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27 days ago

Post my tasks here for those in discord 



CYS Biographies

27 days ago
Digit has always thought that living was a large part of his life. He was born at an incredibly young age and has unfortunately continued to be alive since then.

CYS Biographies

26 days ago


He is alone
He is alone
He lacks a friend
He lacks a home
And being hungry
Lacks a bone
As from today
He's but a stray
He has no place
Where he can stay
He's but a dog
A lonely dog
Unwanted stray
- Ozoni

Joining on the 9th of March, 2019, Ozoni has officially joined CYS in the late spring migration, the special time of the year where CYS receives newbies from all over the place - some with potential, others not even worth the energy it would take to type out their names. Luckily, Ozoni was part of the former group, and started actively following the forums shortly after he joined the site. Alongside the site, Ozoni has also joined the official Discord server for CYS, where he is also regularly active.

   The first post he made - an introductory post regular to all newcomers - stood out amongst all of the other introductory posts made during that time. The reason, however, is more than mere luck - Ozoni has immediately made clear that he is serious about writing and that he is also serious about being a model member of CYS by asking questions about planning out stories, topics considered taboo by CYS standards, and also apparently whether getting dead drunk at 17 is normal (a question I will abstain from answering).

   Having gained a general understanding on how people behave on CYS, he ventured out into the rest of the forums, generally adding to the conversations he entered, rarely leaving without saying anything productive and relevant to the topic on hand.

   He has also achieved some things many members - even the ones before him haven’t achieved, such as successfully overthrowing the rule of the Challenger of Noobs and taking his title. It is still unknown whether Ozoni intends to keep his status as the Challenger of Noobs - Either way, a quick duel will decide that, but I digress. Furthermore, he has created a contest that has successfully attracted 11 contestants and someone of great influence to oversee the event. The contest, which is to write a five hundred to one thousand word short story, is still currently going on at the time of writing and submitting.

   Ozoni’s childhood (Ozoni, you might want to skip the next 500 words!) was not unlike that of many other Australian children, and he has certainly faced many of the hardships his peers faced, like the painfully long kangaroo rides and the constant attacks by animals that may as well be alien. When Ozoni was 2, he was nearly attacked by an infested bunch of bananas containing some of the deadliest spiders in the world. Luckily, he was saved by a pack of wild dingos, which have taken Ozoni in despite not being a dingo. Spending much of his childhood being raised by dingos, Ozoni learned many of the skills that his outback peers learned, like crocodile wrangling, tying jellyfish tentacle knots, and sloth racing. However, Ozoni still realize that the pack was not where he was destined to be, so on one cold June night, he packed up several jars of Vegemite and boarded a raft, headed for a different part of the land down under. The next few months of reintegrating into society has not been easy, but he was taught well by the dingos, and he soon discovered his talent for writing.

   However, Ozoni was not out of trouble just yet. Attracted by his scent (which, considering he lived with a pack of dingos for many years must not of been very pleasant), a great quantity of dropbears has arrived while he was settling into his new home. Despite hiding in the pouch of a kangaroo which was conveniently hidden in a crocodile’s mouth, the dropbears made quick work of tracking Ozoni down, and a grand battle ensued.

   Even with Ozoni’s training and Australian instinct, the dropbears were a really tough crowd, and most unfortunately, they have claimed all of his fingers except for his thumbs, which miraculously remained intact.

