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jarvan has a total of 206 Experience Points. Following is recent point activity.
12/31/202115Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/31/202015Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/31/201915Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/31/201815Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/31/201715Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/31/201615Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/31/201515Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/31/201415Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/31/201315Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/31/201215Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/31/201115Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
11/12/20111Rate Game Zombie Story
11/11/20111Rate Game Skipping School
11/11/20111Daily Point
11/11/2011-10Admin. Penalty - Trolling
11/11/20111Rate Game Tales From The Basement
11/10/20111Rate Game Everlasting Darkness
11/3/20111Rate Game The Murdering Midget!!
11/2/20115Publish Game The Reaper
11/2/20112Win Duel Toggle
11/2/2011-1Duel Escrow Toggle
11/2/20111Rate Game Highschool
11/2/20114Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
11/2/2011-2Duel Escrow Rock Paper Scissors
11/1/20111Rate Game Reckless Young Man
10/30/20111Rate Game High School Romance
10/30/20111Rate Game The Drugs Wouldn't Stop The Nightmares, Chapter One.
10/30/20114Win Duel RPS
10/30/2011-2Duel Escrow RPS
10/30/20114Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
10/30/2011-2Duel Escrow Rock Paper Scissors
10/30/20111Rate Game A Day in Hell
10/30/20111Rate Game Fireteam
10/29/20111Rate Game Eternal
10/29/20111Rate Game Repression
10/29/20114Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
10/29/2011-2Duel Escrow Rock Paper Scissors
10/29/20111Rate Game Orpheus
10/29/20111Rate Game 331 Oakmount Drive
10/28/20111Rate Game Homo Perfectus
10/28/20111Rate Game Haunted
10/26/20111Rate Game Zombieland
10/25/20113Create Game The Reaper
10/25/201115Create Account