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Hello and welcome to my bleak and not very well filled out profile page!

I will add more info and exciting things later but for the moment I'm ridiculously busy with work and other things so any time I have on here I am spending trying to get my first and second stories finished and up to scratch (and doing other peoples story games when possible)

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Apocalypse Yesterday

2015 Competition entry.

You are in a post apocalyptic world desperately trying to keep yourself going by searching the crumbled ruins of what used to be, hell you don't know, just some huge city that used to be important. You know you have a goal now to get across the city to an area you heard a survivor talk about before they died, lots of people there, a whole community of survivors. So now all you think about it reaching it. The only trouble is surviving long enough to get there yourself.


Something I must say here is that I have entered this right before the deadline and made it the best I could given the time restrictions however this is far from finished. It will most likely be riddled with spelling and grammar errors and there is even a distinct possibility of a page being linked wrong. If so I am sorry, however I said I would write something playable by the deadline and while it falls so far short of my own standards that it actually hurts to hit the publish button I feel that I have to.

Some paths might appear to rail-road you or kill you off prematurely, this is sadly because I was unable to finish them or they were the openings to newer arcs and had to be severed to have something to publish without broken end links.

I shall work on this story over the coming months and republish it later once it is finished. for reference this is at most roughly 1/3 of the final game plan...

Rising Flames

You are a young man who has been working hard jobs for years in the middle of no-where to keep yourself fed and save up enough to move back to the city where you were born.  You face many mundane seeming choices at the beginning but they lead down different paths that can alter the story and show major events from very different viewpoints. A few of the paths even reveal the not so mundane happenings that are starting to stir in the world and sweep you up in them.

There are several "endings" that you can find and many ways to die. The 3 main endings: There is a strangely happy ending that I wrote in just because even in fantasy stories people deserve a chance to just settle down and let the world pass by. A second best ending and the best ending (It tells you its the best/2nd best). Good Luck!

This is a first attempt and will undergo many changes so be patient with it, but also be brutally honest with any comments as it/I wont improve if you pull your punches.

Big thanks to Gidgy and Aman for help with editing and proofreading! (There will still be some small mistakes in there but it was just time that I actually published it.)

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