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I am someone who really love reading stuff and I want to write for a long time its seems for eternity..Currently I am studying at a university and English is my fourth language which kinda makes it my most least spoken or used language..well...all the more reason for me to write so that I will improved it in the progress.

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I have been at this site for quiet some time & read a lot of its masterpiece ( nearly all Endmaster game is my favorite thus far and FeanorOnForge on Apocalypse Yesterday) only did I have the courage to write my own story. This is my first story & English is my fourth language besides Mandarin, Malaysia Language & please if my grammar or my spelling is wrong by all means do tell & forgive me. My story is a mixture of history,religion(inspired by it) & fantasy..some of you may identify yourself to some of the army or culture or religion (some of it have the same country name or culture name or race) but my story is inspired by them & by no means intended to insult anyone or any country..Its just a story that I want to write & wish to hear other people opinion.


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Hey guys and girls on 3/18/2016 1:24:25 PM

thanks everyone^^

Hey guys and girls on 3/16/2016 2:50:11 AM

Lolz?Owh well I guess its alright as they simply just kill my dog

Hey guys and girls on 3/16/2016 2:48:40 AM

I see..well I guess I better look into it soon and thanks for the feedbackwink owh and before I forgot how can I add my own cover art like in "The Other World"?( I take it back..I know how already thanks)

Hey guys and girls on 3/16/2016 2:47:23 AM

Hey man thanks for the help..I will look into it

Hey guys and girls on 3/16/2016 2:45:13 AM

Nice meeting you too friend. I will not take it to heart, I will thrive to write a better story till they loved it and I wont rush. I will take take time as I know that quality is important in..well everything..thanks for the advice too buddy

Hey guys and girls on 3/16/2016 2:41:17 AM

Thanks you too mate..all the best..I will look forward for your story no matter the outcomeyes

Hey guys and girls on 3/16/2016 2:39:38 AM

Yeah I hope my grammar will be good enough as English is my 4th language..I will give it a try myself before letting some of this CYS wonderful community try it..I will start it small though & maybe my story will be..more like a story than a game but with different ending for each choices?I try to limit it to 3 epilogue only though THAT will also take time..actually I wanna ask whether CYS uses USA or UK English more?

Hey guys and girls on 3/16/2016 2:34:08 AM

Thanks for the warm welcome..I will make sure to take note of what you said

Hey guys and girls on 3/15/2016 6:41:28 AM

I have been at CYS for a quiet a time though I do more on the reading besides commenting stuff rather than writing..but I finally wish to start my own story..I need help on how to put pic inside my game( solved but is it possible for us to put higher resolution pic?)..and does any of you have any advice for me before I start my story?