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One of many lurkers of CYS. I still can't believe this place is free of charge! =)

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A first try, an 'another world' style of story. Character's background is the modern world, but ends up in a fantasy style one. Loosely based on a combination of books, computer games, stories, history and whatnot.

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Annexed: A spot for My story stuff. on 11/24/2009 5:05:06 AM

First off, cheers =)

Swap the words.. check. Jumpy writing, yea that's my downfall at most times, in my mind its like "sure that sounds followable..  " then I reread and wonder, what the heck. Will snip and cut and glue stuff together and try to improve.

And this first page was indeed suppose to be just that, a day in the life, then roughly interupted on page 2 and 3. (which will have a bit less text) Figured I could give some hints on what was going to happen on the first page, but that would be a bit too early in my opinion. I posted it with a couple of different links but most of them would lead to the same event, but you would spend your time differently so you'd have some variation in reading.

hrrm.. reckon I should hook them on page one then..

Simply, Hi! on 11/23/2009 6:23:48 PM

We had a home brew scifi game as well a bit back. Sort of like, design a character with sci-like skills and roll for starting gear and such. I turned into a pilot of sorts, started with a crappy shuttle. Did some cargo hauling, trading, planet side missions, etc. Make some cash, get some nicer gear, outfit my shuttle with some improvements, took on more crew. That sort of thing.

Or were you thinking of something more grander scale, or perhaps not in space but only a sci fi setting?

Annexed: A spot for My story stuff. on 11/23/2009 3:18:29 PM

I see the formatting is a bit messed up btw, should be two spaces between each blob of text, for readabilty.

Annexed: A spot for My story stuff. on 11/23/2009 3:11:19 PM


Yea, so I claimed this part of the forum, what you wanna fight about it? *Ominous gangster handsign*

Anyhow, I felt like writing something so I wrote a page, my first one on the site. I've got some thoughts on tying a story to it but would like some input on it, length, detail, sentence structure, word choice, etc. I'm just testing out a good/my way to write, this is my first. Would be much appreciated =)



"Purple haze all in my brain... Lately things just don't seem the same ... Actin' funny, but I don't know why... Scuse me while I kiss the sky... "

You notice you were bopping your head along with Jimi Hendrix, mumbling the words mutely as you stared at the monitor in front of you, its bright light irritating your bloodshot eyes. It's been a regular day for you, took the bus to your school this morning, piss annoyed because you forgot about some course you applied for to get some points. Normally this wouldn't be a biggie, a few years past your twenties and nearly all of those in school, you’re used to snaking your way through each semester. You’re devious like that. But now you were pissed, this course made you get up early and you had the day off due to some ill teacher or whatever. So not the usual lectures about the classic Greeks or Hitler’s Third Reich but instead a coaching course, like those lessons last year weren't enough. Which you passed of course, being devious like that.

It had been shitty weather all day, gray and bleary, with nothing but water pouring down the sky and wind messing up your damn umbrella. Why even bother, keeps you dry for a bit until it decides to just slam inside out and bust some spokes, not only failing in doing its damn job of keeping you dry but also making you look like an ass in public. Anyway, you fulfilled your educational duty and made your way back home. None of your mates were out, figures, so you decided to spend an evening behind the pc and game away.

20:37 PM.

You had some dinner with your parents and plopped yourself before your desk, cluttered with all manners of crap, ranging from empty cups and cigarrete packs to schoolbooks and a pocketknife. After a round of sum' good ole Counter Strike and the first part of the latest action movie you downloaded you decide now was as good a time to get stoned as any, you rolled one up with practiced ease and slipped outside. A good deal less surefooted than before you found your way back to your gaming rig and played a bit of the latest RPG. Now you’re bopping along with Jimi Hendrix, stoned buzz in your head and a mouth dry as the cups in front of you, eyes stingy and red. All the classic signs were there, you were sure feeling them.

You figure you could go and start doing something else, if you wanted to of course.

1. Leave your room and get something to drink.

2. Game away!

3. Why stop? Keep bopping and don’t stop the music!

4. Did I hear something about getting stoned?

Simply, Hi! on 11/23/2009 10:23:19 AM

Ahh alrighty, misunderstood. Well I fear participating will be rather difficult then, but who knows, if I ever find myself online at those hours I will most certainly let ya'll know!

The gauntlet II. Make weapon bug. on 11/23/2009 9:58:24 AM
Wasn't sure if this is the proper part of the forum but the Bugs and problems part seemed to be more about the Website and Editor. Anyhow, in the gauntlet I got the vine, stick and rock. At this point I get a new link 'make weapon', it asks me if I got the before mentioned items, I click 'yes' and then I get some bad page with 'go back' and 'restart' links, neither work! Is this fixable or should I just avoid it(and ignore the items)

Simply, Hi! on 11/22/2009 12:04:56 PM
oh and crap, one of my posts got bumped up. 3J. "We generally play at 5 PM my time which would be 1 AM your time." Actually, if you meant you live in london (which as far as I know is like, the UK.. riiight?) then 5pm your time would be 6pm my time. =) What your describing is american uhm.. east time I think. (6 hour difference)

Simply, Hi! on 11/22/2009 12:02:35 PM
Btw, 3J. "We generally play at 5 PM my time which would be 1 AM your time." Actually, if you meant you live in london (which as far as I know is like, the UK.. riiight?) then 5pm your time would be 6pm my time. =)

Simply, Hi! on 11/22/2009 12:00:12 PM
hey guys, I'm at my GM'n friends place and willing to try out the DnD. I'm still a bit confused about the times though. At the moment its 18:00 here. (6pm)

Simply, Hi! on 11/21/2009 8:27:03 AM

Oh i'm pretty sure we can iron out any difficulties we encounter, a little flexibility and improv comes a long way =) Saturday evening probably not as that's usually taken, but heck rarely anything sunday evening. So doing some cool DnD'ing is more than an option for me.