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Badwater (Team Fortress 2)
Push the explosive-laden Payload cart and destroy the enemy RED team's base in this fun, action-packed adventure through the wacky world of Team Fortress 2: Valve's 2007 online shooter unique for its 9-class system and a colorful variety of hats.

The massive multiplayer online roleplaying game

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Character Customization on 6/19/2023 9:48:14 AM
Thanks both!

Adding Music on 6/19/2023 9:39:50 AM
Ever since I heard Megaman 2: Worlds of Power read aloud over music from the game, I’ve been interested in the idea. Is there any way to have music playing on the page without needing to click a link to go to Youtube? Or is the whole idea illegal, impossible and immoral ?

Character Customization on 6/18/2023 5:49:43 PM
My question is on the first page could I have a bunch of options to choose from like hair colors, different types of facial hair, skin colors, clothes, and so on or would that make it impossible to write all those different stories or could I just have all options leading to the same progression without really referencing those choices at all, does that make it kind of pointless or is it nice to have the choice to choose what kind of character you'd like to be?