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The Comeback Motivation thread

2 months ago

Dear Pepe

I come back after getting banned after everyone thinks I ragequit and malded after a helling, because I was to lazy to r8 story games to get back into discord. A lot has changed since then. My comrade is MIA doing responsible adult things, my other comrade got stripped of all powers, and my other other comrade is working on site code and is ignoring my 98 missed messages.

All the while someone has been dicksucking their way to power, which totally surpassed my own abilities which shows me I have a lot of work to do going forward.

Alas this tragedy is palpable to the great literature magnum opus's of Homer, Shakesphere, and Diary of a Wimpy kid author Jeff Kiney, but this tragedy brings inspiration for something great to come, a 100 step plan is being set right now for what's to come, I'm not to sure what comes after step 3 but I'm sure It'll come to me eventually as I have to work my way from zero.

Doing 20 reviews is not enough for a comeback to happen, I must create a storygame that isn't something I came up with on a single day on my phone while taking a shit after a combo meal special.

First step, create a story game of indeterminate length for Mizals writing jam, for lo she is the most merciful and compassionate of all the mods, simply the best, and I owe her everything.

I hope this letter reaches you well.


P.S. im gay

The Comeback Motivation thread

2 months ago
I didn't say the story had to be 60k, so I'm taking it as a sign of determination that you set that big a goal for yourself.

End always did say things had gone downhill with you after Scum so it's clear writing is the way back up.

And despite loving Asian things even more than he does, you'll never suck dick as good as Malk so give that up. You've got enough to compete with just with his featured story.

The Comeback Motivation thread

2 months ago
Hmm… 6 published stories with an average length of 24,779; but 27 unpublished stories started with an average of 1,415 words each… There's potential, but I'm thinking Something Shiny may "delay" this comeback... but maybe not! Go, Pepe! Err... Uh.... I mean, Go, Digit!