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Paradise Fortress

one year ago
Commended by TharaApples on 12/27/2022 6:19:09 PM

Paradise Fortress

Violated, but not lost


Chapter 1:  Beginning of the End

AE 35 (Alliance Era)


The “capital” of the Galactic Alliance, your home.

Such as it is.

Nowadays, there’s little left of the Galactic Alliance as the war with the Trazz continues to go badly. Planets are starting to fall to them on a more regular basis.

Perhaps more might have been done had the Galactic Alliance been formed much quicker than it was. The territorial battles and old grudges of the former powers of the galaxy was so great that it’s amazing it was formed at all.

However, complete extinction is a strong motivator for survival at the cost of pride and it still might not be enough.

And yet Paradise still remains the shining beacon of hope and safety.

So far, that is true. You remember the Trazz armada directly attacking Paradise when you were just a young child. Enough ships to blot out the light from the star the planet orbits. It was pretty damn scary.

No, it was REALLY fucking scary. You thought you were going to die.

You held your mother’s hand tightly that day and she told you not to worry for the defenses would hold. And when they did in a spectacular light of destruction, you stopped worrying at least until after the reports that the remainder of the fleet retreated from the sector.

However, your father didn’t quite have the same sort of faith in the ancient Xont defenses. He told you that one day the defenses may fail and that YOU will need to prepare yourself and it was from that point on, you were encouraged to train for a military career.

You suppose even without the threat of the Trazz, your father would have encouraged a military career given that he served in the Galactic Alliance and his father before him, and before that you had ancestors that served the Terran Empire.

In fact, two of your ancestors that first claimed this planet for the Terran Empire and discovered its powerful technology are still considered great heroes; well at least within humancentric mindsets.

So that was your life as chosen for you. Military academies until you came of adult age and then a military career.

You did fine. Not outstanding, but certainly above average. You suppose that was mostly due to not wanting to disappoint your parents along with natural ability.

Still, you thought your scores might have gotten you into the position of the Galactic Alliance Force, however you were assigned to serving in the Paradise Security Force instead. An honorable position to be sure, but not really an exciting one. After all this was Paradise was it not?

Of course can any place be truly safe when you’re sharing the planet with billions of others, some of which are other alien races?

During your first year on the PSF, you soon learned what was entailed in keeping Paradise… well a paradise. You also learned just how lucky perhaps even a little “sheltered” you really were compared to most.

Not that you’re complaining, but after breaking up the last few lizard riots in Raptor City One and busting up an Elojin run sex slave ring, you’re wondering if it was always this bad here or had you just been oblivious to just how things really were here.

And this place is considered to be “sanctuary.” Makes you wonder how long any of you are going to last.

Right now you’re sitting at your desk inside Haven One’s PSF headquarter pondering your future. Lately you’ve been feeling like you’ve just been going with the flow in life while others make the major choices.

You start filling out your paperwork on the last lizard riot that you just broke up and then you hear that familiar voice.

“Hey Maykl, you still filling out all that bullshit? A bunch of lizards got rowdy as usual, stamp it and let’s clock out.”

It’s your partner Lisa.

“Yeah, well you know there’s a little more to it than that. In fact did you fill out your own stuff?” you ask.

“Of course not, I’ll do that shit tomorrow.” She replies.

“And THIS is why I do it. One day you’ll be happy I actually took the time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s because of someone accusing us of doing something we didn’t actually do.”

”The only thing I want you to do, is me from behind when we’re…”

“Shhhh! Fucking hell, you want someone to hear?”

Lisa puts her hands on her sides and frowns at you.

“Are you serious? You don’t think people in this precinct already know about us? And so what if they do?!” she exclaims.

“Yes, I’m sure people know, but there’s such a thing as decorum and there’s also all those fucking rules about dating in the work place. Last thing I want is to get hauled in and scolded for stupid shit.”

“Dating? Is that what you call it? All we do is fuck. You never actually take me anywhere.”

“What about Dolok’s?”

“That’s the fucking bar that EVERYONE goes to after work!”

“I pay for your drinks and meal most of the time, I think that counts…what, did you want me to take you somewhere else?”

“What I want is for you to stop having a stick up your light blue ass about protocol and rules all the damn time!”

You’re in no mood for this right now. You knew it was a bad idea to get involved with a co-worker, but it’s not like you’ve got much time to go find someone outside of work and you respect Lisa’s abilities well enough. She’s just a little too “loose cannon” at times and it’s always a concern in the back of your head that it’s going to get her killed one day.

