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In School Suspension

Well good going, you just couldn't keep your cellphone away yesterday and you wound up in ISS (in school suspension). The good old days of being sent home to your video games are over; you're going to sit in room with your high school's degenerates for seven hours and suffer. Unless...

Bloodscent - A Sailor's Journey

Your world is one of vast oceans shining blue in the sunlight and stained red in the aftermath of battle - and in your world, war is inescapable. You were born in the Republic of Talyn, an island city-state and republic in name only where the elite few rule with an iron fist. But you did not win the lottery of birth and you were not born privileged. You did what you had to in order to survive as a young teen alone on the streets, but the one time you couldn't outrun the city watch was enough to change your life forever.

The choice was given to you: execution, or service in the armed forces. And since a high chance of death seemed better than guaranteed death, you now find yourself aboard the flagship of the Republic's First Armada - Bloodscent. You're off to war, to destroy the Merchant's Guild, a confederate government of the outlying islands who resist the Republic's hegemony, and the fierce brigands of pirates who strike when both sides are weary from battle. But you're about to discover that you're much more than an ordinary sailor, and you're about to be given a chance to take control of your fate.