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A tale of love and hate..

Love cannot be spoken about. It can only be felt. Almost everyone has fallen in love and loved but not everyone is lucky to be loved. Through this story you play through the lives of two individuals merged by a bond of forever love. Understand what it is to love, to be pained and to be loved. This is my first storygame. The story is a little linear because it is more a story than a choose your adventure game however their are three different endings.

Amy Wayne: A lifetime story

This is a story about the life of Amy Wayne. However this story could be of any woman. The story goes through the trials, joys, achievements and failures of a woman, a very normal woman though unique in her own way.

Its about us, honey

This story is an attempt to take the readers through a journey of love, companionship and family and how each decision you take affects the life of both you and your dear ones. The story is from a female point of view. As the story unfolds the reader will experience the many turmoils, big and small, that a woman often goes through in her quest for a sense of completeness in her life. This is my first storygame.