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I Don't Need Air to Breathe

Submission for Mizal's "Welcome to the Jungle" noob contest.

A story about having a second chance at existence. With some twists. 

[Writers note: Though this is a CYS game, this is a lot more linear than most CYS games tend to be. There are still some different routes to explore, though!]

Another placeholder - just in case

Another placeholder for a potential future story


Villain-protagonist based story where your reign of terror will take place in a time that is dependent upon your choices. Action-adventure, slight comedy, some gore.

Entry for Bucky's Year's End Contest

Yet to be named: The Sequel

Yet to be described part 2, electric boogaloo

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(Finale) Sherbet's Guide To Being A Cat Pt. 5 on 12/3/2023 3:30:34 PM

That was beautiful, my goodness. Didn't expect a game where you play as a cat and spy on a family to have so many really sweet and emotionally heavy moments. From wholesome to grim to scary at times, to the DND stuff which was a nice little side thing. All of it was really well put together and the story was actually really nice. Didn't expect to get this invested in the story, thank you for posting it and sharing it!


Also looks like you dropped a few pounds, that cat looks very healthy and not at all like a garden rat! 

Sherbet's Guide To Being A Cat Pt. 3 on 11/29/2023 2:42:56 PM

I thought this was cat game not gopher game!


I was so confused by the togas until I read that it was a college party. Anyway, as a cat you are in perfectly healthy shape and you seem ready to hunt! I say you go after the lawyer first, Dawn is cool

Sherbet's Guide To Being A Cat on 11/27/2023 1:39:42 AM

I like the concept of this game, it's basically just a story being told and the cat thing is almost secondary. That said, being locked in the bathroom with a pooping lawyer sounds like hell whether you're a human or a cat. And wearing a lumberjack outfit to a funeral is based. 

Thunderdome 8: Ace vs Dark on 10/16/2023 1:03:52 AM



Why do you keep editing your post? That's like your 4th time 

Thunderdome 8: Ace vs Dark on 10/16/2023 1:01:46 AM

IDK which is which, but Story A was fantastic - no notes. Whichever one of the two wrote Story B should be banned from the site 


Story A gets my vote, easy. Story B - please do better. 

CYSWWE ROYAL RUMBLE on 9/19/2023 2:01:13 AM

LA Beast disgusts me, that's true 

CHOOSEYOURMANIA PROMO on 9/19/2023 1:45:00 AM

What a great card! Unfortunately a lot of great talent wasnt on this one, but it's only the first and many more will come! 


As for Sherbet. I have a lot of respect for my opponent, but you're goin down pal

CHOOSEYOURMANIA PROMO on 9/19/2023 1:43:49 AM

The people have a right to their opinion, wrong as it may be!

CYSWWE ROYAL RUMBLE on 9/19/2023 1:43:26 AM

If Sherbet is Cody, then unfortunately I need to be Roman Reigns - sorry Sherb


Doesn't matter which two of you win, me and Miz got these titles on lock.

Excellent work though, Sentinel