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Game dev with a heart of gold. A solid believer that sparkles make everything just a tad better.


  I'm trying to write more often, so I really appreciate any and all feedback. I like to write about people who are out of place somehow.






>>I am reskinning the entirety of Elona+ for some ungodly reason. It just seems like the right thing to do! It is titled the NUTTY NEET edit.

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Nen Personality Test

  Nen! It's the energy of life! You've trained for years and finally it's time for your super awesome Water Divination Hatsu test! Find out your Hatsu and make Sensei proud, kiddo.

karate kid+++

  For those of you who don't know, Hatsu and Nen and all that are from this great thing called Hunter X Hunter. You don't have to know HXH stuff to play, but just say'n. Also, this is my first story game (not counting that middle finger to WC a while back) and I wanted to make a cool personality test. You may have multiple paths, so feel free to do whatever. I think martial arts look cool. Have fun!


the host of a local paranormal radio assists a disturbed listener in a deserted someplace

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Things that make me happy on 5/14/2020 5:40:02 PM

Bats are my favorite! They're not as tiny or fluffy, but they look like lil' foxes. 



Gacha Community on 5/2/2020 2:47:31 AM

I know exactly what you're talking about. Very cringe. Not at all poggers. Anti-gamer, I'm afraid. Unforgivable. 

I'm a sucker for gatcha games but I suppose those aren't quite it....It makes me think about how 12 year olds are on deviantart and learning things they really shouldn't. Yaoi XD! *nosebleeds*

Three Games that are actual Hidden Gems on 4/28/2020 11:59:07 PM

I'm a big fan of Drill Dozer! ^_^ It's got spunk!

The GBA is possibly my favorite console of all time (nostalgia is a big player, hehe). I've played....Probably 90% of the stuff on there, I don't want to so much as think about the hours wasted away on it. Gunstar Superheroes, Pocky & Rocky with Becky, ChuChu Rocket, Astro Boy Omega Factor....All really fun pick-up-n-play sorts of things. Bless da GBA.

Three Games that are actual Hidden Gems on 4/28/2020 9:52:41 PM

Hehe, games! I'm really not a fan of RTS myself, but I have some friends who've got the brain for it. I'm not square enough. 

I will add as well!...Although the games I'll be talking about will require either fantastic cartidge hunting skills and a fat wallet or an emulator. I've been emulating tons of games on our hacked ps3, so my quarentine has been pretty great! Learn how to emulate, and you're pretty much set.

Technic Beat, PS2

An incredibly charming PS2 music game that's even better to play with friends. You run around the screen, bopping rings to the beat. There's actually quite the level of strategy involved. It is frustrating but also addictive like crack cocaine. The soundtrack is unique, the art style is funky and everything about it gives me joy... Like crack cocaine.

Money Idol Exchanger, PS1, NeoGeo

Probably not most of you fella's cup o' tea, but it sure as degenerate hell is mine. A poppy old-fashioned painfully anime arcade game that I've been playing obsessively for the last two days, It's kinda like bust-a-move, except you have to smash yen coins together into bigger and bigger quantities until they disappear. Kinda unforgiving, but I feel smarter now. Or maybe my brain wrinkles have gone smooth. I dunno, the music just really slaps.

Mr.Driller G, PS1 (but on many other platforms, soon also the Switch!)

My life now belongs to the drill. I'm pretty biased on this one, just cos' the art and music are so far up my alley. A cute arcade game about DigDug's son and friends doing all sorts of fun drill block sorts of things. The amount of love put into this thing really shows with the incredible polish and number of features it has. It even has a music player, which I highly suggest you check out.

Okay! Those games aren't very accessible, so here's a bunch of free RPG maker games for you to bust your PC with. If you ever want a quick, interesting (and sometimes very anime grimdark) way to spend your time without going broke, this'll do ya.

I was tempted to talk about romhacks as well, but I decided that was maybe a layer too deep of nerdism.

Oh, you could also play Elona+ and edit all the sprites in mspaint like me. But that's a whole 'notha level of brain damage.

Hatter's Sketchbook on 4/8/2020 4:04:07 PM

All of these make me smile so much! Your art makes this place so much cozier~

This brings to light how much of a mom Mizal is on this place, huh. Gower still looks like Atticus Finch in my mind. Long live Turtle End.

Corona Tag! on 4/7/2020 9:03:41 PM

Oh, my word counter say 1854. That and the pics make it quite long.

Corona Tag! on 4/7/2020 8:53:33 PM

  Felix Dent's real name was really Angeles-0389, but the very idea of numbers and straight lines and yessir nossir onetwothree had really sent him over the edge. Felix Dent felt murderous. He'd realized that word from a human book in one of the empty human houses. It meant to kill something, to make it not alive. It was something humans were understood to do but this incredible book was nothing like anything in Heaven. The scene in the book was enchanting. In it, a flying human picked up a sinner in black and white stripes and punched his face. And then he punched him again. The flying human made loop-de-loops and figure eights in the air while the bruised and bloodied sinner felt his thin body get weaker and weaker until his bones gave in and he fell to the ground. The next few pictures showed him in a battered heap, unmoving, small, deflated, the other humans stepping over him with little regard. The flying human took off their mask. They said, "I can no longer contain this murderous instinct..." and that was all for Felix Dent Super Hero Adventures Issue #44. Felix Dent had finally killed. He'd killed Angeles-0389 in that empty human room with no remorse. The feeling was simply euphoric.

