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Curriculum development with emphasis on k-12 NGSS science standards. My stories are focused on biology and pathology that help guide kids to a better understanding of disease and the structure and function of organisms. The games are short with little plot and are intended to augment lesson plans. 

The best I can sum up my work is with this users rating comment after playing my game

"...serves it's purpose well enough that it doesn't deserve to be deleted"


Choose Your Disease

This game is sick! Have you ever heard of the 5 second rule? You know, where food is still ok to eat if you pick it back up off the floor within 5 seconds of dropping it. Well, here at Choose Your Disease (CYD), we preach the 5 minute rule. CYD is an alternate universe where people try to get sick with the nastiest, gnarliest diseases we can find and learn about the organisms along the way. Please only CYD within this universe...

do not eat things off the floor in your own universe.

Microbiology Diagnosis

A diagnostic study tool for microbiology. Based on the symptoms of each patient, you should only use the right tests for diagnosis without blowing your budget. Good luck!