Having to carry the burdens of having nearly no fingers, Ozoni resorted to alcohol and Vegemite. Whenever Ozoni was sick of having only two fingers, all he had to do was to either take a swig or to make himself a Vegemite sandwich. Alas, the latter was more expensive on the long run, so he resorted primarily to alcohol, and all was well. That was, until he heard of a site called CYS, a place where he can channel his skill in writing. So he made an account and introduced himself. He asked a few questions, but amongst them was one fateful question:

“Is it normal to get black-out drunk at the tender age of 17?” he asked the population of CYS, and he got several answers, although one stood out more than the others:

“Only if you are Irish.”…

After finishing the bottle he was carrying with his two thumbs, he has decided that while it was impossible to spontaneously become Irish, he might possible find a loophole if he had Irish blood. So he searched far and wide, looking for a suitable person to steal blood from, to justify his drinking and Vegemite habits - even if the latter is solely due to his Australian blood. After a while of searching he has found one ideal target, a man who looked like a failure at first glance, in the process of failing miserably against a new person - although the new guy was failing even worse. Ozoni, having found his target, approaches the chaos that was a duel, ending in failure for both sides.

“You are a disgrace,” A stern short elf scolds the kneeling person, “Penalized. The other guy was banned. How do you lose against the likes of him?!” the elf demands, still chastising the new guy. Ozoni watches as the man pulls out a flask - yes, a flask - and takes a swig. Just like a true Irishman! A suitable target!

“Hey Ozoni,” the elf addresses Ozoni. He turns to face her, but is surprised at her next words. “You are the new challenger of the noobs.”

*Note: This is kind of why I do not write when I am hopelessly tired. I will try to make a better slightly less offensive one once I get some sleep. Please do not reply to this, this is quite an embarrassing post to edit lock,*

CYS Biographies

26 days ago

Unfortunately this is actually my life story.

Edit locked ;)

CYS Biographies

26 days ago

Bio for The_Broken_God. I know it’s shit but I had to meet the 1000 word requirement. 

On April 12, 2019, The_Broken_God (TBG) joined CYS. Immediately after creating his account, he began to write a storygame which he titled “Bake That Pie.” He then proceeded to not log in for the next two days. After finally logging back in, TBG began to gamble all of his points away by dueling Cysid in RPS. This lasted for a couple of days, where he constantly would lose all of his points, rate stories to earn points back, and then lose them all again to dueling. In the middle of this process, “Bake That Pie” was published, unpublished, published again, and then finally deleted. This led to some confusion, and caused mizal to send him a message asking what had been going on. Is was around this time that TBG created another storygame, titled “Don’t Get Banned.” This was centered around being a noob on CYS, and attempting not to get banned in the process. This story was a flop, and he never ended up getting more than a few pages written. He ended up publishing and then unpublishing it, just to get points. This leads into another interesting part about him. He decided that it was in his best interest to gain as many points as he could. TBG began to rate stories at a rapid rate, sometimes only skimming pages so that he could finished it, rate it, get his point, and move onto the next story. As a result of this, he was able to gain 300 points in the span of just a couple of days. His “mass reviewing” led TBG to believe that he was suddenly a master of grammar, and he began to get into the habit of raging and yelling at anybody on the forums with less than perfect grammar (basically just being a dick). He began to post on the forums more often, getting into arguments with other members over petty issues. One such argument was with newbie author Lurkinator, over the quality of Lurkinator’s American Civil War storygame. TBG had left a “scathing” review on the story, insulting trivial things (and sometimes even “correcting” already true facts) and overreacting about small (very small) grammar mistakes. This led to a hilarious argument on the Ozoni duel thread, where TBG basically called himself a master reviewer and insulted Lurkinator on his writing abilities. What’s so amazing about this conflict is that TBG is gay, and has openly confessed to me his attraction to Lurkinator (this may or may not be a joke; not the gay part, the Lurkinator part). This would mean that TBG is actively digging his own grave, while at the same time ruining his relationship with Lurkinator. During this argument, TBG also attempted to flex with his 1 featured comment, which was written on a minor story and is written as follows: “A warning. I am going to start bitching about a lot of things, that have to do with what a cat does.

Normally, a stereotypical cat wouldn’t be going around chasing squirrels. That is something the stereotypical dog does. Now, I am not saying that not something that a cat may do, but as a cat person, I can tell you that that is not what most cats do.