  The now Felix Dent desperately wished to make something not alive. His once angelic face now flushed with excitement, he rushed out into the barren road to find something to kill. He didn't know what to do with his face. In Heaven, he'd never been able to make this expression. The warm feeling was so immense it seemed ready to burst through his very being, he wanted to kill so badly. He settled on a telephone pole. It looked very tall and straight, and it upset him. The disheveled angel swung the metal bat off his shoulder and proceeded to beat the telephone pole to death.

  Felix Dent was still killing the telephone pole when another angel, Angeles-4412, descended in a ray of heavenly light onto the overgrown lawn which was also covered with dog shit. The Rapture had plucked every unfortunate being off the God forsaken planet but had miraculously neglected the dog shit. Angeles-4412 did not fully understand what had happened but still sensed that the circumstance was somehow unpleasant. To express his distaste, his face remained exactly the same.

  Angeles-4412 assumed that the filthy angel across the way was the one he was sent to discharge. He removed himself from the dog shit, then from the lawn, then trotted down the street to politely tell his insane once-colleague that he was no longer needed in the Order of Heaven.

  “Hello sir, can I confirm that this is Angeles-0389 I am speaking to?” Angeles-4412 extended a pale hand. Felix swung at it with his full strength.

  “I can no longer contain this murderous instinct,” he announced.

  Angeles-4412’s hand was bent at a strange angle. There was no crunch because there were no bones, but the skin at the unnatural curve was wrinkled up in a way it never had been before. Before this, 4412’s hands had been immaculate and untouched like a newborn baby’s. All angel’s skin was like that. 4412 stared in awe at their limp hand for a moment before turning his attention back to Felix, who was turning his attention back to the pole.

  “What did you do to me?” he asked.

  “I killed you,” Felix replied casually,”Or I almost did, except I don’t think angels can be killed. Not that I know of, at least. If you find a way, please tell me and I’ll murder you for reals next time.”

  “Are you Angeles-0389?”

  “Angeles-0389 is dead.”


  “...Well, I know what I just said about angels not dying and stuff, but I mean that Angeles-0389 is figuratively dead. I’m not Angeles-0389 anymore. I am Felix Dent now. And if you call me that number name again, I’ll murder you for reals.”

  “Felix Dent sounds earthly.”

  Felix grinned. It was an unholy grin, full of self-satisfaction and all the other things that Heaven despises. 4412 felt for the first time somewhat afraid. 

  Felix chucked his bat into a hedge and dropped into a squat with a human tome in hand. It was forbidden to indulge in earthly pleasantries, but it was already apparent the laws of God meant nothing to him. He opened it up and began to read. 4412 tried desperately to cover his ears but unfortunately, one of his hands had been compromised.

  “There’s this really strange human, you see” Felix rambled as he shoved his finger into the book “He’s got this thing where he can fly. Humans can’t do that normally. That’s what I heard. Anyways, the guy-- His name is Felix-- He flies around stops sinners from doing things for some reason, but this chapter he actually kills one. He really does it. He punches him a million bajillion times and then the sinner dies. And then Felix says, ‘I can no longer contain this murderous instinct….’” 

  At that point, Felix looked up. His eyes were searching for something. 

  “Humans kill humans all the time,” 4412 stated, not quite sure what exactly was happening. He realized his face was trembling, trying to make a face to suit his feeling. “It’s commonplace. The Commandments speak against it.”

  “Well, I’ve got a theory. Felix Dent, the one in the book. He flies around and has all these powers. My theory is that Felix Dent isn’t a human, and he kills so he isn’t an angel either. He’s something totally different.”

  “It’s made-up.”

  “It doesn’t matter”

  This supposed once-angel really was beyond repair. His light hair looked as if it had been yanked every which way and his feathers were stuck up at ugly angles. The feeling 4412 didn’t understand had made its way to his legs now, holding him down, rattling at his limbs until he felt as he would fly apart. He watched Felix amble over to the hedge and rip the bat out from the tangle of branches. The bat hit the concrete and made a deafening metal clang. 4412 realized him and this thing were the only creatures on this entire planet.

  “I was sent here to discharge you. Your conduct has been deemed inappropriate by the Order of Heaven…”

  “I’m not an angel anymore.”

  “Yes, basically.” 

  “So I can do whatever I want?” His face contorted into something horrible.

  “I suppose. You’ll have to turn in your halo, and--”

  “I never liked the thing anyways. When I’m going through doors around here, I have to bend down a little because otherwise I’ll whack the stupid thing. That and ceilings can be just the worst. And it glows too much. It’s really annoying.” Felix plucked the halo from his head and placed it into 4412’s un-battered hand. 4412 froze in shock. It was getting harder and harder to understand what was going on.

