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Is it a banana?
Is it Montana?
No! It's a panda!
Not just any panda, dear heavens, no. It's...

Ha, ha, yes. Welcome all to my profile. c:
A little bit about myself would be.. Well.. To state the obvious, I'm Hanna. 
Yes, hello, nice to meet you. 
Uhh, my birthday is Dec 29th. (Keeping the year to myself.)
When I 'grow up' or something, I want to actually publish a book of some sort. That's why I turned to CYS. I mean, being younger, I love those CYS book series, and I love to write. Why not join a site just for that?

I'm mostly into zombie apocalypse typed stories and movies, despite never watching The Walking Dead. But, while I'm on this site, I'll write more than apocalyptic stories. I'll probably venture into love, school, modern, science fiction, and maybe even fan fiction! c:

Within my first story, I've already became acquaintances with popular users and great feedback.

- Jumps down onto bed filled to the brim with stuffed animals, reaching my arms around them -
I'm gonna be here for a while, so get comfy with a panda in the community. 
- Finger snap, winking -


Master Of Strings

'Master of puppets', referring to a puppet master, or, an old fellow who created some of the best marionettes for a living, being a little more crazy than the craziest. He managed his shop for awhile, untangled their strings, fix their glass-eyes, but now, the marionettes do it themselves. No one knows how, no one desires to figure out; ever since the old man died.

I apologize for most likely not rating the difficulty and maturity correctly.
I apologize for this being mostly story based, but I feel as if you'll enjoy it!

If you have any concerns, questions, or something is broken, comment at the end. Also, I may've missed some grammar/spelling mistakes; but please don't let my mistakes ruin the experience!


Aye, this is my first 'choose your own adventure' stories. Hope you enjoy the 'Uprise'.

The Uprise is an apocalypse typed game, so be warned on the gory details.
Not quite sure on an age rating (There's swearing, and drug reference.) Length? It's lengthy, but not a days worth of it.

Good luck, hope you enjoy!

When you finish, please tell me how I did. I love feedback.

Camp Secret

Camp Secret has more of the horror/investigative/modern  to it.

(Camp Secret is my second CYS game, I hope I did better on this one than the first.)

I'm not sure about the maturity level, nor the difficulty. Giving me feedback on those along with your overall rating would be grand.

In Camp Secret, there's;

Graphic Violence

Sexual Reference

Sexual Violence

Foul Language

There's 5 (One of the ending has a different beginning, but the same ending) Endings;

'Caught by counselors'

'Guilty questions'

'Pick 'em clean'

'Bad choices' 

'Why so sneaky?'

Which ending did you get?

Also, If there are any issues, as to grammar/spelling, or the choices aren't working, please leave it in your review and it'll be fixed as soon as possible.