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Hiya! I'm an up-and-coming writer and I needed a good space to try out different ideas. I remember when I was younger how much I liked the Goosebumps You Choose story that my grandma had. Ever since I read it, I had been interested in such stories. Now I get a chance to write them, myself!


List of Pusblished Storygames

[Crossed outs are Unpublished, Black text is Published, and Blue text is Soon to be Published. Purple text are the Storygames I'm going to be putting on the back burner.]

A Weird Story About a Zombie Happening

What Magic Ability Do You Have?

Soul Mate

A Harem of Dere


I have a Quotev account and I have been working on many different thing there. I simply go by "hourglass".

[My current profile pic. on Quotev is the ROTG gang. I usually put characters up has my profile pic as a reminder that I'm writing some sort of fanfiction with them.]


What Magic Ability Would You Have?

Magic abilities come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Does it depend on your personality? Does it depend on your preferences? Maybe it depends on a simple quiz! Go ahead and answer honestly, or maybe you'd like to try and get all the possible results. As long as you have fun, who cares?


[Note: I'm using this as a way to test out variables. If anyone has any feedback on how to improve, I would highly appreciate it.]

[Extra Note: Two of the results are reading as "Orphaned", but you can still get them, so I'm not exactly sure what that's all about.]

A Harem of Dere!

Have you ever wanted a harem of your very own? Well, look no farther than this here Storygame! Here can can experience falling in love with mutable girls or boys and no one will ever get mad about it, because that's just how Harems work.

Actually, Harems are always accidental and only successfully work because everyone in the group had accepted the fact that they were all in love with the main character. BUT NEVER MIND THAT!

Or it could work like it does in Ouran Highscool Host Club....BUT NEVER MIND THAT, TOO!

You win the game by creating a Harem. [This is probably going to have mutable parts so that I can fit in each dere type.]

Some Sort of Weird Story About a Zombie Happening

It's basically some sort of weird story about a zombie happening. An apocalypse, I believe is the technical term?


Anyway, there is only one way that you can lose this game. I won't tell you what that is. You know, because why would I? But I hope you guys have fun playing this thing.

Soul Mate

WARNING: This Storygame deals with things like death and separation. If you are easily offended/trigger/frightened by these things, please take caution as you read.


You have been separated from your Soul Mate after dying. Afterwards, you seem to have been taken to a mysterious plane of existence. Your goal is to find your lost Soul Mate. I wonder how you will do this? I wonder what it is you will lose?

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Getting Ratings/Readings on 1/17/2019 3:58:18 PM

I know I haven't been on here long, but I believe that you need a good mixture of everything if you want to get good ratings. I imagine it would work like it does offline.

Things like length and genera depends on the person who's reading it, themselves, so I think it's best to write what you want to write in those terms. Even if a lot of people don't read it, at least it's something that you can be proud of and enjoy, yourself. There's also the plus side of the people who do enjoy that genera. (I'm not too picky when it comes to genera, myself.) And if the length scares people, then that's just their personal preference. It's nothing you can change or do anything about. As long as the story is worth reading, I don't believe the length should be taken in account for.

As for the title, it's semi-important, in my opinion. I think the most effective ones or short, catchy, and get to the point. If it's short, then people will see it and read it (perhaps unintentionally ) since it's just there. Not that it takes a lot of time to read a title, but I think that subconsciously, we seek out shorter titles to remember so that we don't "waste time". If it's catchy, then it could cause someone to click on it and read the description. Something like "Fate". Fate is something everyone is familiar of, so they would be interested in what a story could do with it. It's also short, so it sparks that "I can remember you and you might be interesting" phase that people can go through. (Or maybe that's just me? It's a feeling like nostalgia, but not quite? Like a mystery I've seen before, yet I've never experienced it.) Or you could try something like "Nexus". It's a word people don't use often, so it's strikes a mystery inside them once they read it. This would make them curious about the story, itself, and so they would read the description to see what it's about. I've noticed that using names also catches people's attention. "The Fate of the Stalker Mage" isn't as satisfying to read as "The Fate of William Carter". There are also the titles that get to the point. "The Fate of William Carter" gets to the point and tells you that the story is going to be about the fate of William Carter.

