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Short Biographies from the Island of Cruynia World

7 months ago
The Island of Cruynia is a world I've been creating and expanding over the last year and here in this thread I'm gonna be posting some of the short character biographies I've created.

*Detailed Timeline of Events*

Short Biographies from the Island of Cruynia World

7 months ago

Legendary Lords

Corrupted King Acwulf (Legendary Lord)
Lore - The leader of the 4 original lords who split the Centrom, Acwulf is seen as the most honorable lord of them all. With his piece Acwulf not only prolonged his life but he also created an energy source like no other called the Core in the City of Kalushaw, this energy source brought along a period of great economic prosperity but when the darkness began this energy source was corrupted. In a massive rout the city fell to the various monsters the core created, Acwulf attempted to destroy the core but was no match for it and its guardians and so he was forced to flee to the City of the Lords. Here he discovered the cause of the darkness and knowing that if the Centrom was not returned to its former state it would mean the end of the world, Acwulf left the city and traveled to the Centrom’s cave there he sacrificed his piece of the Centrom and his mind to prolong the golden age. The player finds that Acwulf has transformed into a Former and now mindlessly wanders the Centroms cave.

Osmund, Baron of Kroto (Legendary Lord)
Lore - One of the 4 original lords who split the Centrom, Osmund used his piece to gain a prolonged life and immense power. With his newfound power Osmund laid waste to his enemies in the Kroto region on the island and he quickly annexed these lands, so began a reign of terror. When Acwulf attempted to call on the lord to give up his piece of the Centrom, Osmund refused. After Acwulf’s sacrifice Osmund withdrew himself from his kingdom's problems and proceeded to lock himself and his army up in Froquin moutains where he proceeded to study his piece of the Centrom in order too avert his death when the end of the world came.

Mad Lord Aldfrid (Legendary Lord)
Lore - The brother of Acwulf and one of the 4 who split the Centrom, Aldfrid used his piece directly on himself but in doing so was driven mad. Aldfrid madness swept across the valley as he committed a massive genoside against those he saw as “Bright '' eventually his brother (Acwulf) successfully defeated him. But Acwulf couldn’t bring up the courage to kill his own brother so instead he locked Aldfrid away in a tomb and gave the key to Ulgar. Now Aldfrid wanders his tomb aimlessly.

Corrupted Dark Spirit Aedwen (Legendary Lord)
Lore - One the 4 who split the Centrom, Aedwen used her piece to further her knowledge of magic. Aedwen founded the Church of the Void devoted to understanding the nature of the afterlife, she then proceeded to create a temple at a weak point in the fabric of the universe, around the temple a great city appeared called the City of Cormas. But Aedwen dove too far into the nature of magic and one day accidentally angered a great Titan who sent the Corrupted Engima through this weak point. The spirit possessed Aedwen and killed many others but some were kept alive and eventually transformed into demons. The spirit then began to spread its influence creating the warped lands which held many freighting monsters. In order to stop this spread Acwulf and Osmund made a temporary alliance and together led a campaign against the demon armies. They eventually won and successfully contained the spirit to the City and surrounding areas going as far to create a large wall meant to keep travelers out of the warped lands.

Other Lords

Turold, Wretched Pope of the Void
After Aedwens death and possession, the church of the void was left leaderless eventurally a ambitious knight called Turold stepped in and quickly took control of the church. Once he had firm control he crafted the church into a way to take the throne of Acwulf, he soon began to build up the church's influence and installed many loyal military leaders. When Acwulf left to reconnect his piece of the Centrom he made his only son the regent of his kingdom, Turold seized the opportunity immediately and staged a coup in the City of the Lords. But he was outsmarted when Rumwold withdrew all his loyal soldiers and declared martial law, Rumwold then fled through the gate leaving it open for the hordes of formers to enter the city. The City of the Lords collapsed within a day and eventually Turold himself became a former.

