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October Co-Author Spooky Story Contest

Posted 9/19/2016 by Bucky
The groundwork has been laid, so I figured I would go ahead and post the announcement now.

October Co-Author Spooky Story Contest

Deadline: October 30, 2016 at 13:01 Eastern Time

Theme: Spooky & Horror

Format: CYOA

Special Requirements: Collaborate with a co-author. (One co-author only.)

Prize: A featured slot in the Horror section. *Provided the winner is of adequate quality.

Judging: A panel of site administrators shall judge the entries.

The rules and theme are pretty straightforward. In celebration of Halloween, find a co-author of your choosing to collaborate and write a Spooky & Horror themed CYOA by the deadline. Because, you know, it's dangerous to go trick-or-treating alone.

As long as your story meets site content standards and fits into the Horror category, you can take this any route you like. However, I'm going to highly discourage zombie entries. We already have two very well written & featured zombie stories on the site. It'd be nice to get some variety.

Keeping an open communication channel with your co-author will be important to your success. Personally, I recommend each team collaborate on an overarching concept, agree on a mutually acceptable opening page, and then writing two entirely separate branches of the story. Think of the divergence in the Struggle, Die, and Beg paths of Eternal. This will allow you to write a large story in the limited amount of time while avoiding problems such as style & tone shifts and consistency errors.

Secondary rewards MAY include point prizes and a contest trophy for the winner. The secondary rewards are not set in stone, and the overall participation, effort and quality of the entries will influence them accordingly.

Post in here to express interest. This may help you find a co-author if you are having difficulty in finding one. If you have continual problems finding a co-author, PM me, and I will see what I can do to help find someone to collaborate with you.

Both parties, please shoot me a PM when you confirm your co-author.

In order to encourage teamwork and planning, I'll be opening a thread in the Writing Workshop. I strongly encourage all participants to post a synopsis of their story and character bios for your primary characters in that thread by September 30th. Hopefully, this will keep the teams on track as well.

If you have any additional questions, ask away.

Killa and Endmaster are now mods

Posted 9/10/2016 by JJJ-thebanisher

Congratulations to Killa_Robot and Endmaster on their recent promotions. Both members have storied histories on the website and will no doubt serve as excellent administrators.