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Alone with a Presence

  You wake up in your apartment several weeks after a disaster has hit, you are alone.

  This story is an immersive experience,, with nonlinear paths and a story that will be unique everytime you play it, resulting in maximum replayibility. The attitude and personality of the character is effected by the choices that you make. Every choice you make should be thought out, because everything may have unintended consequences. You must combat problems with logic and reasoning.

  Death could be lurking around every corner, how long could you possibly survive?

NOTE: This game is not finished, it's a project that I actually did a few years ago for this site and dropped it, but I am considering ybe finishing this one or writing a new story entirely for you guys. I spent so much time on this though that I would rather hear your guys thoughts and opinions on my story than scrap it completely. Consider it a demo on my writing style and what to expect from my future stories, and enjoy! :)

Some Fresh Air For You To Breath In

Unclear Conditions

  Imagine a world where there is no more law. The people have finally realized that they could do whatever they want, completely shattering any stable government system that was established. People now have the ability to do anything illegal because there is nothing that will stop them.

  This is the journey that you will be taken on, making decisions in a world where complete and total anarchy reigns. The choice between right and wrong is never clear, but do morals even exist anymore?