Which is probably another reason you’ve kept your relationship mostly physical and work related. Probably too attached as it is seeing as you’re already putting down your work pad.

“Fine! I’ll just do this shit tomorrow and be as irresponsible as you are! Let’s go.” You say.

Lisa smiles and is already grabbing you by the arm pulling you from your desk as you’re standing up.


“Mmm, you’re always so nice and cool on this hot ass planet.” She says.

“I’m convinced being a handy portable cooling unit is the only reason why you’re with me. Thank the cosmos for favoring Indrul genetics I guess.” You reply

“Which one of your ancestors was the Indrul that found this planet anyway?”

“Great great great grandmother, though she didn’t really find the planet so much as she was part of the scouting squad lead by my great great great grandfather.”

“That’s the one you were named after right?”

“Yeah, he was human of course. Anyway you’re good with going to my place tonight I trust.”

“Wait, you’re not taking me Dolok’s?”

“You just implied you were sick of that place, plus I figured why waste valuable time?”

You and Lisa go back to your place and after hearing her brag about her reckless engagement of five Vexak anarchists when you were temporarily split up during the riot, you both soon do what you came here to do.

Lisa soon falls asleep afterwards and you grab a spare work tablet out of the nearby end table and fill out that report you were working on earlier. Eventually you fall sleep shortly after sending it in.

The next morning you feel warmer than usual since Lisa’s glommed on to you like she’s attempting to drain all the cold from your body. In fact when you attempt to even move a little, she just clutches on to you harder, even making an annoyed grunting sound in the process.

As you remain temporarily trapped, you mind wanders back to what you were thinking about yesterday, which was your future.

In any case, it’s another hot day in Paradise and as for what’s on the agenda, well that’s up to you.


Get ready for work

Look into a new job field

Play around on your tablet (Info dump galore!)

Paradise Fortress

one year ago
Info dumps galore!
I am excited for this. .

Paradise Fortress

one year ago
Oh shit. All kinds of presents under the tree here today. Paradise Violated was the first story of yours I read way back on Infinite Story, I am all kinds of excited for this.

Paradise Fortress

one year ago

A new Endmaster story? Now this is a good Christmas present!

Paradise Fortress

one year ago
Question though, do you ever intend to take another crack at Primal?

Paradise Fortress

one year ago

Yeah, I suppose that'll be next on the agenda. Still not sure why I lose focus on that one.

Paradise Fortress

one year ago
Commended by TharaApples on 12/27/2022 6:19:14 PM

Fortress Background Info

Ah the information tablet, is there no better way to put off more important things to do with your time?

So what would you like to know more about?

The Galactic Alliance

GA Members

GA Enemies

GA Planets

Back to the story

The Galactic Alliance

The Galactic Alliance, is made up of the remnants of the old galactic powers, specifically the Elojin Alliance, the Mazatt Dominion, the Krik Collective and of course the Terran Empire. It is also fairly young in the scheme of government organizations.

Despite its grand sounding name, it actually isn’t very large. All that exists is a handful of planets, including Paradise thanks to the Trazz. In fact it could even be said it wouldn’t exist at all if the Trazz hadn’t come in and wrecked everyone’s shit.

It is little wonder that the Elojin were the first to propose this alliance to the Terran Empire as they were the first to suffer Trazz attacks. In fact it even seemed like the Trazz were targeting only their small colonies at first (And nobody could really blame them, let alone care)

The Terran Empire of course scoffed at such a proposal. Indeed at the time the Terran Empire was going through a bit of a Golden Age with its new discovery of ancient Xont technology on Paradise and was starting to integrate it into their military.

However, it would turn out that the Trazz were a bigger threat than just bullying the Elojin. Their next target was the massive Krik Collective and the near genocide of their race thanks to biological weapons. Entire Krik worlds were practically bug bombed out of existence. Of course as any human knows, insects are very hard to destroy completely.

Still, their time as any sort of galactic power was over to the point that they made the unprecedented move contacting the Elojin directly to form this united front. The Elojin were more than willing to accept.

The Mazatt at this point decided to take more direct action against the Trazz. They did well at first, but then the tide started to turn when their slave races began rebelling en masse due to the lighter security forces overseeing them.

