by Havacoman

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If you are reading this you are probably new to chooseyourstory.com. Before reading this great article I would read other articles on CYS points. Otherwise, you can continue reading.

Before I would even think of dueling, you should have a safe amount of points on you. I would say 50-100 is fine. The first thing you do is go right towards the MyStuff tab. Click the "Duels" link under MyStuff. This will take you to the duels area.

The first area says Challenge Someone. Well, that is one of the reasons for going here. Go on and put any username you know other than you in that box. Just make sure they are still here. Otherwise you just lost some points because they won't take your duel. Now you will head to another screen. If your duel is not accepted after a certain amount of days, it will be withdrawn and points will be refunded.

There it asks which game you want to wager points for. You can choose Toggle or Rock, Paper, Scissors. Pick the one you want to play and you'll yet again get another screen.

If you choose Toggle skip this paragraph. If not continue. Rock, Paper, Scissors is fairly easy. You first need to put in a wager. That wager can be anything from 1 to 5 points. If you do not know what a wager is, a wager is like a bet and the wager is the amount of points that will be gained or lost. Then you choose a hand. The rules are very easy and are displayed on the following page.

If you choose Rock Paper Scissors read the above paragraph. Toggle is a little easier than Rock Paper Scisors. First you need to put in a wager. It can be anywhere from 1 to 5 points. If you do not know what a wager is, read the above paragraph. Now you have to choose which box you want. The checked or the unchecked one. Your oponent has to pick the same box to win. If not they lose the amount of points you betted.

Note-When you bet points they become escrow or in other words, the table. This is to stop you from making 11 games of 5 points each when you only have 50 points.

What if someone challenged you to a duel! You will get a Private Message. Hey, who's this Private Messaging me? It is Cysid the site robotic mascot. He sends an automated message saying you have been challenged. Don't worry, you can decline it if you do not want to risk losing points. Click on Open Duels area in the Duel part of Mystuff. It will say you have an open duel out. You can decline it or accept it. If you accept it make sure you have enough points!

Now all you have to do is check a box and send. Read the little message as it will tell you if you won or lost. Hopefully you won. You can find your Duel Scores at the History section of duels in the Mystuff catagory.

There is still one thing I haven't told you yet about dueling. You could duel Cysid! He maybe a computer program but you can beat it. I have. I hope you have learned from this. That is all I can teach you.

Admin Note:  In the past, a number of people have had the brilliant idea of creating alternate accounts to duel against.  That is cheating.  
We've heard all kinds of excuses: the other account is my brother, those other accounts are people at my school, I made that first account and got some points and I wanted to transfer them to my new account.

You may not duel your alts. Ever. Not for any reason.

Anyone consistently winning against people with the same IP is risking losing all points.

Anyone consistently dueling people with the same IP is risking losing all points.

If you have a reason like #3 up there for wanting to transfer points between accounts, contact an admin.  (We still probably won't allow it.)