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Feedback is appreciated and is necessary for me to grow.


Just Another Average Joe

You're just another average person, living an average life. Nothing worth boasting about and no real problems. Funny thing about life. It loves to shit in your face. You can't just go through life expecting everything to be hunky dory, but hey, at least things have been spiced up a bit.



This is my first attempt at one of these stories. I have never viewed myself as very creative, but I figured I would give it a shot. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it. (Also, some of you are going to start questioning, the answer is no, I am not one but I am tolerant)

Notice: I will no longer edit this story. I will leave it here to show me what I should improve on in writing future stories. Feedback is always welcome and I encourage you to tell me what I need to do better. Thank you for your time.

Grandma's Place
You're off to Grandma's house for the summer! It's been so long since you've seen her and you're excited to catch up with her, however, once you've arrived, you notice the house doesn't quite look the way you remembered it, and strange sounds can be heard coming from the walls.