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Story Difficulty5/8

"run through the jungle"

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"So short yo' momma thought it was a recipe"

Maturity Level2/8

"choking hazard for children under 4"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 6. To compare to the movie rating system, this would be G.

Sorry, I've been really sick for almost the whole winter brake, and I didn't feel like writing. And I still don't... so I haven't updated the game. And I thought that if I won't update the game, why keep in un published

If you find any (or have ideas about the game) PM me. Also, this game will continue only if people like it...there's no reason to continue it if no-one likes it

Listen up, soldiers, my name is General Kenneth, and I am going to teach you the basics of tactical combat!
Hop on into this newest high-tech simulator, which has everything you need to become a master tactician!
This is my first storygame, so don't expect much. At the start of each chapter you get troops and a couple of flanks to defend (I am going to 3 for this example). You have to place 1 troop on each flank, depending on what you think is the best place to put them (example: you put the tanks where you'll get the biggest amount of enemies coming right at you) That's it in the nutshell. If I add anything new, I will tell you about it in the game.

Sorry if this game is bad, it is a quick side project.

Thank you for the understanding.

Player Comments

I can't help but feel that there's plenty to be desired here from this storygame. I ran into numerous typos while reading and I feel that some more proofreading would have went a long way in making this a better overall presentation. It really did feel a bit incomplete in some areas because of the lack of strong writing in this simulator, the writing could've been a bit more descriptive, because it really leaves a bit of a "bare bones" like feeling in the lack of story elements, polish, and some rather odd typos that don't really help with this story's presentation.

Also the Assassin creed elements could've possibly been explained in the description. I mean, the mixture of fanfic elements weren't terrible, but I do feel that such things should be given to the reader as fair warning to those that may not be very famialrized with the games or lore of the series.

I do think that if some of the issues were fixed, this wouldn't be a bad strategy simulator at all, but as it stands there are some things that keep me from being able to truly enjoy what is present in this game.

I do still like the effort that was shown here at least, so good work.
-- TharaApples on 5/11/2017 12:00:13 PM with a score of 0
Haha it's always reassuring to read four apologies for the quality of the game in the introduction :D As it is you have a brilliant concept here but I am not sure if it can be implemented the way you want it to be. A few details in the execution like the spelling and the fact that by definition an army only has two flanks (the centre is called "the centre") but the main question is whether the system works or not, I think rather than just say "oh no the enemy broke through" it would be better if when you use one unit in one part of the battlefield and it either succeeds or fails this creates two options for the next stage of the battle, with only three units this only equals about 7-8 pages per battle which is very doable and possibly more logical than the item use. Also if you want historical accuracy there were not many assassin units deployed in the American Revolution, if you want fantasy then sure go all out but it seems weird to have a sort of combination of the two. Top marks for using the item feature in an original way but like you said the execution leaves much to be desired and the system needs tweaking, I think an action-two possible effects repeated two or three times per battle would be more effective, it might not even require the item feature. 5/8.
-- Will11 on 1/9/2015 3:14:53 AM with a score of 0
very fun game!!!
-- Masterkiller5000 on 10/8/2019 2:42:40 PM with a score of 0
Quick game, exercises my brain for a break from watching YouTube all day. Mild difficulty, personally, but I found myself winning these battles with ease.
-- Person on 9/15/2018 11:07:25 PM with a score of 0
If you are sorry that this game sucks, then do not publish it.
-- Jimmysutton on 4/7/2016 3:06:59 PM with a score of 0
I died in Vietnam
-- Sir Tacoman on 3/4/2015 8:55:16 AM with a score of 0
It wasn't bad, and strategy is always interesting, however it was kind of glitchy and in some places, broken. Changing answers, for example, was outright impossible.
-- FazzTheMan on 1/11/2015 10:59:41 PM with a score of 0
Okay, I am adding another 2 Chapters in Tuesday... so if you want to play, do it now.
@WarriorCatsRPStories Killing Hitler will be one of the bonus missions for sure
@Deathdefender Thank you! I though it would be really bad
-- GrottyStatute74 on 1/10/2015 5:03:28 PM with a score of 0
It is really good!
-- Deathdefender on 1/9/2015 10:11:44 PM with a score of 0
Mwuhahah. I would have loved to kill Hitler myself.

Personal note: I should start trying to train my fat fingers to type on a 3G iPhone. I just suck at it!!!
-- WarriorCatsRPStories on 1/9/2015 4:24:28 PM with a score of 0
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