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Hello from Korea. on 12/16/2017 2:34:52 AM

I plan on studying in Korea . I lived here for a while now so i've become adjusted to the culture here. University is much cheaper also . 

Hello from Korea. on 12/15/2017 6:04:14 PM

Sadly, I have not much good things to say about my country . Although the internet is fast and the educational system is arguably better , there is too much stress imposed upon the average student. I have to retake the Korean version of SAT to get into a top tier university. It's hard but thankfully reading books here really helps with the stress .

Hello from Korea. on 12/15/2017 5:57:42 PM

I read them in English. I used to live in America for a while. The libraries are so much better on average than those in Korea...I miss those big libraries.

Hello from Korea. on 12/15/2017 5:53:30 PM

Oh I see. My favorite Cyoa book is Return to Atlantis. I don't remember much of what it was about but I remember being mesmerized by it. 

Hello from Korea. on 12/15/2017 5:49:38 PM

Hello. My favorite book here is Ground Zero by EndMaster. It has a fallout 1 vibe to it (my favorite game) . 

Hello from Korea. on 12/15/2017 5:09:27 PM

Hello. I am from south korea .

Introductions? on 12/15/2017 5:04:15 PM

My personal favorite is Ground Zero by EndMaster. It reminded me of fallout 1 . 

Hello from Korea. on 12/15/2017 1:52:38 PM

Choose your own adventure books were part of my childhood. I'm glad this website exists. Thank you to all the authors here.