Rumwold, Regent of Exarches
Son of Acwulf, Rumwold became regent after his father left to find Centroms cave and during this time Turold launched a coup to unseat Rumwold. Quickly realizing that staying to fight Turolds coalition of corrupt politicians was suicide, Rumwold decided to flee the city and make sure Turold would never be able to become king. So he gathered up what loyal soldiers he had and declared martial before fleeing the city through the main gate after sabotaging it so it couldn’t be closed again. His plan worked and the chaos stopped Turold’s forces from launching a successful counter attack against the former who moved into the city in hordes. After that fabled day Rumwold and his loyal soldiers moved into a isolated tomb in the NW mountains where Rumwold withdrew into a deep depression due to his part in the mass genocide of everyone in the city.

Ulgar, Knight of the 6th Circle
A close friend of Acwulf, Ulgar controlled the Reach in a joint committee of knights after the death of Baron Wighard. After the defeat of Acwulfs brother Aldfrid, Ulgar was given the key for his tomb for safe keeping which he held for 13 years after Acwulf left for the Centrom’s cave. Ulgar was eventually defeated in a battle defending the Reach from the Former hordes.

Father Hardwin
Leader of the Drahis cult that worshipped the Demonic god Axtles, Hardwin was well known for his beliefs which went against the common beliefs. During the period of time after Acwulfs sacrifice Hardwin led raids against the Reach intending to break into the ancient city beneath it to steal the fabled power of the “Gods”. Eventually in a final attack by Ulgar and his knights, Hardwin was defeated but not before inflicting heavy casualties on the Reach’s forces which weakened them.

Elwin, Dark Necromancer of Kotli Tower
Known for his fabled power to raise hundreds of the undead, Elwin was the founder of the Reach. However, after the war of Feris, Elwin was dethroned by the Agroian Domain who forcefully took control of the Reach and exiled Elwin to the mountains of Ceran where he has been studying dark magic ever since. Here Elwin has unnaturally extended his own life and created a great army of the undead.

Mad Warrior Godelina
Another knight of the 6th circle, Godelina served with Ulgar and was the one to take control of the reach after Ulgars death. Unlike Ulgar however, Godelina assassinated her fellow comrades of the 6th circle and forcefully imposed a dictatorship over the city. Godelina soon became obsessed with entering the ancient city beneath the Reach and began to study dark magic in hopes of gaining eternal life. This drove her mad and soon the city devolved into a state of chaos with Godelinas allies keeping a shaky peace with the fractions on the street. To this day Godelina still looks for a way to enter the under city.

Cyneberg, High Priestess of Aslis
Leader of the Church of Aslis, Cyneberg controls the Temple of Kalu and commands the forces that contain the monsters coming from Kalushaw. Here she has earned a reputation as a fair ruler but has frosty relations with the Feriqe emissary to the south of her which has led to several outbreaks of violence between the two fractions.

Hillda, Commander of the Feriqe
As her name suggests Hilda controls the Feriqe emissary that governs the regions surrounding the City of the Lords. Due to her beliefs in how the island should be governed, Hilda has gotten in frequent battles with Cyneberg and her forces.

Luethere, Sage of Drahis
A former member of the Cult of Drahis, after their defeat Luethere fled east and set up a new cult of Drahis hoping some of the former members would join him. None came so Luethere reformed the cult into the missionary of Drahis, a military group that took control of most of the SE regions under the guise of returning order. Luethere preceded to impose complete military control and severely limited normal freedoms. Luethere soon began planning an invasion north which is where we stand today.

Ealdgyth, Commander of the Blind Divinity
Another former member of the cult of Drahis, Ealdgyth also fled east and using her knowledge of magic created the Cult of the Divinity who she saw as the “true God”. This cult grew in power but instead of using it for harmful acts they instead created protection against the dangers of the island eventually founding the city of the Divinity. Ealdgyth furthered her knowledge of magic but soon she discovered the Missionary of Drahis to the south of the city and her cult soon began to prepare for the inevitable invasion.

