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If you ever wanted to ask "can you make the editor do this?", then come here and post. We're all about the suggestions.
This feature was accepted 12/13/2005: Won't replace it, but will augment it with these recommendations.
This feature was completed 2/20/2006: Added an article and a link on the game page that describes these


17 years ago
How about we replace the 1-7 rating system with an ESRB style rating system. For example:

EC-Early Childhood (3+): Really childish. Absolutely no bad content whatsoever.

E-Everyone (6+): Suitable for everyone. May have some mild violence, language, or content.

E10-Everyone 10 and up (10+): A little more bad content than the E rating. May have some violence, language, or content.

T-Teen (13+): May have comic mischief, violence, and/or language unsuitable for some children. Also one or two scenes of blood and gore.

T15-Teens 15 and up (15+): A rating between Teen and Mature. May have bad content, violence, and language that might be a little less unsuitable for children than the M rating. Invented by J Dog in May the 28th: A New Beginning.

M-Mature (17+): May have a lot of violence, gore, and really bad language. Not recommanded for children.

AO-Adults Only (18+): May have strong language, intense violence, and filled with sexual content.


17 years ago

I see another video game addict.  Heh heh.  But, I can put it all in perspective to compare:


1- EC

2- E

3- E10

4- T

5-6- T15

7- M

...I think.


17 years ago
We thought of doing this back when we came up with the ratings. Actually, we were thinking the Movies ratings .... but ... you have to admin our maturity ratings are much wittier than those!

Does anyone really pay attention to these? Here's a thought ... to make our ratings actually useful, we'll come up with a definition and compare it to the ESBR or whatever ratings.


17 years ago
ESRB, lol ok.


17 years ago
I want an esrb rating.  There is one on one game as a picture though.