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Well hello earthlings.

I'm a newbie, be gentle with me.


Sanity in Turmoil

The world, or at least England, has started to go down hill. A bad government party got into power, left the country in a mess, and no one was re-elected because it was a hung parliament. Coalition was refused and now there is no one in charge. And now, all sorts of things are going on: fights breaking out in cities between rival gangs with opposing views on how to sort this all, hyperinflation, and we've been booted out of Europe, so no help there.
One gang, the only peaceful gang in the country, is determined to survive, and gather followers. Many people are as yet undecided as to who they follow, and this new group 'Sanity' want to influence them. Every day on the streets is a battle. The group are in hiding at nights, like most people, because now all police are corrupt. They beat people in the streets if they don't think the same way as them. There is no room for fear; you need to be tough.

Will you survive?

Femme Fatale

A tale of espionage.