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Ways around the title formatting (red lines)

one year ago
I would like to either remove the red lines in the title or move the title way up and squish it vertically so my page text starts very near the top of the page. Here is what I've been able to accomplish:

(1) I can remove the title entirely using dark1border and hidden visibility, and that removes the red lines, but doing this requires creating a custom page title header. This would be fine, except now the text (and my custom title) begins some twenty pixels lower that I would like it. This is going to be what I will go with if I can't find something better.

(2) I can make the two parallel red lines kind of collapse by typing /div into the title, so that they take up only a few vertical pixels, but the red lines are still there.

If there is a way to simply adjust the padding of the page it could solve my problem, I think. Especially if I can collapse the title and then just move the page text up.

If none of that is possible, is there a way to change the color of the red lines to something that doesn't clash with my background image? Or could the visibility:hidden thing work with them like it does for the entire dark1border?

Thanks for any help. I'm pretty much open to anything that will solve this problem except sexual servitude (and that is actually somewhat negotiable; this does not constitute a legally binding contract or agreement to serve various Dark Lords and creatures from the Abyss. Soul sold separately.).