Now actual constructive criticism: One of your first choices was to eat and drink, without the owner being awake. Maybe you should go into the variables and mess around with that to make sure you only can eat and/or drink after the owner is up. Secondly, your story was short. Extremely short. A little descriptive writing would be nice, but still was very rushed. Third, your grammar could use a lot of work. And don’t be shy to ask for help! There are a lot of people you can PM that would help you fix your grammar. Overall, a 3/8.” This isn’t a “high tier” featured comment, and definitely not a big enough reason to assume he is better than anyone else. I’m getting off track of the bio here, so this is my estimation of TBG’s childhood story:

    It was the dawn of time, and the lord of all creation had just created a son. This son and his father lived peacefully for an innumerable amount of time, always agreeing on matters and working together to solve issues. Then one day they had an argument. It started over the trivial matter of who humans should worship more. The father believed it should be him because he created them, but the son believe it should be him for the reason that he is closer to humans in form, and was able to relate to them much more than the lord of creation could. This small argument led to larger arguments, and eventually the two hated each other. The son began to plot a rebellion, hoping to take away his father’s power and become the new lord of creation. Just as his plan began to unfold, the father realized what was happening and struck back. They began to battle, celestial wars destroying the earth and causing humans to panic. At a critical moment, the father knocked in a devastating blow and broke the son into pieces. The pieces fell down to Earth and spread throughout the planet. Nothing was known of the son until thousands of years later, when a group of travelers found one of his pieces. Curious as to what they had just found, they picked up the piece and were instantly enlightened to the untold mysteries of the past. These travelers took the piece, and then created the Church of The Broken God, which was devoted to finding all of the god’s pieces and rebuilding him. One of these pieces is hidden inside of the internet, and decided it would be a good idea to create an account on CYS, where it would then bully noobs about their grammar errors.

    In conclusion, The_Broken_God has had a short lifetime on CYS, but it has definitely been (semi) interesting. Hopefully he continues (begins) to be a functioning member of the community.

CYS Biographies

25 days ago

Not sure if I should feel insulted...

CYS Biographies

26 days ago

Intro: Cricket is a very active site member. She is known for many things, most noteworthy of which is being EndMasters “daughter” of sorts. After her dethroning of TharaApples she has gone on to be a very active advocate for EndMasters stories. One of her most famous quotes is “Read Paradise Violated.” This is a story made by EndMaster. She also actively rates many stories, leading to her getting the very coveted role on Mizal’s discord.


Speaking of Mizal’s discord, she is very active in there constantly helping new players and harassing them to read EndMaster’s stories. Most notably Paradise Violated. While not the most active writer when she does write she can produce amazing products, as evidenced by her one story game that is up, “Sir Osis.” She is undoubtedly one of the most active reviewers as of date., with 56 commendations and 18 featured comments, she is doing better than a lot of active members.


Humble beginnings:

She has said that she had been interested in the CYOA style ever since she had found out about it though at first did not find a decent platform to read it on.


Then through a site called “TV Tropes” she found the storygame “Price of Freedom: Innocents Lost” and read a few more stories before reading Inkeeper or Ground Zero, and while she can not remember which she knows one of them set off the smoldering passion for EndMasters stories.


To quote her from a interview with EndMaster, “The way you branch your stories with each choice leading to a different path was different and way cooler than anything else I had read to that point. I found that choices I thought would kill me lead to whole new stories just as long as my first choice, and I was hooked.”


After that she spent their next few years dedicating a week or two every few months just for coming on the site and reading a couple of stories. Then in 2018 she finally made an account.


She had been active for a few months, chatting on the forum and reading enteral. After school was let out she stayed away from the site for lack of a computer, though thankfully she came back in December and saw the Mizal’s discord. With that we gained a valuable member to the site.


