Secrets of the popularity of fruit machines

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We all know that fruits are very useful for the human body, because they saturate it with important vitamins. But why are they so popular in online casinos? Apparently, their useful properties extend to slot machines, and they give players a lot more winnings.

Assortment of fruit machines


Most of all juicy fruits are present on the reels of slot machines as you can find on of the famous developer Gaminator. His handiwork is such one-armed bandits:


  • Bananas go Bahamas;

  • Fruits'n Royals;

  • Fruit Sensation;

  • Xtra Hot Deluxe;

  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe.

All of them are filled with vivid images of oranges, watermelons, lemons, cherries, plums, grapes, etc. Already drooling began to flow ... Most likely, precisely because of their colorfulness and attractiveness, they so attract gamblers.

It is worth noting that, for the most part, fruit slots are classic one-armed bandits, there are no bonus rounds or free spins, only special symbols and games for doubling. But despite this, they do not cease to hold their positions in the top of popular online devices.



Cocktails are always in fashion


In them, three or more images of strawberries start bonus games in which you need to collect matching signs. So you can increase your bet from x2 to x100 times.

The Mega Jack provider also did not bypass this theme, and in its development Slot-o-Pol there are fruit symbols, including a cocktail. Although special signs are very different images, such as the wheel of fortune, the dollar and yeshki.

We have listed far from all emulators in which delicious fruits are found, because there are really a lot of them. These slot machines may have a completely different basic theme, but they will include one or two images of a cherry, a banana, etc. A prime example is the free Monkey slot machine, in which themed pictures are complemented by fruits and create a wonderful combination.

The conclusion suggests itself: fruit is a classic of the genre. They add color to the game process, refresh it and delight the eyes of the players. Fruit Slots - the choice of our website visitors! If you are not yet in the subject, we recommend that you get acquainted with the most popular representatives of this trend: Strawberry Slots, Bananas in the Bahamas and Fruit Sensation.


What secrets are hidden by slot machines


Fascinating eye-catching pictures, high-quality drawing of symbols and a wealth of exciting plots ... Slot machines have reached the level when players plunge headlong into the virtual world and find their favorite heroes on the slots screens.

For many, playing slot machines is an outlet, a way to get new bright emotions, which, unfortunately, they cannot experience in everyday life. It's great that one-armed bandits bring a lot of pleasure to so many people, but their main task is to give winnings. Then you can practice a lot and develop an effective strategy.

How to beat online slots? Not everyone can answer this question. Today we will try to reveal the main secrets of slot machines that will help you win more. Throw away the trial and error method, the advice of friends, but rather refer to the experience of professional players who have achieved a lot.


A clear strategy

You won't get anything good by cheating! A well-thought-out strategy is needed here, as well as the interaction of logic and intuition. But first, select a certain number of lines that will be involved in the spins and the amount of the bet. By analyzing the wins and losses on certain lines, you can calculate which line and when it is best to bet.

Of course, slot machines are programmed to make a profit, and they only give out a certain percentage of the investments of all players. But this percentage in a particular gaming session can be a great income for the average player.


Don't pick "favorites"

Some gamers rely on one device and are constantly investing in it. Even if a long streak of failures has gone, they do not cheat on their chosen one. It is not right! You need to develop a system for yourself: after ten unsuccessful spins, change the number of lines, the amount of the bet or the slot itself. The program distributes winnings across all machines within one online casino.

The same applies to winning spins. You got a good profit for a few successful spins - pause, do not start pressing the "Start" button thoughtlessly in the hope of even more luck. It comes to judicious players.


The machine will tell you when to stop

No matter how much the game takes you, it cannot last forever. The device itself sometimes gives the players hints when to finish the game and leave with a win. Pay more attention to the frequency with which the machine gives out winnings. If you notice that the slot does not increase your bet for a long time, think about ending the session.


Of course, there are no unambiguously correct and effective ways of playing, and there cannot be, because no one knows the algorithm of operation of slot machines. Our recommendations can only increase your chances of winning.


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