Ambitious Minister Balther
Leader of the Derish queith a magical coven of mages and witches alike based in the far NE regions of the island. Here Balther and his group study powerful dark magic which has scared the area and released many creatures.

Exarch Eadger
The last living knight of the 1st circle of knights, a circle which followed Acwulf to the Centrom cave, Eadger now lives in isolation on an island off the SE coast studying and expanding his knowledge of magic and swordplay.

Short Biographies from the Island of Cruynia World

7 months ago

If only there were a band of plucky heroes who had the will and spirit to band together to rejoin the Centrom!

Short Biographies from the Island of Cruynia World

7 months ago
Legendary Lords

Lore - A creation of the Derish queith coven, the Shadowend is a pure manifestation of fear. The Shadowend once roamed the lands surrounding the Derish Queith and preys on lone travelers which it kills by using their own fears against them. The Urea eventually attempted to contain the Shadowend and were successful locking it away in an ancient tomb in the NE. Even locked away though the Shadowend still wields great power and has slowly built up an army of servants. However, it cannot escape since the tomb can only be opened by a Urea high mage.

Eledrich Trevils Cross
Leader of the Urea, a fraction that disapproves of the Derish Queith practices and the way they dump many of their dangerous magical beasts out into the wilderness once they're done with them. Trevils was one of the mages who worked together to lock the Shadowend away in its tomb but during this campaign Trevils received a vision that one day the Centrom would be reunited, spilling a new dark evil across the land. Worried Trevil began building up the Ureas forces and started to aggressively probe the Derish Queith magical barriers threatening war if they did not cease their dark magic.

Battlemage Ostrum
A powerful mage who specialized in destruction magic, Ostrum led a campaign during the closing years of the Great war of Kailus. His campaign engulfed the island and thousands died as Ostrum pushed north leading his army called the Maish. After realizing the severity of the threat Acwulf and his brother Alfried made a hastie alliance with Osmund and Aedwen and together with all 7 knight circles they successfully defeated Ostrum at the battle of Darkwater pass forcing him to flee. Ostrum fled with what forces he had to the southern lands where he has been gradually gaining strength since.

Knight Straprix
The knight who founded the 7 circles, Straprix was well known as the greatest knight in the kingdom, even better than Osmund and Acwulf. Osmund was not pleased with Straprix's skill and considered him a threat to his power but due to Straprix’s friendship with Acwulf, Osmund could not chance a assination. However, after Acwulf left and the city of the lords fell to the former, Osmund posted a bounty for the knight's head. But Straprix was smart and quickly disappeared from the public eye, taking refuge with Rumwold.

Other lords

Warlord Cotaz
A minion of Osmund, Cotaz was given control of Darkwater pass after Osmund wrenched it from Urduviar’s grasp during his wars against his enemies. Cotaz quickly gained a reputation as a cruel Warlord who forced heavy taxes on those traveling west. Cotaz also supplied the Cult of Drahis during their war against the Reach, after they were defeated the Knights of the 6th circle attempted to make Cotaz pay for supplying the cult but backed down when Osmund threatened to interfere. Today Cotaz is the de facto ruler of Osmund’s territories as Osmund studys the Centrom piece in isolation.

Sir Feria
The champion knight of Acwulf, Feria often led a company of knights that controlled Kalushaw in Acwulfs absence. When the core was corrupted Feria was by Acwulfs side during his attempt to destroy it but they failed forcing them to flee. When Acwulf left for the Centroms cave, Feria and her company of knights followed, here after Acwulfs sacrifice, the knights disbanded leaving only Feria to guard the cave.

Hagaell, Commander of Forgrow Keep
A member of the Divinity, Hagaell was the brother of Asim and holder of the only pure Cormas blade forged by her. After Asims death Hagaell sought out a purpose in life and eventually found the Divinity. Encouraged by their stance on human rights Hagaell joined and was put in control of Forgrow keep which separates the Divinity from the Missionary of Drahis.