With the Mazatt busily trying to maintain the internal crisis of their government, the Trazz easily struck strategic centers, greatly crippling the Mazatt war machine. It was a bitter blow to a race that believed themselves to be the pinnacle of what warriors are supposed to be.

Ultimately the Mazatt were humbled to the point where they gave into pragmatism rather than extinction. They took the last of their fleet and met up with a closest Elojin flagship to see what this “alliance” was all about.

The last to join was the Terran Empire who still believed they could face the threat of the Trazz alone.

They were wrong. Very wrong.

Despite the Terran Empire having Xont technology to help, somehow the Trazz seemed to anticipate most of the Terran attacks which either resulted in the Trazz repositioning their ships or an outright ambush.

There were rumors that there had to be someone feeding inside information to the Trazz. Inquisitors were sent out along with other internal security to seek out traitors, but whatever was turned up, hardly mattered when Earth itself was turned into a wasteland from the Trazz armada, killing the Emperor and most of the high command.

The shock of losing Earth was quickly shook off and there was a call of a full retreat into further reaches of Terran space. The remnants of the Terran Empire eventually made Paradise the new capital while a few of the remaining admirals and mid level governors tried to figure out what to do next.

Then the Elojin contacted them and only then did the Terran Empire decide to join the Galactic Alliance, but of course on their terms. The Elojin for their part, did not even argue most of the demands, (Even if the Mazatt certainly wanted to) as the survivors of the Terran Empire were still more intact than the rest of the ex-galactic powers.

And so it came to pass that Paradise would also become the capital of this new government.

For however long that still means anything. There are only five major planets left in the GA and that's including Paradise.

Grim times indeed.

Would you like to know more? (Back to a different topic)

Back to the damn story

Paradise Fortress

one year ago
I distrust the Elojin muchly and my theory is that they were feeding info on Terran movements to the Trazz, probably in the hopes that major losses would make them give in and join the alliance. We played right into their disgusting alien grasping appendages. :(

Paradise Fortress

one year ago

I haven't written out the race descriptions yet, but I made a list of the races in my notes

Races in the Galactic Alliance


Indrul (“Ice elves”)

Bivvi (Former Mazatt slave race)



Straid (Mazatt slave race)

Vexak (Natives of Paradise AKA “Lizards”)


Enemies of the Galactic Alliance


Gorgel (Former Mazatt slave race now pirates and raiders)

Paradise Fortress

one year ago

Extended the intro page (It's been edited on here too) since it seemed more efficient to establish the character's name and background within it, rather than bothering with some personnel file info page which was completely cut. Just focused on the races and planets for info background.

And now you also know the name of the protagonist's name in the first Paradise story.

Paradise Fortress

one year ago

Might as well post the description of one of the planets with an oddly familiar logo and a description of the main enemy while I'm at it.

Gravity Zero Inc HQ

Finally the “pinky” of the GA. The smallest and definitely the weakest compared to the other planets, but to call it weak would be an incorrect assessment.

Gravity Zero is one of the few mega corporations left and maintains their HQ on a small planet (Which was claimed long before the war with the Trazz) rich with minerals and no atmosphere. The planet is barren save for a single domed city, though most of GZ’s population or “employees” live underground through a complex system of tunnels that presumably run throughout the entire planet thanks to all the mining going on. It’s mostly humans who live there since it’s a human based corporation, though other races can be found working for them too.

GZ’s HQ has been fortunate in not suffering Trazz attacks at all since it is the farthest GA planet from the frontlines. It does however experience Gorgel pirate raids on its ships from time to time, though it tends to rely on its private security force than the Galactic Alliance Force.

History of the company is a bit murky, though it’s thought to have existed even before the era of humanity’s expansion to space. Records are a bit scattered from that time, but apparently it went by a slightly different name.

GZ’s status has always been a bit odd as it’s always seemed to operate completely independent of the government as if it was autonomous and only answered to its own laws. While this isn’t completely true, GZ has managed to maneuver itself in such a way that it’s mostly left to its own devices. This was true even during the Terran Empire era.

Still, the survival of humanity has seemingly always been one of GZ’s mission statements besides making money. The current governor (Or CEO as she prefers to be called) continues to believe in this mission and has even altered it a bit to include non-humans. It has always ensured in providing the best material and equipment needed for such survival. Its contributions to the GA may be less direct and profit oriented, but no less vital.


The “big bad” of the galaxy or at least the current one. They’re definitely living up to it at any rate, what with decimating entire planets and all. The war with them isn’t going well.

