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"When I first saw you, I thought you looked like a dick." - Everyone

"Why do you look so mad all the time?" - Everyone else

It's just my face. I swear. Hi guys! The name's Ty. My age? 20. Not old just yet. I guess you could say I'm a novice writer. But I've always loved to read and write when I was in school. Check out my stories,  and send me a message or leave a comment about what you think!

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In this game you play as Prince Armani. A 13 year old who, with his little sister, must run away to protect their own lives after the sudden murder of their parents. With his parents dead, his kingdom overtaken, and his little sister to look after, Armani has a lot of growing up to do at 13 years old.

Befriend fairies and orcs, fight fearsome shifters, win over the girl, and avenge your parents.

How will YOU take back your kingdom? Or will you bother to take it at all?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hello, readers. Well, this is my first story game, so I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors or any other problems you may find in my story. This is a little more story than game. (Like 60% story, 40% game) But some of the choices in the beginning do effect the story in terms of what skills you learn, the people you meet, how you take back your kingdom, and ultimately, what ending you get. 

There are no "bad" endings per say (except dying of course), but there is one "best" ending, two "good" endings and one "neutral" ending. It will let you know at the end which one you received.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know where I need to improve! (Let's try not to be dicks about it though, mkay?)