Asim, Scorched Knight of Cormas Forge
Once the greatest forgemaster on the island, Asim crafted some of the most powerful weapons including Osmunds broadsword, Elwins battlestaff and Acwulfs sword. Asim was invited to Cormas to forge weapons using the lava found at the weak point by Aedwen. Sadly Asim was only able to make one which she gave to her brother Hagaell before dying in the Engimas plague across the city. Her body later became a demon that still wanders the halls of the forge today.

Enraged Demon Zog’then
A creation of the Engimas power the Zog’then led the demons campaign against the world. However in a great battle Acwulf and Osmund together successfully defeated the demon and its armies. The Zog’then was forced to retreat to the city of Cormas and Acwulf erected a wall to contain the spread of the warped lands. Now the Zog’then guards the inner temple where the Dark spirit of Aedwen (Possessed by the Engima) rests gathering knowledge of magic.

Drahis Priest Bilzade
A member of the Cult of Drahis, Bilzade was put in charge of raiding the many merchants that traveled to the Reach. After the Cults defeat Bilzade went into hiding in the mountains till he heard about Luethere’s missionary of Drahis, Bilzade soon joined up. He was later put in control of the western armies where he prepared for the missionaries invasion north.

Welford the Cruel
A bandit leader in the NW, Welford works closely with the Derish Queith supplying them with equipment and supplies. He is also employed sometimes to deal with anyone causing trouble to the coven with his small group of warriors. While his job is paying well Welford plans on buying a boat and begin raiding across the east coast of the island.

Mad Eye Leah
A leader of a group of bandits called the Sile in the Reach, Leah has caused much grief for the citizens of the Reach with her midnight raids against the guards. These raids often lead to civilian casualties and are what gave her nickname. While Leah preaches that she wants to bring freedom to the city in reality she is being paid by the Reaches noble to keep the Chaos in place so they can retain control.

Noble Peacekeeper Jayla
Leader of the Loi faction in the Reach, Jayla believes in restoring the city to its former glory by overthrowing Godelina and her allies. This sediment has led to multiple assination attempts all of which have failed. Jayla’s allies have only just begun to gain traction and their protests are growing in size. Slowly but surely the final battle for the Reaches future is approaching.

Dannet, Keeper of the Reach
The commander of the police force in the Reach, Dannet oversees all operations regarding the safe keeping of the city. His political views however are mixed, while Dannet wishes for order in the city he can’t ignore the corruption of the Reaches noble. However, he disapproves of Jaylas movement as he believes overthrowing Godelina would only increase the violence.

Ysabella, Bringer of the Silent Night
The leader of the Divinity's elite assassins, Ysabella was once a mercenary of Osmund. She carried out many assassinations in his name but after seeing first hand how cruel his rule was to the common folk, Ysabella left hoping to strike out a new life somewhere else. She eventually met Ealdgyth and help create the Divinity eventually founding their famous assassins branch. Using her skill she trained several of the greatest assassins ever who are ready to protect the Divinity if the need arises.

Urduviar, Battle Hardened Warlord
The only enemy that gave Osmund any trouble, Urduviar was once the warlord of Kroto ruling in a shaky alliance with other tribes till Osmund came along. After Osmund began his campaign to take over Kroto, many tribes fell quickly except Urduviar. Using strategy and skill, Urduviar held out for several years till finally after the fall of Darkwater pass, Urduviar tribe collapsed. Gathering what men he had, Urduviar fled south and Osmund followed finally in the Massacre of Forgrow Keep in single combat, Urduviar was defeated and killed by Osmund. His tribe's rements quickly dissolved but some joined a group that would eventually become the Cult of Drahis.

Short Biographies from the Island of Cruynia World

7 months ago
Aldreda you seem like a pretty good newbie so don't take this personally, but I will not be reading any of this.

Short Biographies from the Island of Cruynia World

7 months ago


I'll just add that making notes of all your important places and people you have in mind is a good step before writing the story.