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I'm a storyteller with a knack for laughs and suspense. I'm currently taking digital video classes at TriC and hope to create movies that entertain.


Spoonboy must die!
Jason Spoonboy has flirted with every girl you had interest in, made you look bad with his soccer skills, and always laughs in your face on your black days. His family's no better. His little bro harrasses people from his old minivan. His Dad cusses at the losing team that plays Jason's at soccer. Wise man saying, "Don't get bent...get even!"

Escape from Blowing Green
To your friends, you are Johnay. Actually you play me: people know you as Johnay, others as Kid Narc. You're like an FBI agent living and attending school at Blowing Green State University. However this is a quirky college in a flat, redneck landscape. You practically dislike it and when things suddenly get weird, it doesn't make you like it anymore. Your mission as Kid Narc is to get to the bottom of what the hell's going on? There will be some funny moments and out of control mutants to make this game a very enjoyable experience. Before you play, recite the words "All perps cower in the dark, because they just crossed Kid Narc."

Jerusalem Drive: A Haunting Adventure
There's a rundown street in the east side of Cleveland called Jerusalem Drive. More than half the houses are burnt ruins and the city hasn't bothered to renovate the area. Will you discover the block's dark secret and live to tell about it?

Psychobrat: From the Creator of Spoonboy Must Die
Your friend Kevin sucks big time. He stole the girl you had a crush on and became the posterboy for Whipped Boy All-Stars. To make matters worse, he made a last minute change to his schedule where he goes on a date the time he's hired to babysit Brandon. He bugs you to watch Brandon while he goes smoochie-woochie with his girl. But Brandon is no mere kid, and Kevin may have sentenced you to death.

Spoonboy Must Die Volume 2
It's the sequel to "Spoonboy Must Die", the critically-acclaimed getting-revenge-on-bully game. This time, instead of taking on the entire Spoonboy family, you only have Pat Spoonboy to take on. But after being humiliated by yourself in the first game, he's got some henchmen with him. What's more is this game is even more advanced than the first one as well. So good luck and try to live to see Volume 3.

The Jacko Man: Escape from Never Land
An amuzement park owned by a freakish pop singer is creepy enough. Now if you're lost in an amuzement park owned by a freakish pop singer: that's the plot of a horror movie or a good game. Try all you can to save your spoiled sister and flee Never Land before the Jacko Man gets you and moonwalks over your flayed skins, hahahaha!

The Rabbi Duff Chronicles: Duff V Duff
Duff Joyce is a rabbi hamster harried by the frustrations of dealing with screwy folk, including his estranged wife. Hillary Duff is a snotty pop singer and over-pampered child actress. Due to her self-centered snobbiness, Hillary demands Rabbi Duff change his name or she'll make his life a living Sheol. Of course this means war.

The Rabbi Duff Chronicles: Shadow of the Rabbi
At last, the hamster with the Rabbi license makes his Internet debut with a crazy adventure. As Rabbi Duff, you have to survive the day. Your screwed-up enemies are about the neighborhood so be careful. Also your ex-wife, Tuesday, is waiting in the shadows and craves rabbi blood. So be extra careful so that Duff lives to be in a sequel.

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The Rabbi Duff Chronicles is published on 4/30/2003 4:08:44 PM
It's incomplete yet available for visitors to play. It'll be online for a couple weeks before I get around to fix a couple of the links in the game. If anyone wants to play and leave comments, be my guest.

re:What's with the error pages? on 4/25/2003 11:53:34 PM
I believe I was using Internet Explorer when i tried to upload them on the Mac.

What's with the error pages? on 4/23/2003 12:10:34 PM
I've been trying to "Edit" link to existing pages in my current game and the "error syntax" page keeps popping up. It also wouldn't let me upload pictures for my game. Something is wrong with the site

re:The new top 5 games on 11/28/2002 11:08:13 PM
Yeah Blunder Bob kicks butt. I think games should be on the Top 5 list, not based on how many people have played them in the past, but on current popularity and the duration it has been on the list.

I'd retire Lisa Land, Jurassic Fairview Park, and whatever game's been on the list for over 75 days. Visitors are more likely to play what game is mentioned on the opening page than any other game on the site.

"Spoonboy Must Die" has been completed on 10/7/2002 9:09:32 PM
Well go play the game and leave yer comments. It's intended for that nervous kid in the back of every classroom who afraid of turning a corner and getting a wedgie by a school bully.