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Hi! My name is Samantha! I found this site a long time ago but never finished the story I started. This year, I'll finish a bunch of them! I love choose your own adventure stories and my mom and I make them up together for fun.

A little about me:

* I'm twelve years old.
* Everyone says I'm a good writer and very intelligent and creative for my age! (Not bragging)
* My favorite color is lavender.
* My favorite animals are ponies, kittens, and dolphins. All cute things really. ^_^
* I love my mom and I love my dad and I love Jesus and I love my dog Binky.
* I know it sounds silly, but I want to be a Princess when I grow up. I don't even think it will be that hard, all I need is for a Prince to fall in love with me. My sister's boyfriend says there are lots of princes in Nigeria, so maybe I'll move there some day.

Anyway, enjoy my stories! There will be no bad language and nothing else bad to worry about.

P.S. Please do not message me, I'm not allowed to talk to strangers on the internet and my mom is watching my account.


Miracle and the Christmas Kitten
You are a poor little kitty all alone on the street. Will you ever find a home?

I meant to have this finished by Christmas but then I got the flu! D: I hope everyone enjoys it still even if it's late, I worked on it a really long time. It has been proofread because my mom helped me, so don't worry.

Story contains no bad language so please do not use any in the comments. Thank you!

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