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I made a game! Opinions?

9 days ago

Like, an actual game game thingy. With sprites and arrow keys and buttons to press. This is my final project in my Game Design class.
So yeah. Lemme know if there's anything else. The link there should work. My friend used it and is playtesting it now. 
There is a small bit of sound in it. So beware. I was planning on adding background music too, but I didn't have enough time. 

I've also been thinking about converting it to a cys story here, because then there'd be the ability to have a lot more options. I don't know how I would do the explore bit though. 

Altogether: I spent almost 2 months on this? If I did my calculations correct, then I spent around 200 hours on this thing. Which is pretty.... disappointing, given how short it is, and that it's still buggy. 

I made a game! Opinions?

9 days ago


I will be updating it as bugs come along. 

Annoyances/bugs I've noticed since the last time I've been able to work on it: 

-The textbox moves a little bit frequently
-Somewhere, there's a word or two that gets cut off
-For the second character set, under the explore option, they're switched
-I just realized the green text at the end is annoying too. Too light. 
-Apparently if you kill Morice, Ralph dies instead? I'll have to look into that more. 
-Okay, fuck. Turns out that there's something wrong with the summary at the end, and will only show the same thing no matter who dies. 

I will be working on it more tomorrow, so I'll (hopefully) be able to fix the bugs then. 

Didn't realize the bug about the summary, otherwise I wouldn't have posted it yet.

I made a game! Opinions?

9 days ago

Killed the mom. She didn't really seem to have any identity of her own, and it's pretty clear that her house is empty because she went insane and suffocated them all to death. You can tell because all the fucked up furniture is kind of a sign of a fight, and there's a face imprint on the pillow. She made the bear watch too. What an asshole!

This next one was a hard pick. The art dweeb was a little bit annoying and pretentious-sounding for my tastes, but the pregnant prostitute gave me the rare opportunity to end two lives at once. I ended up choosing Ralph, because in sort of a "Seventh Seal" way I opted to say his name three times fast and succeeded. I won, he died, let's move on.

Stupid kid couldn't even pronounce words. The doctor was going to save lives. Now, I'm a psychopathic locust swarm who rounds people up and makes them beg for their lives, so presumably I want to kill the most people. But I'm also probably easily annoyed. Catharsis wins out over efficacy, I guess. I'll probably get to all those people whose lives were saved sooner or later.


Garreth died. What the hell!? I wanted to kill the mom!

Whatshisface wasn't all that special, and he didn't know how to install an air conditioner. She'll get over it. Either way, I also made a kid and a hooker very sad since neither one presumably wanted the other to exist, so hey, I'm sure that'll get my serial killing bug cloud rocks off.

WHAT THE FUCK, GAME!? I told you to push the toddler down the stairs, not the black guy! I suppose it's a win-win anyway, since not only do I get to postpone life-saving research, but the kid's life is completely fucked up, and it's not like homeless children survive that well. There's a silver lining in every cloud!

All in all, it's bad at interpretting commands, and I don't know why I'm constantly hearing the sounds of Daft Punk slam-dunking snare drums into Niagra Falls from really far away, but I guess that's all part of the atmosphere. I give it a 4 outtaten. Could use some polish.

I made a game! Opinions?

9 days ago

I mentioned in the list of bugs that there's apparently something is fucked with the summary because it'll only display that one no matter who you kill. I wrote endings for all the other people and thought I programed it properly, but I guess not. It'll be fixed tomorrow. 

Kill mom: She dies from some sort of lung thing. Garreth goes on to be a lonely depressed loner. 

Kill kid: Kid dies from being sick from the black mold in the house, whether he was raised by his mother or his father. Ralph makes his breakthrough half a month late but saves people anyway.

I made a game! Opinions?

8 days ago

wtf is this and is it supposed to happen?

I made a game! Opinions?

8 days ago

It's some message in Webdings, and then morse code or some shit, also in webdings. I can't remember what exactly it was. When I put it in, I'd gotten like, 2 hours of sleep the night before and my computer class is early in the morning. But yeah, that's supposed to be there. Some sort of extra tidbit for those willing to actually look it up. 

It originally was something in plain english along the lines of "I'm glitching over the text box. I'm not supposed to break the fourth wall? Oh. Sorry."

But then I'm like "naaaaahhhhh that's too boring let's make it random gibberish instead. except it's not gibberish."

Edit: I think the message might be somewhere along the lines of "I'm the memory of the past" 
still no clue what that morse code thing is.

Edit2: Morse code I think is "This isn't right. What's happening?", referring to the glitchiness of the thing.