The Trazz are a completely hostile race that has not even made the slightest attempts at diplomacy. They’ve only ever attacked other races on sight since their arrival. It was once believed that the Krik were the “all devouring alien race” but even they were never this hostile. It’s not even known where they’ve come from, but it has to be farther out than any of old galactic powers ever expanded or even scouted.

They’ve rarely been seen since they’re fully armored whenever directly encountered. (Typically in ship boarding or raids) However, the war with them has gone on long enough that that couldn’t stay a secret forever. Corpses have been captured. (The few attempts at trying to capture a live one have failed) These have revealed a somewhat fish like appearance. It’s assumed that they also need these suits of armor to survive outside their natural aquatic environment.

This somewhat explains why whenever they attack a planet, they give zero fucks how much it’s ruined as they have no intention on living on it. The Trazz have been known to set up small bases on a planet after practically annihilating it, but these seem to be ground operations for sweeping up any potential survivors or some sort of operation to “poison” what remains of a planet, as such bases aren’t permanent.

The Trazz seem to live on their massive ships. Most of which are larger than Mazatt battleships (Much to their chagrin) or even the Titan class Terran ships, so colonization doesn’t seem to be their priority.

However, their reasons for completing fucking up galactic real estate and mass genocide doesn’t seem to have any clear purpose other than complete psychopathic nihilism. If there is some greater reason, it’s unknown since the Trazz aren’t elaborating. The only thing that the Trazz have ever said is the word “Trazz” (Hence their designated name) during attacks and with only this to go on, it can only be speculated what the hell this might mean.

For all anyone knows it could mean the equivalent of the popular ancient human expression “Lol, fag.”

Paradise Fortress

one year ago
How can an entire galaxy get its ass kicked by fish? This just isn't right.

Paradise Fortress

one year ago

Reptile and Insect races are too obvious and besides I already had those.

They're space Deep Ones.

Paradise Fortress

3 months ago

No, I haven't forgotten about this. Just got majorly distracted with real life stuff. And now of course I'm distracted with a NEW story idea.

However, I'm still intending on finishing this at some point since I have worked on a few things. Not much, since this one is intending to be another larger story, but every little bit helps.

Capturing a spy

You need to catch whoever this is now rather than running back to get help. You just hope this person is by themselves.

Tracking this wounded person isn’t difficult, you can see drops of blood and hear noises every now and then. Though you don’t take the chance that this person isn’t at least somewhat clever and potentially leading you into an ambush. So you don’t follow the trail directly, and instead take a more indirect path of tracking them.

This turns out to be a good idea since when you come upon an area with large rock formations; you instead climb on them rather than maneuvering through. Sure enough from the top, you see a figure hiding behind a cluster with a pistol of some sort probably hoping to blast you. Look like a human from your position, possibly female due to the long hair though you can’t tell for certain.

While you could easily dispatch this person, you’re not Lisa so shooting first and asking questions to a dead body isn’t your style.

“Alright, don’t look up and throw your weapon away. I guarantee you will NOT be quick enough to shoot me or even run before I shoot you.” You say pointing down.

The figure is still for a moment as if pondering their chances, but eventually toss their gun away and raise their hands slowly.

“Alright, alright, you got me blue boy. Can I turn around now?” the figure asks.

“No, you stay exactly like that until I get down there.” You answer and start to make your way down the rock formation while keeping your gun on your target.

“HEY! I said don’t fucking move!” you shout when you see the figure start to partially get down on one knee and move their hands to their leg.

“I’m not going for a weapon! If you didn’t realize it, you shot me in the fucking leg, it’s bleeding and I’m in pain!” the figure shouts back.

“Looks more like I grazed your leg. If I’d actually shot you, you wouldn’t have even gotten this far! Turn around.”

The figure turns around still holding their leg with one of their hands. Definitely female now that you’re this close up, though you’re a little surprised to see a spotted face staring back at you.

“What? You never seen an Elojin before?” she says.

“You have hair.” You say.

“Fine, you never seen a half blood Elojin before?”

“Rarely. What are you doing out here helping the lizard primitivists?”

“Helping the lizards? I’m not helping those little biters. I’m out here…um…on scientific research.”

“Wow, you certainly didn’t inherit the Elojin gift of lying that’s for sure.”

