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Imperator's Progress I

6 years ago

I'm creating this thread to track the progress I make with a story I've just started writing. Hopefully this will aid my efforts to actually see the thing through despite my shocking lack of self-discipline. I'm setting a target of 5,000 words per week. The reasons for this are: I'm pretty busy; I want to thoroughly read and edit my work several times; I aim to incorporate a cipher/puzzle into every single page. The reason for the latter is that I love maths puzzles & codebreaking, and including some will ensure that even if my story is rubbish, I'll still end up with something profitable. The puzzles/ciphers will start off very easy indeed and get progressively more difficult. I aim to update this thread with my progress every Saturday.

Start: Sunday 14th January

Finish: Sunday 11th March

Total Word Count Target: 40,000

Imperator's Progress I

6 years ago

Saturday 20th January Update

No. Pages Written: 7

No. Ciphers Written: 3 out of 7

Total Word Count: ~5500 words.