Sorry to say, but the description is one of the key parts when writing a story. If the description is interesting, then the story is going to be interesting (most likely). If the description has a lot of errors in it, then the story might be great, but be riddled with errors. Sometimes using a short description will work, but only if it's enticing. Let's take a quote from one of my favorite books, Slaughter House Five. "In the distance, a dog barked." If that were to be the only thing in the description, it might be rather interesting. However, if afterwards, there was more of a description of what the storygame is about, then it might be even more so. What you're doing in a description is trying to convince the reader to read your book in a very passive aggressive way. You're kind of like, "Hey, this book is about this and this" but you're using stuff like imagery and cool-talk to coax them into reading it. 

With the writing quality, it's best to be a writer first, a story teller second, and an editor third. By that, I mean you write what you want to write, however you want to write it. Then, you make sure the story is compelling, as a story teller would do. And last, you would go through over and over and over again to check for errors. The best stories aren't written overnight. In fact, it's better to actually sleep on it after finishing it and look at it again the next day to check for more errors.

As for the authors and stuff, on one hand it's kind of sad that a lot of people will flock to the most famous writers when it comes to stories. This happens a lot offline, as well. It makes it very hard for other writers to get their names out there. But on the other hand, it's great that these writers are getting the credit they deserve! (I apologize for seeming wishy-washy.) These guys and gals (and other/both) work hard to get their stuff done and they deserve all of the attention that they get. As said before, I'm new, so I'm not really one of the ones flocking to these famous writers that write on here. But, that's just because I'm not sure if I like their work yet. (I know that sounds strange, but sometimes I don't like the content from the big guys. Like, I don't like nor watch Pewdiepie, but I do enjoy Markiplire and Cryoatic. It's nothing personal, I just didn't enjoy his videos.) That said, I most Likely will look into their work at some point since a lot of people do like them, but I don't want a name to be the only reason why I want to read a storygame. 

As for anything extra, I say that you should just keep on writing! Writing is less of a talent and more of a skill. If you practice it more and more, the better you'll become at it. So go ahead and make really poorly described storygames. As long as you're trying to improve that every time you create one, then you're already moving ahead.

Also, try not to beat yourself up over your ratings. I haven't read your story yet, so I don't know where you stand on in skill. That said, you're still going to improve! And if someone doesn't like the way you write, then it's most likely personal preference, and there are going to be people who's person preference is your writing. 

Of course, this is just based off of my own personal opinions and experiences. Some of this may be false or may not coincide with what others say about this.

Orphaned Pages on 1/1/2019 3:39:46 AM

Oh! Thank you!

I figured it must have been something like that, but I wanted to make sure. I'll remember next time I'm using such things.

New to the Forums on 12/31/2018 6:48:44 PM

That's fair. Thanks, anyway.

New to the Forums on 12/31/2018 1:51:31 AM

Apologies. "Some Sort of Weird Story About a Zombie Happening". My bad.

New to the Forums on 12/31/2018 1:50:01 AM

Is self promotion bad? I mean, you could always rate my storygame rather low, if you believe it deserves it. But I'm pretty sure you haven't read it since it's fairly new. I did get some good feedback, but the view from one person is always different from another, and I'd like to know all the possible ways I could improve. 

Granted, the humor in this is rather odd and it depends on the person as to rather or not you'd actually laugh at it. It's also rather short, so people who prefer longer stories will look at it and immediately turn away.

It's called "A Story About a Zombie Happening" and it's meant to be rather lighthearted and odd.

Sorry if this reply is rather long. I'm a bit new here, as well, and I'm not sure if this kind of thing is annoying or not.

Orphaned Pages on 12/30/2018 11:56:34 PM

Okay, so Orphaned Pages are pages that don't have any links going to them, right? Well, I've completed the quiz that I built here (I'm testing out variables and such) and two of the pages (where the results are) are reading as Orphaned Pages. However, I've previewed the quiz and was able to get both of those results. I'm a bit confused and would like some help on how to fix this problem.