“It’s true! I have a camp not too far away, I can take you to it…”

“Hah, and then you either escape or you have something worse in store for me. No, we’re going back to The Lighthouse and finding out exactly what you’re doing out here.”

“…but my leg…I don’t think I can walk that far back. My camp has medical supplies and like I said isn’t too far away. We could go there first and then you can take me back to your Lighthouse if you still don’t believe me.”

“Look, that’s not happening. I’ve been in worse condition and walked further distances. You can too, stop stalling and come on.”

“Ugh. You blue dickheads are always so fucking inflexible!”

“Yeah, yeah, move.”

You and your elojin captive walk back towards the Lighthouse in a somewhat slow manner since she keeps complaining about her leg and stopping every so often.

Eventually you get tired of this.

“Hold on, my leg.” She says.

“You better keep moving right now, my patience is running out.” You reply.

“Fine. Fine. I can’t help but notice you don’t have those pointy ears that indrul have.”


“Those things are so funny looking they almost make me want to laugh anytime I see them mainly due to how dour the indrul look all the time. It’s like they have these serious attitudes and whimsical ears which detract from all that.”

“Your point?”

“My point is, you can’t be full indrul. Looks like you had some human dipping into your DNA too. We have something in common as one half breed to another.”

“Not a halfbreed, if anything I’m more human than indrul. I just rolled lucky on recessive genes.”

“Huh, coulda fooled me with how humorless you are.”

“How the fuck am I supposed to act? I’m an officer of the law and you’re a suspicious interloper. I’m not going to sit around a joke with you.”

“Hm. I suppose I should be glad you favor your indrul heritage. A human might have tried to take advantage of me by now. They really are a lustful race, I’m sure you agree. Though they can be a lot of fun. We could have a lot of fun too, if we went back to my…”

“If you don’t stop this shit, I’m going to shoot you in your OTHER leg and just drag you back.”

“Huh, threatening violence towards a helpless civilian. Now you’re acting like a mazatt.

“If I was a mazatt, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. I would have shot you dead a long time ago. Now move!”

 “Alright! Alright! I’m walking, you grim blue bastard!”

While she starts walking, she doesn’t stop talking. She mentions her name is Roxxy which you immediately think is an odd name for an Elojin though she says her human mother called her that even though her father didn’t like it due to it being too human. She then goes into how she studied at Paradise University and actually works there now. She majored in xenobiology, mostly involving life forms on Paradise.

“Just as well I focused my studies to this planet since with the way the Trazz have been wiping out entire planets, this one is one of the few left! Still, there are new species on this planet being discovered even today. A lot of them seem to be incredibly hostile and poisonous in some way to non-natives to this planet. It’s fascinating how it seems like everything on this planet has evolved in order to efficiently kill life forms not natural to this planet. It really does tap into the theory that this entire planet is a living creature. Could you imagine?” she remarks.

“Or maybe this place just has a highly competitive ecosystem and it just spawned a bunch of critters that were deadly long before anyone got here.” You reply.

“That’s just it though! Some studies were done on creatures that were around pre-colonization and they didn’t have some of the abilities they have now! For example, did you know that camo-leg snakes pre-colonization weren’t even poisonous? They developed that ability not long after humans started settling. And now their venom can even kill other races as quickly as it kills humans!”

“What about Slink-slinks? They aren’t hostile or dangerous.”

“Ah! That’s an interesting case. Earlier slink slinks were much…well I guess the word is less aesthetically pleasing, at least to humans. Ever since some humans decided to make pets out of the damn things, they’ve become…cuter over time. Or at least what humans consider cute. And before you even bring it up, yes, this is independent of you lot breeding the damn things to look a certain way. Even the wild ones are fluffier. Makes humans less likely to kill them.”

“What about other races?”
“Hm, well I guess they primarily focused on humans due to them being the most dominant on the planet. The rest of the races are in lower numbers and in the case of the Vexak, they’re going to eat ‘em regardless of what they look like, so finding safety with humans probably seemed to be the way to go. Humans are very protective of their pets.”

Fascinating stuff. Though you aren’t really sure about any of it and for all you know this is all a bunch of bullshit that Roxxy is spewing to make it look like she actually is who she’s claiming. When asked for ID, she claims its back at her camp and if you’d just gone there, she could have proved everything.

She rattles off some people you can contact at the university to confirm her story when you get to the Lighthouse. You have noticed that she’s not walking like half of her leg is ripped off anymore and is just walking with a slight limp now.

