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I AM many things, but ego death has put those things in check. If one wishes to know who I am per the labels we attach to each other, then I would be a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a dancer, a musician, bloodline, defective, and broken.  I used to be lost in the dark.  I am not lost anymore.  I was built for the dark so that I could help others find their way out.  If I choose to look away and live in the light I am ignoring what goes on in the dark, and abandoning those that need us to see them. So I soldier on into the dark unknown. 



The Surprise!

High school student Scott Hendrick, has a secret that could ruin his life. He is fifteen years old and afraid of the dark.  He is invited to the party of the year and by the most popular girl in school. The party promises many moments in the dark with a hot girl, if he can face it.  Scott faces down his fear and gets more than he bargained for. 


I am republishing this story after making it a bit longer and giving it more branches.  Please let me know if I overlooked a page not linking correct or it does not flow cohesively.  Thanks guys.  Hope you like the story. 


Darkness within

We all have duality to our souls. It is necessary and natural.

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Is beating children normal? on 6/11/2021 10:59:31 AM

I know you asked this 17 days ago, but I am still going to chime in.  My mother finally found a guy she thought was good for us by age five after we have been taken out of human trafficking.  He was a psychopath.  He did not remove his mask in front of her but did in front of me.  He beat me the first time when I was five.  He beat me so badly that I lost control of my bodily functions. I had open lacerations, and severe blood blisters  under the skin.  I showed my mother and she did nothing. 

Now explaining that, I will say that kids today call something a beating that isn't, and I become very offended by it because it is bullshit. 9 times out of ten when I follow up on the complaint and look into it further, they were not beat.  they recieved a swat, this is not a beating. 

I beating breaks bones.   A beating leaves open wounds and blood blisters.  A spanking is not a beating. If one recieves a swat for doing something dangerous. They are not being beat. 

no beating children is not normal. I just wanted to clarify what a beating was. 

Tense situation with an Angel on 6/11/2021 10:49:05 AM

I think it is really good.  You have seen the shadow man with a hat haven't you?  Have you seen shadow people around you often.  By now you know they only observe.  As far as angles, you got the personality correct.  They do not understand this world. They are quick to judge and quick to deal out the damage if they are crossed.  They are usually men, but on occasion we run into a female, but the females are usually fallen.  So you have it all correct.  Have you met that angel you speak of dove?  If not, let me say your details are amazingly accurate. your doing well in my view. 

Facebook is a Child Sex Ring on 6/11/2021 10:25:25 AM

Thanks. I will pass.  Just interested in things that lead to getting kids out of trafficking. thanks anyway. 

Facebook is a Child Sex Ring on 6/11/2021 9:06:51 AM

I did not keep them.  I reported them as soon as I found them.  Facebook are pieces of crap.  The police and facebook advise to report to facebook first and they will contact the authorities.  Well that did not happen.  So I posted the information and made it go viral I called the police and requested that everyone else do so as well. They did so.  It blew up their phones. I did what I could  I would have gone where ever they are and saved them myself if  I could have. Trust me,  I do not sleep over this quite often. I figure if there is a kid out there suffering, why am I sleeping.  I should be doing something. So I search for them all the time.  That is what the heart project does.  We search for the missing and we neve stop trying to find them. 

Facebook is a Child Sex Ring on 6/11/2021 9:02:19 AM

Okay I will remember that. good tip. thanks End.  Missed your dark humor my friend.  I will simply say thank you. 

Facebook is a Child Sex Ring on 6/11/2021 8:57:44 AM

she was looking up bagets, and made a typo and put in [email protected] instead.  this is how she found what was hidden in plain site. What about what you referenced. i need to search it and i will find human trafficking?

