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Why Even Try

6 years ago

It's the latest addition to My Stuff. 

Dinstinctly deprecating, this tried & true annoying alliteration willfully wishes we'd weep before brittle boys neg Neophyte's next narrative. 

Allow me to quote the description, to give you an idea of what on earth this pithy attempt to gain points and recognition from some anonymous American citizens will be about:


Today I don't feel like doing anything.

I just want to lay in my bed.

Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone.

Because today I swear I'm not doing anything. Nothing at all.

Why spend years and years writing a story that won't get a top score? Or several months so your story can get that one extra point?

Today I present to you some more of the fast food of CYS. (Ed: Sponsored by a Trump)

To think that a diamond could shine out in the rough is truly laughable. The mediocrity must prevail!' (unquote)

I don't have any plan for the story, I'm not going to follow any of the advice available or offered, to avoid any risk of writing a story that actually gets rated 7/8, and make the story as polarising and mocking as I like. 

Also, because I can't be bothered to come up with my own ideas, I'm going to steal every single decent idea I can find, and spin it off and send it up to make it a bastardised version of a story that was actually good. (Don't diss! It worked for Tolkien and J K Rowling!) 

Throughout the storygame, you'll be mocked, chastised, forced into fights, trapped into picking items that hurt you (and some that help in the strangest of ways), and...I lost my train of thought, what was that brilliant idea I had in my mind again?


if I liked a story, I'll make sure to take some scene from it and make it completely ridiculous. 

I didn't play Kill Aman's Mustache, I guess I am pretending I can come up with randomness that can compete with the legendary BerkaZerka...even though we know it's doomed to fail.

I'll also be on the lookout for flamewars in the forums to incorporate into the story. I know you guys love tension in stories so I'll give plenty of it. 

Ah yes, I have a question, and not about the annoying narrator who will constantly tell the reader what to think so they can 'get' the experience. Is it worth writing a storygame for the site in this deprecating, random, strange way? Or should I stick to basic puzzles like The Floors? Maybe write a book for real? 

Also, I'm planning to include some Perfectusly usable characters, including the cheat character for bypassing annoying encounters, and 'the mod hat' for kicking a character out of the storygame. Let me know if you hate it so I can include your vitriol in the planned story chapter 'The Pit' where you have to fend off lots of eloquently insulting/trash-talking zombies...and even a Harbinger if you pissed off the other characters enough beforehand. 

PS There's no way this project will ever get done. I've got a life to live!