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What up people! I'm kinda new here (a year?) and just trying to explore and writing as many games as possible for you guys to enjoy! I do my best to get better qualities, of course. 

And, uh, I.. Well, a little confession. I'm a bit into some fetish. Normal stuff through, not weird ones like vore or shit. Nothing major or anything that will affect my work or story-writing in anyway. I wrote this to tell you, if you see some of those elements in my games, don't be offended or anything. If it really gets to you, please message me at anytime to discuss. I will do my best to accommodate. Thank you and have a good time! 


Hey Look, It's a Zombie Apocalypse

As the title says, Zombie Apocalypse. You guys might already be bored with the amount of zombie games here, but don't worry, this game would a piece of cake as long as you use your brain and common sense (not all the time). Random deaths are included, so if you choose something and BAM, you're dead... Don't complain. Try again. Good/Bad Endings, with different choices you can make: are you just a survivor, trying to live in a world that has gone to hell, or become a looter/bandit and rob everyone in your way? Your choice.

One more thing. I wrote this story to try my hand, and it would be kinda short, not long like some pro writers', and random deaths are present. So, I would really appreciate some feedback on story elements, grammar and so on. Also, as I said, this is an experimental piece so don't think "man this sucks." With your help and criticism, I can get better! 

Unlikely Heroes

After seeing an unnatural streak of light flashing in the sky,  some people across the city of Dallion fainted on the spot. The light fell onto a part of the city then violently exploded, creating a giant crater, throwing the city into anarchy in the process. You, Derek, a seventeen-year-old high school student and your girlfriend, Julia, were one of those who fainted. When you woke up, you discover that you were granted powers you two only ever dreamed of. Now you're both out of the hospital, it's up to you and the others who presumably got the same power, to help what's left of the police and the government to restore order to Dallion. Or, of course, to go in the opposite direction: dominate the city and defeat those who oppose you. 

Goal: To win. If a page contains "End game and leave comments" it is an ending. Sometimes it says you didn't win, others You failed, and You have won. You know which one you want. Choose wisely. 

Warning: Suggestive themes may occur or mention sped like sexual themes, death, torture (not so much) and drug use, so on. If you use ESRB rating (which I do cause I'm a big gamer) this game would be on M. Definitely not on R. Probably. Also, don't go crying over a random death because they do exist. Also, please no "OMG did you just write that that's so sick" I appreciate feedback, and I will happily listen to thppwhatever criticism you have, on plot, grammar, themes or anything. Just please, don't overreact. 

Good day to you and have a good time! 

Left, Right, and Forward

You woke up in a room with no idea how you got here. Strangely, unlike the other similar stories you've read, you still have all your memories - except how you got here or why you were here. Now, you must find your way out of here, if you can. Be careful! Danger (all sorts of) lurks around every corner, but if you use your logic you can avoid death - or things worse than death.

Just a little game I came up with when I was bored. It started off as just a game where you go left or right and eventually you win or lose, but it soon escalated (or I should say expanded) into something a lot more complicated and, hopefully, good. Please leave comments on how I did and don't be afraid to criticize! As usual, no hate comments please and enjoy! 

Note: I did this whole thing on an iPad, and for whatever reason I cannot add pictures for the objects. I may or may not edit them in the future, and I apologize for any inconviences there is. Thank you for understanding. 

Also, I constantly forget about whether if I should use past or present tense. Sorry about that. 

Unlikely Heroes II: Three's Company

This is the sequel to Inlikely Heroes, featuring another character Ricardo as Protagonist, while Derek and Julia becomes supporting characters. This game contains more fighting scenes and actions, as well as slightly more violence and other themes. As usual, no lemon scenes, I thonk you understand why. There may or may not be a part three or a spin-off for Jessica and Damian (following the Canon Ending) or a part III. As always, enjoy the game, play it over a couple times, leave some comments and criticism and have a good day!