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If you ever wanted to ask "can you make the editor do this?", then come here and post. We're all about the suggestions.
This feature was accepted 7/24/2005: Good idea.
This feature was completed 7/27/2005: We put in a very simple Game search. Another upgrade will add complexity and user searching to this. Stay tuned.

You Should have a User or Gamer lookup

18 years ago
You should have a lookup so people who just want to
Search Games
Search atcuall people and their profile and games.
For that you should only say in the lookp category:

Please choose which way you would like to search:
Any Keywords
etc. any other you can think of.
Then their is a text box:
Type (in what you want)______________ (that is the text box)

I think that would be awesome.
For searching games put:

Which category: (optional, so you don't have to select a category))
School based
etc. All the other games
Then a text box: __________________ SEARCH IT
and before SEARCH IT you can put the same thing as the lookup. eg. Any keyword, exact.

Please put this in.