Reviews: One of Cricket’s more positive traits is her desire to take her time and write detailed reviews on story games. She has 18 featured reviews on several storygames. Out of everyone on the sites commendations she is ranked 20th on the site. Her reviews tend to be very detailed and thought out. As of the time of writing she has a goal to write 100 reviews by the end of the year.


EndMaster: While she may write good reviews she is most known for being EndMaster’s daughter, and loyal advocate. Giving her behavior it seems her primary purpose is to make people read EndMaster’s stories.


Even though she loves all of them with a passion she does have a few favorites. Here is a personal quote from Cricket herself when asked about her favorite EndMaster stories, “Ground Zero --Because it is awesome and one of the biggest reasons I am here today

Paradise Violated --One of a rather small number of sci-fi stories in space that I really like.  I have read it several times, (probably more than any other story on the site) and it never gets old.  

Necromancer and Death Song --I consider these two probably the best stories on the site.”


Discord: Mizal’s discord is a place where you can almost always find Cricket. She never sleeps so don’t worry about missing her. She is easy to get along with if you don’t act like too much of a retard. She can often be found placing emojis under people’s messages and can be found in most conversations with some kind of comment.


Backstory: While this is not something that has been discussed, Cricket’s past is something that has had many theories revolving around it. I’m here with my very own.


You see Cricket lived in a dense are full of things that stretched fall above her height. They were almost like giant green towers. Her family also lived by a giant yellow sweet thing they used to feed off of. It has this creamy type filling in the middle.


Everyone in the neighborhood shared this thing as their primary food source, until one day a giant’s hand swooped in and carries the yellow thing away, killing a lot of Crickets friends. She was devastated. Not only were her closest friends dead she was going hungry. One day in the middle of the day, when her parents were sleeping she left without a sound. She was out on her own, she was going to find her own food.


Though sadly this was tough. She was going hungry when one day she saw a light. It was inside a giant wooden barrier. She went inside for it to shut behind her. She was trapped. As she spent her days eating scraps she was satisfied.


Though one day she heard the sound of blades chopping down the green towers. She peered through the doors to see them all gone. She survived for where she love but just saw cut strips. Flooded with hatred she summoned all her will power and looked at the child above her. Their minds merged as Cricket took control.


Now it is said she can not even remember her days as a Cricket. Though she always be one at heart.


Conclusion: They say no matter how good a writer you are it is just as important to read and review others work to improve your own and help others improve. Cricket shows this perfectly, with her willingness to help and the effort she puts in to help others is astounding. Even though she may have not wrote very many stories, she is serving an equally important service. She is improving herself, and helping others at the same time.


CYS Biographies

26 days ago
I like it. You guys should go read Paradise Violated now.

CYS Biographies

25 days ago

I feel like it’s bad that I still haven’t read it. I’ll get right on that. 

CYS Biographies

25 days ago

Somebody actually wrote an actual biography that was 1000 words! Most impressive. No dropbears or dingos though, so I give it a 2/8.

CYS Biographies

25 days ago
Yes, Cricket is amazing and the best Thara I know.

CYS Biographies

25 days ago
Thank you

CYS Biographies

25 days ago

I wasn't aware my position was something that can be usurped!

Goes to show you End has many groupies vying for his attention, and one must stay vigilant and active at all times.

*sniff, sniff*

CYS Biographies

25 days ago

You'll always be OG Thara. That will never change.

CYS Biographies

25 days ago

                EndMaster. This name brings fear to many when he is near and creates a world of pain for all to hear. One such person describes EndMaster as such; “I swear, End, you are like a little poisonous devil that sits on people’s shoulders and whispers evil into their ears in an effort to cause the most drama and chaos that you can.”. The one who said this about EndMaster was Axiom. To help understand or attempt to help understand you must start at the beginning, as all great adventures do.

