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The Search For The Craxil

A slew of terrible monsters reside in the various caves, tunnels, and plateaus that span the vast mountainside near your village. They are led by the Craxil, an unknown creature that seems to have command over the other creatures in the mountainside. The village has grown tired of the frequent attacks and has turned for help. A mage offered up a poison that can be used to kill the Craxil, but nobody in the village (yourself included) is strong enough to go out monster slaying. You are chosen for the job. Not because of your strength (which is nearly nonexistent) but because you are sneaky and they hope you will reach the Craxil without notice. Are they correct? Let's find out!


Game Description:  This is my first time creating a choose your own adventure, but I believe I have managed to bring this rather ambitous project to fruition on first try.  I took an interest in this site after playing "Magus: Betrayal", "Necromancer", "Order of the Midnight Sun", and "Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight" as well as many others.  I wanted to make it long in length but highly interactive at the same time so there will be a great many choices you will have to go through.  There are many ways to die but only two official endings (ending #2 being the "real" ending).  It should be noted that there are multiple different ways in which to reach either of the two endings as your path may branch away from the other possible paths (depending on your choices) only to merge with them later.  It should also be noted that the fate of your sister, as described in ending #2, may well be the subject for a future project.

Disclaimer:  For the sake of adding pictures, I pulled numerous pictures off of google images in the hopes of bringing this adventure to life.  However, I take NO credit whatsoever for the pictures contained within.  They are borrowed and that is all.  The story itself, was written by me.  Also, while this isn't extensively foul by any means, there are a few "naughty words" sprinkled in to emphasize certain feelings and situations.  If your mommy and daddy don't want any bad words to defile your virgin ears then do not play this game.


Thank you all for reading this and I hope you enjoy this game!

Leper: Aftermath Of The Craxil

This story takes place after "The Search For The Craxil", which arguably should be read prior to this.

You were once a thrall for the Craxil and made to be a carrier for a plague this being wanted to unleash as a prelude for invasion. With the death of the Craxil, you have regained your mind but remain a carrier for a deadly and highly contagious disease. After 2 years of isolation in the wild, yearning for human contact once more, you resolve to do whatever is necessary to rid yourself of this foul plague. In your journey you will have to investigate many leads and seek out many magical beings, famed alchemists, and fabled lands. This is a journey filled with both danger and false hope that will truly test the depth of your resolve. Will you free yourself of this affliction or remain a leper for the rest of your life?

Game Note: I am tremendously pleased with the success of "The Search For The Craxil" but sought to incorporate improvement ideas I saw in the comments when writing this piece. I hope this one comes out to be as good if not better as the last story I wrote.

Disclaimer: I have used images to help bring this story alive, but they come from google images and thus they are NOT my own. I do not claim the images I provide, only the story I wrote.

Recent Posts

Shameless Promoting on 5/8/2011 11:10:49 PM

Thank you all, I was ecstatic to see a player score of 7 out of 8 so far.  I am currently working on "Leper:  Aftermath of the Craxil" which follows the sister's quest to rid herself of the plague she carries.  Some very good points were brought up in the commentary for this game, mostly plot holes regarding the Craxil which I admit are pretty glaring.  I intend to make my next two projects substantially better than this one.  Still, for a first story it seems to have come out pretty good despite a few plot errors.

The Fantasy Contest on 5/7/2011 11:48:17 PM

I'm afraid I published this a few minutes prior to entering this contest so I don't have the "Fantasy Contest" tag on it.  Still, I appreciate that you count it anyway.  Thank you.

Shameless Promoting on 5/7/2011 10:23:19 PM

I'm still pretty new to this site, but I've loved choose your own adventure stories for as long as I can remember.  After reading stories on this site like "Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight", "Magus: Betrayal", and my favorite "Necromancer" I decided to join and write one of my own to contribute to this site.  It is my first story but I actually feel pretty damn good about it.  It's under Fantasy Adventure and is entitled "The Search For The Craxil".  Since its my first story I'm kind of eager to see it get read so I'm doing some shameless promoting for it right now lol.  I also entered it into that Fantasy story contest thing that's going on but hey... its published now.  You guys are awesome and I hope I can match your level of writing!

The Fantasy Contest on 5/7/2011 10:17:41 PM

Just a few minutes ago I published a game under the fantasy category entitled "The Search For The Craxil".  Since I literally just published it I don't think it has been viewed so I'd like to enter it into this contest.  It is my first story but I feel really good about it.