When you get back to the Lighthouse, Stephan meets you as soon as you get to the perimeter.

“Well now, what do we have here?” Stephan asks with a rifle in hand.

“A scientist or so she claims. Says she works for Paradise University and is doing some field research.” You answer.

“I am.” Roxxy says.

“Hah! The fuck you are. I’ve worked here for fucking years and know damn well the Xont zone is off limits to all except security until further notice and ain’t nobody said shit to me about it.”

“So you think she’s helping the lizard primitivists?”

“If she was a full blood human I’d say yeah, but the fact that’s she’s part elojin and telling stories as opposed to proudly proclaiming lizard rights or some shit, makes me think she’s here for more sinister reasons.”

“Like what?”

“Sex slave ring, drugs, how the fuck should I know, but finding out should break up some of the monotony. Bring her inside, I’ll get some restraints.”

You take Roxxy inside the Lighthouse as she continues to protest and claim innocence. Meanwhile Stephan has already gotten a pair of cuffs and he roughly takes Roxxy to restrain her to a chair.

“Hey, my leg’s still wounded. The least you could do is patch it up.” Roxxy says causing Stephan to look her in the eye with a coldness you haven’t seen before in the man.

“And THAT will be the last thing you say until I ask you to respond to my questions.”

“Or what?”

Stephan at this point back hands Roxxy so hard the chair actually lifts up a bit. He then looks at Roxxy again, waving a finger in front of her face.

“Or THAT is going to be the nicest thing you are going to experience. Mikayl, watch her, while I go get some things. Be back in a moment.” Stephan says and heads up the stairs.

You are a little unnerved by Stephan’s actions. Not like you haven’t seen overzealous members of your department before (You’re going out with one after all) but this feels a bit different.

Roxxy looks at you now with a little blood coming from her mouth from the backhand.

“Judging by your expression, I’d say you’re more surprised by this than I am, which gives me a little hope.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean are you really going to just let this asshole torture me blue boy? On the way here I could tell you were a by the book tight ass, but I didn’t get the impression you were unnecessarily cruel, even if you bluffed about shooting me in my other leg.”

“Nobody is going to torture you, just answer the questions and there won’t be any more trouble.” You reply trying to keep a united front with Stephan, even if you aren’t sure about how far he’s going to really go.

“There’s nothing more to tell! I told you who I am and where I’m from. Look, all you gotta do is contact the people I told you about at the university. They can confirm everything! I mean you might have to wait until tomorrow morning to get a response probably, but surely you can wait that long before putting shock clamps to my nipples!”

“Nobody is putting shock clamps to your nipples.”

“Well whatever that old fucker has in store for me probably isn’t good. Look, I can tell you where exactly my camp is. It has all my paperwork and all that shit. You could probably head to it and be back here even quicker than getting a response from my co-workers.”

Roxxy now is starting to show a less confident expression and one more of fear. The problem is it’s always hard to trust elojins, especially if they’ve been acting in a suspicious manner to begin with.

“Blue boy! Look, at least check out my story! Give me at least some sort of basic rights here, before you let that maniac start chopping off my fingers or worse!”

Before you can answer, Stephan’s returned with a large box which he sets down on a table nearby. Upon opening it, you see a variety of tools. Most of which don’t look like they’re for fixing anything especially given how rusty they are. They don’t even look like they’re from this century.

“What…is that?” you ask.

“This my friend are the tools of one of MY ancestors. He was an inquisitor for the old Empire. I find that the old ways are often the best ways of extracting information.” Stephan answers enthusiastically.

You think you might be seeing the exact reason why Stephan was transferred here so long ago.

As Roxxy looks to you for some sort of intervention, you have the same idea.

“Um, I don’t think this is quite necessary Stephan. Let me at least check out her story first!”

“What for? It’s just time wasting bullshit. No, we’ll get more out of her going in hard immediately.”

“Stephan, this is against protocol! We’re officers of the law, we’re not supposed to be torturing suspects and to be fair, what if she IS telling the truth? How’s that going to look if you’ve sliced up an innocent civilian?”

Stephan looks annoyed with you, but he doesn’t seem willing to argue too much about it.

“Fine. You wanna waste time, be my guest. Don’t waste too much of it though, because I’m not going to give this obvious criminal time to figure out how to escape.”

You’ve bought a little time, now just comes how you’re going to confirm her story.


Contact her university co-workers

Go to her camp