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Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago
Commended by TharaApples on 12/4/2022 9:48:44 PM

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

K-100 ran from her assailants not really knowing a destination, she just knew she had to get out of here.

Eventually she sensed a large number of lifeforms nearby, not wishing to get into a fight in her current condition, she ducked into a nearby room hoping they would pass by.

Fortune would have it that the room she chose was empty or at least she sensed no life forms in it. It was dark, but she couldn't risk turning on her overhead lamp.

Clutching her ray gun, she could hear the sounds of meatsack lifeforms talking and laughing just outside the room.

"Hey, should we stop in here first?"

"Fucking hell, there are escaped prisoners on the loose and you're thinking with your fucking dick as usual. You can fuck a sexbot any damn time. In fact, why don't you try to get a real fucking woman for a change? Now come on, those Galactic Alliance faggots can't be far."

The sounds of the lifeforms soon moved on and she was safe, but she wondered how they knew she was in here since one clearly said sexbot. Then she turned and caught a glimpse of another figure nearby. At first she drew her weapon, but the figure didn't move.

K-100 turned on the lights and now saw what the guard was probably talking about. Many K-100s just like her, well maybe not exactly like her. They were motionless and without awareness.


K-100 stumbled through the storage area attempting to find a place to repair herself, when she found a suitable spot, she saw herself in a mirror.

"Not...not...not pretty. I...I...wish I wa-was pretty..."

While using up the the Life Support Module's parts to repair herself (Gain 2 HP), K-100 decided to do one more upgrade with some nearby silicon and synthetic hair...

"Pretty again."

Doing all she could here, K-100 set off in the hopes of getting off this station, but before she left, she gave one more glance at the less fortunate.

"Don't you cry my sisters. One day you'll all be free."

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago
I hope Cook doesn't find this room.

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

Hey, that android looks familiar.

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago
You're in a Yoko Taro game now, there's no winning this one.

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

I would say NearAtomato is one of his games that ends more positively, though.


Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

Do Sexbots Have Souls?

With more silicone than a porn convention and more synthetic hair than black beauty salon, K-100 felt more "secure" in her new form and walked with more confidence. Odd that she should feel this way at all given that it was not really logical to do so.

As she attempted to place this weird "feeling" into some sort of rational explanation, a hunched figure slowly walked in her direction...

"Oh dear, you are far too pretty to be walking around here like that. They're going to do much worse than just kill you."

You can either listen to the old priestess drone on about death and the afterlife or attack her and take her stuff.

Make your choice

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

K-100 decides it best to listen and hear this old woman out. It didn’t seem like they were a hostile figure... yet. Hopefully, that yet would stay that way.

"The manner of how one becomes obsolete is irrelevant."

The newly christened female android replies. Staying in place for now. She would let this old woman get out everything she has to say.

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

A contemplative moment


“…so you see there IS a place for you in the great beyond despite the fact that your mouth looks like an intergalactic highway for oral sex.” the old priestess said completing her sermon.

Fascinating stuff.

The old priestess then wished K-100 good fortune and said she’d see her in the great beyond, before shuffling off to talk to other prisoners set for execution. (Which was pretty much all of them so she had a long day ahead of her)

K-100 took this esoteric information and processed it. She wasn’t sure if it would actually ever come in useful, but this time did allow her to recharge her batteries a bit (Gain 1 HP)

K-100 set off down yet another corridor, preparing herself for less friendly encounters ahead

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

K-100 was unsure if there was a 'great beyond' for something that only moved because of certain circuits and zeros. But maybe humans were the same way as well. Only requiring food and water for subsistence to operate quite like how something electronic required an external energy source to still be able to be made use of.

In any case, the conversation, although seeming to go on for a great length of time, the android seemed to have recovered a bit with the lull of not having to be engaged in some form of combat or danger.

Maybe not all humans were cunts that would use a machine as a convenient tool.

Yes, that old lady was, what was this old human term?

Based? Yes, based indeed.

So with ray gun in robotic hands, the former sexbot continued to march forward towards what was hopefully the path to escape.

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

Lost Legion

K-100 continued down the corridor when she sense an odd disturbance. It wasn't of the usual kind either. This was different.

The entire corridor began to shift like she was seeing double, she then saw some sort of energy wave...

"Venefici! taetram Tentatorem Celticam necate!"

While you managed to pass through this rift in time safely, it remains to be seen if you survive the encounter.

Thanks to their shields, the Roman soldiers are slightly more resistant to energy attacks, but you can still try to get a shot off at them if you want, but they'll close in afterwards. Of course you could go straight to close combat.

Make your combat choices (Well there aren't many really)

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago


K-100 gave a silent curse that seemed to trail off before completion for her own luck. Maybe a result of a more 'human' personality she appeared to be in the middle of developing.

Even those these angry guards seemed to be carrying shields and weapons, the android hoped to use a combination of the enhanced reflexes that was built into her model and the use of the ray gun before she was forced to enter melee-ranged combat.

Of course, it would be more opportune if the battle was able to be ended before these new enemies even came into close range. However, that was a possibility that the android was bracing for as well.

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

Veni vidi vici

With these primitive humans closing in fast, K-100 quickly shot the one in the face, while narrowly avoiding his javelin which had already been thrown just before his death.

The other one attempted to stab K-100, only for her dodge and throw a punch. Despite lifting his shield to block, K-100's fist went straight through it and smashing his nose.

