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I AM many things, but ego death has put those things in check. If one wishes to know who I am per the labels we attach to each other, then I would be a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a dancer, a musician, bloodline, defective, and broken.  I used to be lost in the dark.  I am not lost anymore.  I was built for the dark so that I could help others find their way out.  If I choose to look away and live in the light I am ignoring what goes on in the dark, and abandoning those that need us to see them. So I soldier on into the dark unknown. 



The Surprise!

High school student Scott Hendrick, has a secret that could ruin his life. He is fifteen years old and afraid of the dark.  He is invited to the party of the year and by the most popular girl in school. The party promises many moments in the dark with a hot girl, if he can face it.  Scott faces down his fear and gets more than he bargained for. 


I am republishing this story after making it a bit longer and giving it more branches.  Please let me know if I overlooked a page not linking correct or it does not flow cohesively.  Thanks guys.  Hope you like the story. 


The bathroom stall

The citizens of Arbor Glenn Falls  Pennsylvania do not talk about the fog or what is in it.  The town shuts down and it's inhabitants remain indoors when the fog rolls in.  No one has ever gone into the fog and returned to tell the tale.  Will  Alexandria be one of it's victims when  she is trapped  by the fog at her school, or will she make it out to warn others about what's in the fog?

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Red Storm Rising! on 6/20/2023 7:38:17 AM

There are so many narratives at this stage.  Of course, keeping in mind that triggering the public is utilized for brainwashing.  The lockdowns were perfect for such activities.  People were isolated at home and were interacting primarily thru the internet and watched too much television.  Then you add ASMR stimulus placed strategically to induce theta waves. Which of course makes one open to new programming, ideologies, etc.  Its brilliant really.  

Some people believe Putin is a rebel and the good guy.  Some believe America is the good guy.  Most think Ukraine is the victim.  I believe it's a game of look at the right hand so you don't see what the left hand is doing.   I think a huge part of it is about human trafficking for sex slaves, labor, and spare parts.   

Black, Female or Gay? on 1/14/2023 2:17:13 AM

I'll try and find the photos.  

Black, Female or Gay? on 1/14/2023 1:58:19 AM

Get off the gas?  I did.  My elevator still doesn't go all the way up.  I prefer to be called eccentric.  

Black, Female or Gay? on 5/18/2022 9:29:07 PM

This is sort of not the topic but recently I found something out that was a surprise. My family is American Indian. They all have black or brown hair, dark skin, and brown eyes, except for one great grandfather that was Irish.  I spent my childhood wondering if I was adopted. I was born  with white hair very white skin, and blue eyes. 

I was trying to trace my bloodline back to the Dawson roles. I was successful, but while on this quest, I also located a blood ancestor who is black.  He was a dancer in New York. 

I  am so white I glow in the dark, but here was a black man I look just like  excluding the color of skin.  My point is, we all are one in the end.  

The Crazy Psychic Chick's Dream on 4/27/2022 7:46:07 PM

I don't think I intended to.. I was pushing buttons and one ejected him out of this tube he was standing under.   Then there was applause.  It was like I was on a game show. 

The Crazy Psychic Chick's Dream on 4/26/2022 2:35:46 PM

I am a dreamwalker so, dreams are my domain.  However, I did recently have one that was humouros and very strange. 

I was in outerspace in a ship.  Suddenly a light came on in the corner of the ship, and there was a man standing there naked screamining at his penis.  However, the screaming seemed to be a happy screaming.  "WHOOP WHEEE WHEE WHOOP!" 

He was extremely excited about whatever was going on down there. I pushed a button and ejected him into space tho.  

Yes, I have been logged in a great deal.  I have been steady working on a story.  I am determined to finish it.  I have a habit of not completing things.  This is a character defect I am working to correct.  I also can get impatient, and rush thru the task toward the end, and the story suffers for this.  I make enough typos as it is.  My grammer is terrible. I intend to produce a story that reflects my best efforts.  

How are you?  The family is well I hope?   

Thoughts on progress on 3/23/2022 10:13:45 PM

Thank you for your time. 

Thoughts on progress on 3/23/2022 10:13:24 PM

Valid point. It lacks dimension or logic without a backstory behind why she is cleaning the bathrooms. 

Thoughts on progress on 3/23/2022 10:11:35 PM

Thank you. You were very helpful. You covered everything I was concerned about.  Visual cues are an issue but Grammer itself, I struggle with. You pointed out things I was not aware of and I learned from the information you provided. I would love hearing about your neck of the woods. Centralia is fascinating to me. It's sad that it happened but the fact that the town has to be evacuated and people lived in it for a time with the mines burning is interesting. Thank you again. You helped a great deal. 

Thoughts on progress on 3/23/2022 5:58:18 AM

Hi everyone. I am writing a story that I was wondering if a couple of people had the time to do a play through of what I have written so far. My Grammer is one of my weak points. I have been reading my work multiple times but I may still missing mistakes. 

I also wonder your thoughts on the progression of the story. Do you think it's advancing fast enough, or is it too slow, losing the interest of the reader. I worry I might be too descriptive, and the readers mind may wander if I am too long winded. 

A side note to my story is the inspiration for it.  I have had a run of bad luck with the pandemic. We lost our business. Currently, we do Uber eats and food dash trying to get back on our feet. However, we are homeless, living out of our car. Due to the current living situation and job, we travel all over the Dallas metroplex. I had to use the restroom one morning about 3am, so we pull into a very large gas station. I go inside, and this huge building is quiet without a soul in site. I didn't even see the clerk. I go into the bathroom, and notice when I shut the bathroom stall behind me, it looks banged up, like someone pried it open. I lock the lock on the handle, do my business, but when I try to leave the door won't open. I make sure it's unlocked and it won't budge. I start laughing reaching for my phone to call my husband to tell him I'm stuck in the bathroom stall, but then realize I left my phone in the car. I start to panic a little. The lights start to flicker. Now I am really hitting this door pushing and pulling trying to get it to open. I stop and quietly say, "please let me out."  I hear a soft click and the door swings open. I don't know if my feet even hit the ground. I darted out of there. 

When I told my husband, he told me about a delivery he made to a hotel next door. The doors wouldn't open. The front desk people had to pry it open to let him in.  The elevator was also broken as the doors would not open, so he had to use the stairs. 

That was part of what inspired this story. The town is based off of the infamous Centralia Pennsylvania where the coal mines have been burning since the 60's. 

Well, let me know your thoughts if anyone gets the time. 

Thanks I hope I linked it correctly.