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Imthechessking is a master of chess, the greatest of all time in fact, and has shown it by continuously destroying one of the creators of this site in head to head competition. Oh the joy to be a chessking!


Chess Master Stan!
Stan's just a young college kid who's pretty good at chess, but along comes the evil Alexis, an evil warlord who ridicules young stan for his lack of chess playing abilities.
Bring that evil warlord to his knees
(the following game is purely a work of fiction, any resemblance to real people or situations is purely coincidental)

Edit June 1, 2017. This was actually March making fun of alexp back in 2002. It's not a particularly serious story.

This will help us determine how to make a game!

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I JUST GOT THE MAGAZINE!!! on 5/22/2007 5:20:38 PM

I didn't get MY magazine yet... :(


polls don't sound so bad... on 11/5/2005 5:36:42 AM

re:Best Games Update on 3/11/2003 1:20:33 AM
What about happiness test?? it's such a cool original game??

re:More Myadventuregame points on 3/5/2003 4:40:57 AM
I beat it in the past, can I still get the points??
wicked game

re:Hints Inside! on 2/24/2003 12:32:28 PM
Thanks March!

WOW! 20 points! But that game is so hard! on 2/24/2003 12:27:40 PM
Hey I appreciate the offer for 20 free points, and would love to cash in on those, but I can't seem to beat the game. How about a hint??

Jurassic Fairview HINT! on 2/14/2003 8:12:42 AM
Hey guys, just thought everybody could use a hint on Jurassic Fairview Park. You need money in the game to get anywhere, and money comes in teh form of points. Well there's an area right in the beginning of the game if you deal with the guards correctly where you get A BOAT LOAD of cash. Then you can die and get that same pay off again. In otherwords, you may need to die a couple times to win! lol need more hints? just simply post them here, and good luck to all you. 20 points is a lot, but I've already beaten the game. bah!

re:Get your Vote in Now! on 2/11/2003 8:56:42 AM
Well my own game Chess Master Stan DESERVES to win, but not everyone loves that game as much as I do, so My vote is gonna go out so far for that The Bachelor Game. It's sweeet. I also like Finals week but a birdie told me that that game can't win.

re:So much for the pictures :/ on 2/11/2003 8:46:19 AM
Have you tried converting the pictures to GIF or JPG files? you can do this in microsoft photoshop pretty easily by just saving the file as type (blank)
This usually decreases the size of the file without reducing size of the picture or quality.
let me know if this helps

re:The new top 5 games on 11/30/2002 11:05:05 AM
Good List,
but i'd change it a little bit, I'd take out Blunder Brain Bob Baldwin and put in Chess Master Stan. Jurassic Fairview Might be past it's prime too... maybe not belong on the front page. Instead how about Insult Eminem by BinLaden, or Keep adventures in Lisa Land??