  Felix went on. “Since I’m not with you guys anymore, I think maybe I’ll kill God. Aha, don’t look like that. I’m only joking. I mean, I’m still of murderous intent, but I really just wanted to say it. I want to see what other sins I can commit. I can hardly take it, can you see me shaking? In Heaven, I never shook about anything. Your face was so blank when you got here, it made me want to kill you. Now you’re shivering like crazy. You must feel it too, right? Ahhh, I feel like I’m gonna explode!” And with that, he swung his bat yet again at the pole, which gave a satisfying creak. It was euphoric.

    Angeles-4412 was curled on the ground, grasping at his twisted hand.

  “What’s going on?” Felix asked excitedly.

  4412’s eyes were wide open, his pure white skin scraping into the asphalt of the road. It was the most beautiful thing Felix had ever seen.

  “What is it? What is it?” He begged, shaking 4412’s shoulder now.

  The angel gasped. “There is a strange something under my skin where you hit me. It’s very unpleasant. It has become unbearable.”

  “Is that pain?”

  “Pain is a sensation for humans.”

  “You’re in pain. Oh, oh this is incredible. You’re in pain. I didn’t know angels could be in pain. I wish I was in pain too.”

  “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh,” 4412 heaved.


  The sun was shining brightly. Felix realized he’d had quite the day and laid down on the asphalt next to 4412, who was still writhing around. There wasn’t any worry of cars and such because anyone who could drive them had already been beamed to God-knows-where. If there was a car, Felix would’ve gladly jumped in front of it to see what kind of feeling he could get. Except, of course, everyone had been beamed away. God was such a killjoy. 

  The two lay there until sunset. Felix listened to the way 4412’s body flopped around on the road, like a dying fish. He listened patiently and thankfully.

  “I did not know this feeling existed,” 4412 finally mumbled.

  “They probably don’t tell us everything in Heaven. Everyone there is very stiff,” The filthy angel turned his head and produced an exhilarated grin. “I want you to hit me with that bat, too.”

  “It wasn’t very pleasent.”

  “I’m not looking for pleasant. I’m looking for everything.”

  “I have never met anyone as ungodly as you before. You gave away your halo like it was nothing.”

  “I don’t see why it was so important or anything. I’m telling you, it got stuck all the time. Good riddance. You should get rid of it too. My head feels lighter, for real.”

  The halo above 4412 emitted a gentle, golden light that made it quite hard to see the pinpricks of starlight peeking out of the darkening clouds. Somehow, it made his head feel hot.

  Without making a sound, 4412 stood up from the road. Felix watched him.

  “You got to be getting back with a report and all that, huh.” He said. He watched the other angel walk away slowly, his halo flickering like a candle caught in a breeze. The angel stood for a very long time.

  The feeling was warm and then hot and then so fierce it seemed as if it was about to bite his hand off completely. Then the sensation would cool down, it would nurse itself gently and roar again with growing intensity. Strings of it crawled up his arm and pooled in his chest before feeding into his feathers that stood on end with shock. Cold, and then hot. Cold, and then hot. Frigid beyond belief and then eruptions of fire. His hand hung loose. It looked like it was about to fall off. He was overcome with powerful curiosity.

  Felix’s voice needled it’s way through the growing darkness. “Aren’t you going to turn in your report?”

  4412 leaned down. “They’d never told us that we could feel like this. That angels could feel pain.”

  Feeling around in the black with his good hand, he felt a chill as he brushed the old metal of the bat.


  I had really terrible writers block. Sorry for such a strange story. I wanted to write about the fascination of a foreign feeling. I'm trying to think of who to cough on. Hack hack....



Visual Novel from chooseyourstory on 3/26/2020 8:44:54 PM

  Does this benefit the original writer in anyway? Do you have a publisher in mind?

  CYS is a fantastic place for VN potential. I am writing my own CYS (at last) and after publishing, I plan to develop into a visual novel. If you are familiar with publishers that would be interesting, but I can't really tell what your credentials or previous work is at all.

Art on 3/23/2020 12:27:04 PM

Ya goof, Medibang allows you to save in all sorts of formats. When you save it, just change the file type.

If you dont know how....just erase .mdp at the end of the file name and replace it with .jpeg or .png or something. Maybe mspaint is a better choice for you?

Art on 3/22/2020 9:19:17 PM

I'm assuming you mean drawing programs and the like. Lessee what we got!

I personally love Medibang. It's a free blessing from the heavens that is oriented toward digital linework and painting, if you can figure that out. Lots of tutorials and a supportive English fanbase. Most pixiv artists use it. Not exactly the best for photoshop-style editing.

I am not a user myself, but almost everybody I know uses FireAlpaca. Because of it's popularity, there's a ton of documentation.

Can't forget about Clip Studio Paint! It's good to look out for it, it goes on sale a lot. Tons of documentation and many interesting features.

As for posting art, I guess do some imgur magic? Or just upload through your pictures function in My Stuff, but that's quite limiting.