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Hello, I'm MV. I'm still new so I'm still figuring things out, but I love writing and I love this site so maybe I can come up with something good. So anyways...about me, right? Well, there's not much to tell. Send me a message, maybe you can help me or I can help you ;)



You are in a small peasant village. You know nothing of the outside world. Your goal in life is to eat, sleep, and not get punished by the cruel soldiers. What are you going to do when soldiers come after you and you are given the chance of a lifetime to escape and maybe find freedom and a new life?

---------------------Author's notes--------------------

Some of the pages you'll die instantly unless you use a specific item. To get certain items, you have to get to a certain page. I'll give you an example: If you make it out of the forest, this guy will try to kill you. There is only one way to kill him, but you need a specific item you would've found in the forest.

Heeheeahahah and I-fergie14233- have worked hard on this, so we hope you enjoy this. It has been hard, but worth it because personally, I believe this is a magnificent piece of work, showing determination, love, and trust can bring you riches....along with some help from friends.

Finally, have fun with this!

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Runaway on 1/22/2011 11:54:44 AM

Eh, thanks!! It's nice someone wants to help.

I'll publish it so you can see how it looks so far....and then I guess I'll start editing again...

Runaway on 1/21/2011 2:35:23 PM

So I've been working ona story, I call it Runaway, though I might decide to change it later. I want some ideas on how to continue it, or ho to end it. I already wrote a bunch of pages. It starts as you living in a normal old village and you get in trouble one day. And guards start chasing after you. You meet a weird girl,she gives you an expensive scarf that will come in handy later in the and practically all paths lead to you having to run away into the woods and find a new life. A new life of riches. So I got as far as the main character running in the woods and being chased by soldiers and she's trying to survive while killing them one by one. This story also has some fantasy, not in the beginning but it will come later in the middle and end. I have ideas on what she has to do to survive in the woods and how to kill soldiers but I need ideas on wat kind of endings there should be.