The soldier fell backwards on the ground in pain releasing his grip on his shield and sword. K-100 stood over him with the shield still hanging off her arm. She then proceeded to beat the soldier with it until she could sense that his life signs were no more.

Discarding the damaged shield, she picked up the non damaged one and inspected it. It was still a finely crafted piece of gear that could come in handy.

Roman shield: Can reduce close combat damage by 1 point (To a minimum of 1)

She also picked up the javelin as more killing tools would always be useful.

Roman Javelin: Can discard in close or ranged combat to automatically inflict one wound.

K-100 then wondered how she would get by in this new world. She didn't have to wonder for long as the sky above tore open and a flood of stars poured in. She was carried on a wave of dimensional darkness. It was so much that she actually went temporarily offline.

When she rebooted, she found that her surroundings were different, but familiar once again. She was back aboard the station. Apparently not even time and space would allow a quick escape from this place.

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

"I wonder if I'll see you both in this 'great beyond' I've been told about. Perhaps when that happens, you can both try and get your comeuppance. For now however, this is some nice loot. Mind if I take it?"

K-100 paused for silence, almost as if waiting for the question to be answered. 

Well, of course it wasn't. She just reduced to the two figures to little more than lifeless corpses to adorn the dangerous environment like new ambient decorations.

Upon the sudden 'whisking' and change of scenery, the android blinked her orbital lenses to adjust.

"Teleported?" the android questioned.

Maybe all of this would be a disorienting feeling for a biological creature, but she was only feeling the strings of an emotion that could probably be surmised as 'annoyed'. 

Just how much more steps would have to be taken before current directive of getting off this station was accomplished?

The one positive was that more tools were added to the android’s arsenal to aid in the completion of her mission.

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

Escape the Dark...Castle?

K-100 hurried along the corridor for even though she had returned, the disturbances had not stopped. Apparently this whole area was suffering from them. She tried to avoid the rips in reality, but time speeding up and slowing down made movement very difficult. It was a good thing she was not a biological lifeform as the time distortions probably would have destroyed vital organs by aging rapidly.

Perhaps an indication of her superiority. She would have to reflect when she was less preoccupied.

Superior or not however, she wasn't immune to warping reality. Another wave approached...

"Pretty thing like you oughta be careful just walking around here. This castle's dark and full of terrors (hic)"

Once again K-100 passed through the time rift safely, but she now had another matter to deal with.

Thanks to his inebriation and carrying your recent Roman gear, the guard is slightly under the impression that you might actually be working here as another guard. However, your looks are enough for him to be suspicious and he asks you again who your commanding officer is.

You can hand him a item saying you were sent to deliver it to him while making up a story about escaped prisoners. He'll accept this and leave you to go on your way.

Of course attacking him is another way to go.

There is one other option that would certainly get him to leave you alone, but you're really trying to grow past your programming.

Make your choice

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

K-100 weighed her options internally. 

She was holding valuable items that would no doubt aid her in her mission, and perhaps it would be ideal to go back to her 'old ways' in this situation to get past this guard.

However, the smell of the guard alone spoke volumes of how inebriated he seemed to be.

What was more dead humans to her? Was she beginning to gain a liking for human suffering? Well, she didn't attack the old woman. Was it just human males that were eroding her program to be that of strife and hatred towards them?

Was machine capable of hate? Eh, who gives a shit. She just felt like killing again.

Like her mind processed already, what was one more dead human to the pile?

She would take her calculations and chances.

"Sure, my commander, let me tell you," the android speaks, withdrawing her ray gun in one motion and taking a step back. 

Her idea in mind was to blast this fucker new holes to have in his body, then loot whatever he might be carrying.

Escape the Dark Sector 2 - Project Zeta

one month ago

Program Override

Seeing the strange device pulled out, the guard’s eyes widened, but before K-100 could shoot the guard he was already upon her, knocking the gun out of her hand.

Apparently he wasn’t quite as drunk as he seemed and showed quite the display of melee skills. Her shield protected her quite well against most of the barrage, though at one point she had to use the newly acquired javelin against the guard to get him to back off a bit.

It was during this break in the fighting, that K-100 fully assessed his weak points and next movements. When he went in for the attack again, she was ready and it wasn’t long before she managed to get him in a headlock and snap his head all the way around.

K-100 assessed that this was probably not the most efficient option in getting past the guard, but it was definitely a more satisfying one.

She searched the guard’s possessions, but found not much of worth. His sword was broken during the battle. His armor wasn’t even as resilient as her own metal structure. In his knapsack, she found a partially rotten apple and a stale piece of bread. In fact, the bread was starting to grow bacteria on it.

Honestly this “meal” would be unfit for most human consumption except for the most desperate. However, K-100 had no need to fear potential pathogens and could probably process these as a type of biofuel for a quick recharge. (Each can restore 1 HP)

K-100 soon heard a noise and looked up to see the stone overhead caving in as a flood of stars smashed through. She was once again carried on a wave of dimensional darkness and went offline.

A reboot later and she was back on the station again, though in a different area than she was before. It was much more populated with various beings. She got a lot of looks, but nobody had bothered her yet. 

She did hear a loud argument nearby by voices that sounded familiar. She cautiously went to investigate.

(K-100's tale continues in Gamma Team's thread)