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My name is Kaitlin Nicole Ketchum and I am a16 year old girl from Oklahoma. 

I enjoy writing, reading, watching Audrey Hepburn movies, listening to Metallica and going to hockey games on my free time. I'm on the school's academic team and in teen leadership. 

My best friends are my two dachshunds, Mauser and Nugget, and my wonderful boyfriend of two years Jeremy.



My Sweet Anna

This is a very short but entertaining love story, told from the point of view of Jack Withers as he reminisces the love he used to know. It is composed of flashbacks, with 3 alternate endings.

Without You (1)

Without You:
You've lost almost everything at this point. Your biological father, he was gone before he came into your life. Your mother, she died not to long ago. Now, you've lost your boyfriend, Jacob. This was love. You're 16, and you've lost him, her, and him again. However, you're trying to cope.

There are lots of people to help you out. Hunter's been in the same situation, and he really likes you. Bailey is a good friend, and she'd love ot help. And a mysterious dream guy wants to help, too...

This is basically an introduction. It's the first two days of being in school without Jacob. You meet Hunter, get to know Bailey, and yourself. You also have an option to meet the mysterious attractive guy.

It's The (Zombie) Apocalypse

It's The (Zombie) Apocalypse is a story that follows you in an epic battle to survive against all odds.

The Jane Chronicles

"My name is Jane Austen Lyndon and I was obviously named after the author of the popular romance novels "Pride & Prejudice" and "Sense & Sensibility", which might cause one to think that I have some sort of magical love life and a sixth sense for romance but that is not the case at all.

Actually, I think that my mother's unhealthy obsession with everything love and her twisted sense of humor have permanently denied me the ability to have any interests in dating..."

Enter the life of the hilarious, blunt, awkward and pessimistic Jane Austen Lyndon and experience her unexpected journey into love via diary entries, dialogue and choices made by you who will be playing the role of the lovely Jane and discover how one's life can be turned 180 degrees in a matter of weeks by reading "The Jane Chronicles."


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Best Comments on 10/30/2012 4:39:59 PM

I don't think that comparing this website to YouTube is an accurate comparison. I'm not sure if this is the only website you guys use for writing, but storywrite.com has a best comment system that works very well. The author rates the comments on helpfulness, and it goes from there. Also, the length of the comment is taken into consideration. The comments that stories on storywrite.com get are never like YouTube comments because they are always coming from other authors, which isn't a bunch of idiots on YouTube.


Comment One: Awesome story

Comment Two: That was really good. Author's pick of "Best Comment"

Comment Three: I didn't like this story for a few reasons. I think that the plot was very clique, and I felt like this was like every other high school romance. Next, you had several spelling mistakes on words that are very easy to spell, which effects the overall quality of the story. I think that correcting those would make the story feel more professional. Actual "Best Comment"


Using the storywrite.com best comment system means that even if the author picked a positive comment over a good comment, the good comment would still win because of the length.

The Mortal Instruments on 10/30/2012 1:11:33 PM

Oh. My. Gosh!

I am absolutely in love with The Mortal Instruments Series! I think guys and girls alike will love them if they are into fantasy. They give Harry Potter a run for his money, for sure.


1. It's for both genders, but probably primarily for females just because of the more vivid descriptions on males. The storyline has two major plots: Valentine vs. Clary, which is action, and Jace and Clary, which is more romantic.


2. The writing is just great! It's clever, funny and very appealing to young adults.