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8 years ago

i want to put a variable without picture in a collumn like this


Health [variety of health] % use first aid kit (variety of first aid kid goes down as its shown here
Body shape Veriety ] % eat and drink and sleep (if he clicks this 1 supply goes down and one day passes... gives blue veriety)
Mental shape veriety] % Spend time with your wife [needs variety of being in safety and it enhances as the relationship with wife goes upper! gives blue variety and takes three days


Blue variety : i want it to be like someone is in 10 percent of mental shape... he spends time with her wife for three days and mental shape goes up blue with 50% multiply variety of relationship% (100% = 1 ...) then after every day Blue goes down (Relationship*50% / 5) percent and Red variety goes up (Blue/3) percent. like next day he is 53% in shape... and it will be like other day he is 46% in shape until it gets 25% percent in mental shape...

i want it to be like it doesn't goes less than one percent when it shows i don't want this number :90.15564741 % !

Additional Rule: and i want to do this a lot in my game so the player in some mode would try to play numbers in the page... and if blue goes until 120% and Red just stops at 100%... if Blue is zero red starts to go down one by one every day until that person gets in range 30-70 ... in this mode mood is stable but if it gets lower than 30% there is a penalty of going depressed and mood starts to go 1% down as days pass by...

difference with blue and red is just in being at permanent!

i have other questions but it is the biggest thing i want to apply so my games goes real !

if any body helps me make this code i guess it will make a revolution in this site ! i call it status board mini game... really helps !


8 years ago

here is an article on working with variables. read it and try to make this yourself. This article on scripting might be helpful as well.

If you have trouble with specific bits of your implementation you can post a question in the advance editor forum, but this is basically asking someone else to make your game for you.