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Boardgame Thread on 5/26/2020 12:52:59 PM

What kind of games do you prefer?

Boardgame Thread on 5/26/2020 12:52:06 PM

Yeah, our American housemate is quite fond of that draw-power strategy :)

Me and my friends play it a lot. So I'm biased. But I would argue there are not always cards that allow you to draw more cards/have more actions. You also have the whole dimension of attacking others, trashing their money or cursing them. I feel the art in building a good deck is combining cards effectively to complement each other. And then duration cards add a whole other dimension, in the later expansion packs.

I also feel (frustratingly at times) there is a meaningful element of chance in the cards you draw, which sometimes screws you over despite wise choices. That makes the game interesting. And every once in a while, you get a golden combination of cards allowing you to not just play the card stealing the other players' treasure, but repeat that card a second time and steal even more...

Anyhow, in a nutshell - I do like it.

God save the... on 5/24/2020 1:51:15 PM

(Meant to follow the comment about Avery being an anarchist !) No deliberate anarchical mis-replying involved...

God save the... on 5/24/2020 1:48:20 PM

Crumpet-loving anarchists. The worst kind. I've heard some of the really hardcore mutineers even dunk their crumpets in their tea...

Boardgame Thread on 5/24/2020 1:16:37 PM

Anyone here come across Dominion? I'm shocked to find it not mentioned, as far as I could tell...

God save the... on 5/24/2020 1:13:35 PM

So is CYStia an established term?


God save the... on 5/24/2020 1:12:30 PM

Thanks! I've landed a cosy place amongst the order of the architects :) (What are we, Hufflepuff, something like that? Or Ravenclaw?)

God save the... on 5/24/2020 1:09:15 PM

I'd be curious to hear Avery's take on this too.

God save the... on 5/24/2020 1:07:52 PM

If I'm honest that's more prominent in my mind than our national anthem. Me and my housemate (English) live with an American, and no sooner is 'God save the queen' out of his mouth, than 'and the fascist regime' comes out of mine...we use it - conveniently - more to rile our housemate than anything else.

Not that I'm radically (or even meaningfully) anti-monarchy, but, as is the case for many true Brits, we're just fairly indifferent to the royals. Germans love the royal family, I know. And hey, they're good for our economy, right? I'ts interesting seeing Harry himself rebel and leave that all behind. I wonder what he makes of the Sex Pistols' version :)



God save the... on 5/22/2020 7:02:29 PM

Hooray! Another blighted neighbour! How do you do?

Republic, though....? Not last time I that would surely spoil the tea!