                EndMaster carries the title, The Grandmaster of the Dead. He has been a member of chooseyourstory since June 1st, 2007. During this time, he has written many great stories that even newbies know about.  In total he has written 16 stories to date. Of these 16 stories, eight of them have been featured. The genres EndMaster writes about is mostly about monsters, necromancers and naturally death. His writing style can be a tad bit offensive or in some cases highly mature ratings. Among these games, my personal favorites would be Innkeeper and Alpha Wolf. His writing can be a little bewildering and odd, but it is very grasping and can hold your attention through and through. These stories have earned him 14 awards/trophies. One of these trophies was from winning a contest in 2007. Another odd but kind of funny award was given to him on June 22, 2012 by….EndMaster?! Yes, that is right he gave himself his own reward. He did give a reasoning for this which was “Because it’s my trophy!”. The last trophy that I will mention was awarded to EndMaster in February 25, 2008. This award was given by tsmpaul for hitting the top games list.

                Now you know a little about EndMaster’s writing but now you will learn a little more about EndMaster as a person/thing/creature? He lives just on the outer reaches of your conscious and subconscious mind, always watching, always listening. Among his interest he does not tell, not because of him being shy or weird but because simple minds can not grasp what he favors doing. His main occupation is working on CYS and on stalking people here and there, but his side occupation is that of destroyer of worlds. Haven’t you ever wondered why we do not see other life forms out in the universe. This guy is the reason why. Many people would see him destroying worlds with life on them as an evil, but they do not understand that if he did not do this then the world as we know it would end and all would be loss. In a way EndMaster is a god among mortals. Long before CYS he wrote in a place called Infinite Story. He came to CYS to simply conquer everyone here and to be the worst tyrant this site has ever known. Has he succeeded? I have no clue. If past has anything to say about this tyrant business, I would say he has not succeeded yet. Why might you ask I believe this? Simple, the place he came from was Infinite Story, it was a sparking place full of join until one day a noobie appeared and with time he gained a title and position. More time passes and he has claimed all he wanted and with a flip of his wrist the land of Infinite Story was washed away and all that was left was a cold, silent, desolate graveyard. CYS is yet to be a wasteland and thus he has not achieved what he hoped…yet.

                Now let us look at his risk factor. He does not seem to be much of a risk taker. His duel stats stand as follows. 0 wins and 0 losses. However, there is no risk to duel anybody since the points used to gamble with are infinite for him. Therefore, no reason to duel but to waste time, I suppose. He received a total of 16 featured comments on a variety of story games from January 1st, 2017 to our current date.

                EndMaster keeps a solid appearance on CYS to always make sure you remember that he is there, watching and listening. He writes posts all over the forums both to mock and to help writers everywhere. He also shows up in the CYS discord server for which he again, mocks and messes with noobies and old users. Currently he is against BerkaZerka for the top five story games by of course ratings. Among these five games EndMaster wrote three, Eternal, Necromancer and Death Song. Now will he ever beat Dead Man Walking or Dungeon Stompage? I do not believe he will beat Dead Man Walking but as he knows I am biased towards zombie games. One of the reasons EndMaster’s stories are written so well and maintain an overall higher rating is due to the amount of effort EndMaster pours into his stories.  Take Eternal for example. It is an amazing and well written game. He wrote so much background information before Eternal. You can find this on forums, creative corner, timeline. Here he develops a timeline for most of his stories in general. Depending what game, you are wanting to play or have played and just want more background information then you would scroll down this forum until you would see it. There are currently three different versions on here, one is fantasy based, another is modern earth based, and the last is a combine version.  

                As much as EndMaster portrays himself as a bad, evil no good doer. He does have a good side for which he will message even the lowest members on the site. How do I know this, well simple. I was the low member for which he took time to respond to a message I sent him. I saw how well he wrote and how much effort he put into his story games and I ask him how long it took and about scripting. He wrote back within 15 minutes. This was just a side note to show how good a tyrant he can be.

                All in all, never forget a couple things about EndMaster. First, he is always watching. Second, he is always listening. Lastly, he will destroy you if you annoy him too much.