I may post on this site: I have a major procrastination problem. So you can expect very spaced out content. I am an amateur scientist. So you can expect me to put some higer-level concepts into my CYOAs on subjects like physics and biology. However I'll try to make sure that this doesn't make the games unplayable for most people, or make the game any less enjoyable (unless you are forewarned, in which case I may have decided to make a hard science fiction CYOA). I personally hold a moral standard that (in my opinion) are higher than most, and often considered archaic. But I don't push it in my games, and I like to allow you the freedom to be a prick if you want. I like to deliver deadpan humor, and make my jokes somewhat difficult to get. It's not everyone's cup of tea, and you might find yourself wondering how seriously to take what you're reading. If this creates a playability issue, please let me know. Lastly, there will be no sex scenes. None. So don't look for them.

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post-nuclear survival Quiz.

This is a quiz designed to gauge your survival chances in the event of an actual nuclear war. This is designed to be entirely realistic, as an actual test of your chances in surviving the probable events surrounding this situation.

Protocol 666
A zombie survival adventure with elements of strategy in it that was inspired by the road of the dead and WWZ worlds. You play as brigadier general Sherman, and basically attempt to achieve a favorable outcome in a near impossible situation. I attempted to provide a good scientific and strategic backing for everything that happens, so I hope you find it realistic (not that you probably care). Just note that this was more my attempt at creating an outlet for my thoughts, than an enjoyable experience for everyone. If this isn't your cup of tea, I'm not exactly trying to sell this to anyone. But if you found actual errors, or just have some advice, I am listening. Thank you for reading this, and please enjoy hell. ;)

The journey.

The idea of surviving the apocalypse has long been romanticized. while it is impossible to bring you the full experience, perhaps a taste can be gathered from this one short journey.