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Choose Your Own Misadventure

This is not a book like any other.  If you read the paragraphs from beginning to end in numerical order it will not make any sense.  

Instead you will Choose Your Own Misadventure – in this story, YOU are the main character.  YOU decide what happens.  Each paragraph has an assigned number.  Read the paragraph and decide on your course of action – then turn to the corresponding paragraph!

Good luck!








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Collect them all!






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Unpublishing game: error message on 7/27/2006 10:47:29 AM

Hi everyone.

Quick question:

I am trying to unpublish my Adventure to make a couple of minor edits. 

I go to My Stuff > My Games and under Options click on 'un-publish'.  I am then taken to a screen with the following error message:

Uh oh ... you broke it!

Well, actually, you tried to access a game that does not exist. Perhaps it was an old link?

The game still exists, as I can access it and play it.  But I am now unable to edit it.

Is anyone familiar with this problem? Any ideas?

Apologies if this is a common issue.

Thanks guys.