Facebook is a Child Sex Ring on 6/11/2021 8:45:15 AM

we did call the police dove.  When i posted the information, i provided the hotline numbers to report, which one of them was the police.  one was the information to report to facebook so they could not say we did not alert them to the issue, and i also posted the hotline number to missing and exploited children.  I was abducted when I was four and sold into human trafficking.  This is a hot button for me. I will never stop fighting.  When the detective came out he was surprised when I just told him up front every thing that happened.  I asked if I was going to jail, he said no, he wished more people would fight.  I told him what happened to me. and told him that task force saved me.  There are good cops out there.  I thanked him for what he does, and told him it mattered because I was one of the one's they saved. I thanked him for saving my life, because I never could tell the officers that saved me that. He changed his mind about quitting then.  He said keep up the fight.  He had a warrant to go thru all my stuff on facebook, and I had nothing to hide.. he was impressed with the what I am doing.  I have a group called, the heart project. The whole point of it is to be aware, and put a stop to this.  There are kids out there that are praying someone will save them from the nightmare they are in. As long as their are still kids being sold, I will be looking for them, and I will be fighting to get them out.  One of the problems we keep running into is a great deal of it is going on in other countries where our authorities have no say.. so if you get on a browser that comes out of another country, they won't do anything.  I have reported stuff over and over. I am told by our authorities, they have no jurisdiction. So this is my current road block.  I am trying to figure out how to get past that issue.  Get to those kids, and get them out. I lose a great deal of sleep over it sometimes..  They used to give us a pink medicine to make us sleepy, and not mind so much.. they overdosed me and had to get me help.  Mom  got to me then they got her... then mom ran twice with me.  The first time they caught us and a man named turtle beat her up really bad in front of me to teach us both a lesson. broke her ribs and her ankle.  so we waited for another chance.. when it came we ran and ran.. I remember running.  A friend offered to let us stay with her, but it was a trap.  Task force broke cover to get us out. I am here today because of those officers.  I know everyone bashes the police but there are some good cops that deserve respect and recognition, and not to be spit on, and treated so awful. Apologies, that was long winded.  Thanks for listening. 

Facebook is a Child Sex Ring on 6/9/2021 6:53:06 AM

what I found, was beyond disgusting. A women had used a hashtag looking for something and typed it incorrectly which led to her accidently stumbling onto part of what i found.  it was very graphic images and videos of children.   All under the age of 12 at least. So, I reported it to facebook with no action on their part.  I did some investigating of my own and began hunting hashtags that might be hiding some of these things and found many.  Again, I reported to facebook. They took zero action. I finally created a post identifying the hashtags and what was present. I provided the hotline number for missing and exploited children, and the link to report to facebook.  I knew when I did this, I would likely be deleted, as well as the possibility of going to jail for posting the hashtags and information.  I figured I was willing to take the chance.  One for many in my book was a logical equation if I was the one. So, the post went viral.  It blew up with in an hours time.  within 24 hours my account was deleted. I am not able to even access facebook from my phone.  I am black listed.  I created a new account and can on my desktop. I am surprised they let it remain.  

About  a month ago a detective showed up here.  He said that he had gotten information that I was connected to child pornography.  I stopped him in his tracks. I told him that I was going to tell him what happened.  He did not have to go into trying to pry anything out of me.  He listened patiently and when I was done. He asked me to send all the links and information i had saved on it.  I had done so as I expected to hear from the police. I thanked him for doing the job he does every day.  He said that he was considering getting out of it because it was really beginning to wear him down. He went after child traffickers every day.  He said the stuff he sees is mind blowing and what i found was only the tip of the ice burg. 

so, he cleared me of all wrong doing.  He thanked me for what I did take action on. 

I am of the same opinion about good old Mark.  He is up to his eyeballs in human trafficking.  Especially involving children.  The solution in my view, is to find the demand and deal with it there. No demand, no  market.  however, that is in a ideal world and it will never be ideal.  

Facebook is a Child Sex Ring on 6/8/2021 12:33:15 AM

I am glad I could shine things up then

Facebook is a Child Sex Ring on 6/8/2021 12:31:17 AM

Well I am glad to make your day full of joy.