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Hello, I'm Havvy, though I created this account before switching to the shorter nickname. In fact, it was JJJ-thebanisher who kept calling me Havvy in the forums to make me notice it's a better nickname. In any case, I'm stuck with "Havacoman" for this site.

I was very active here, a moderator even, for years ending in 2007. I left, and I'm not quite sure why I didn't come back. I didn't even update my profile to say I was leaving. That was nine years of my profile saying "I intend on never leaving". How embarassing.

I have seen good times and bad times on this site. Even back then when it was a smaller community. Especially two trolls who enjoyed making alternate accounts. Actually made a fake account and then messaged me their entire plan. Ah, trolls. But also, lots of great stories.

Anyways, in my absence, I've learned to program pretty well, but I never did learn to become good at creative writing. Probably not going to write a real story, but there should be some interesting stories here.

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Earning 100 Points Earning 500 Points Earning 1,000 Points Finding 69 Bugs Administrative contributions and excellent work in the FWW & B&P. Given by alexp on 06/23/2006 Given by BerkaZerka on 10/17/2021 - Got to have them all! Given by Fleshnblood_78 on 06/28/2006 Given by Havacoman on 06/23/2006 Given by JJJ-thebanisher on 06/24/2006 Given by solostrike on 06/24/2006


Jerry Sophrone -- From Mayor to Dictator

Jerry Sophrone, born in the nation of Havvy, has always had a good life, except for when he was hit by a car. He always knew how to make the best out of everything.

You are a friend of Mr. Sophrone, and a devoted friend at that. Show your devotion to Mr. Sophrone though this story.

You will basically be watching his entire life unfold by your very own eyes.

The story extends from the day he gets hit from his car crash to the day of his greatest achievement.  Will you see what it is?  Read the story and find out!

Articles Written

Duels are a way to gamble your CYS points with people on the site or with Cysid. Right now there are two Duels. Now let me explain.

How to Create a Journal in Your Game
Add a whole new layer of interactivity to your game with journals. A journal will allow the player to record events that have happened throughout the game and read about it later on.

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Windows 10: should I get it? on 6/7/2016 2:23:10 PM

If you have Windows XP, you definitely want to upgrade since there's known vulnerabilities that are not going to be fixed that are being exploited.

If you have Windows 7, you probably don't need to update unless you want to play a game that requires DirectX 12.

If you have Windows Vista or 8.1, you definitely should upgrade.

It's entirely possible to completely ignore the metro UI stuff, the Windows Store, etc. File exploring isn't slow at all. You'll want to change your privacy controls (spread throughout the entire options area) though.

I've rediscovered this place. on 4/24/2016 3:49:28 PM

Well sure, Reddit does that to a lot of places. How many of them became active contributors though? Probably not many.

I've rediscovered this place. on 4/23/2016 4:41:08 PM

Yeah, I figured alexp wouldn't visit too often. If my knowledge of who he is is correct, he's a busy person.

Trolls are a constant. Just have to be equivalently vigilante against them from the moderation side, or else they'll take over a community and destroy it. Which having new mods helps.

I did see the announcement on the banning of "Warrior Cats" fanfiction things. Honestly, sounds like low quality spread by one person that spread to more people.

Oddly, I only got one person sending me a private message asking if I could give them that trophy. The majority of my private messages were the yearly happy birthday ones. I find that surprising.

I've rediscovered this place. on 4/23/2016 4:20:16 PM

Trolls...trolls never change. I've dealt with a few back then, and a constant supply of them in other places.

I'm actually surprised at how active it is around here to be honest.

I've rediscovered this place. on 4/22/2016 9:37:02 PM

It's been a (really) long time since I've been here. What's happened?

Edit: Checking my mailbox, uh...nine nine years.

Battle Script Variables on 2/22/2007 5:28:49 PM
Is there a better way of doing it without getting confuzzled?

Three Word Game III on 2/20/2007 5:58:06 PM
Tomorrow is the

Problem, or Lack of Knowledge? on 2/20/2007 5:41:53 PM

Battle Script Variables on 2/20/2007 5:14:05 PM
Doing what exactly?  lol

I've played FF, and you'll still have to be more descriptive.  Every game has a different system...

Three Word Game III on 2/17/2007 4:18:23 PM
Well, it is