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You may have guessed that I like Sherlock Holmes.

I've had other accounts here before, but all of them are long forgotten. This one is here to stay, though, considering that I have published a semi-successful storygame, which never happened on the others.

I currently have one published storygame (an escape room) and am working on two others. One is another escape room, and the second is a ghost hunt. I have no idea when either of them will be ready.


Blackwell's Diamonds

Edmund Blackwell, world-famous treasure hunter and your uncle, has asked you to house-sit his mansion for the weekend. But on your first day there, you enter your bedroom and are shocked when the door automatically locks behind you! Make it through a series of escape rooms to find Blackwell's most precious treasure, the Diamonds of Karpathos, and free yourself from the mansion.

I would highly recommend playing with paper and pencil on hand. Unless you have a perfect memory, write down EVERYTHING that seems important.

All droppable items are only used once. You can keep them if you want, but your inventory will get really full.

The Haunted Corridors of Canterville Mansion

Elias Knightley, a rich old man, has just purchased the historic Canterville Mansion to profit off of visiting history buffs. He believes that the mansion is haunted, which will bring in extra money from paranormal enthusiast tourists, but his cousin says that that's impossible. In order to settle the bet, Elias decides to have paranormal investigators verify whether or not there are truly ghosts at Canterville Mansion. And the only paranormal investigators anywhere nearby? You and your best friend.

This could be your big break!

... If the place is actually haunted, and you're not sure that it is. Well, only one way to find out, right?

The Starlight Lodge

A sequel to "Blackwell's Diamonds," but it can be played separately as well.

Six months ago, you inherited the collection of your treasure-hunting Uncle Edmund, and all at once you became more wealthy than you ever imagined possible. But you soon learned that wealth comes with tremendous responsibility. By now you're in dire need of a break. So when one of your uncle's old friends, Isabel Starr, invites you on an all-expenses-paid retreat to her luxurious New York City hotel, you gladly accept.

But it turns out that the invitation is perhaps more sinister than you thought.