1960's Pop Culture Quiz

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Just a quiz about 1960's pop culture.




Fixed a typo on Q9.

Added a list of what questions were answered correct or incorrect.

Fixed a typo on Q10.

Added a statement on Q?wrong pages telling which choice was correct.

Fixed some typos in the Changelog. 

Fixed dead-end on Q10 hint.

Player Comments

okay but why is there an end game option on the first slide?
-- fork070317 on 9/28/2020 11:48:43 PM with a score of 0
... I know absolutely nothing about 1960's pop culture, but managed to do pretty well on guess work.
-- Avery_Moore on 7/15/2020 2:23:48 PM with a score of 7
Straight to the point, effective simplistic design.
-- CopyWright on 6/28/2020 9:16:25 PM with a score of 7
It was good for a quiz, but with only ten questions there's clearly not a lot of effort put into this. It's very short and very easy. As C6H806 said, many of the possible answer choices were obviously wrong.
-- Megumeme on 1/7/2020 5:54:09 PM with a score of 10
Okay, but it was boring. 3/8.
-- 325boy on 5/16/2019 3:45:05 PM with a score of 7
It’s a good quiz, but is way too easy. I was able to guess some and still get it right jusr by how clearly wrong some of the possible answer choices were.
-- C6H8O6 on 4/10/2019 7:48:38 PM with a score of 10
It was a pretty good quiz. Not particularly difficult even for someone not from the United States. I do think that a few more questions would have been beneficial. But overall it was what the title says, a quiz about 1960's pop culture.
-- TurnipBandit on 4/9/2019 6:41:27 PM with a score of 10
That was a fun little quiz for those who are fascinated by the 1960s.
-- Mirage106 on 4/3/2019 2:31:07 AM with a score of 9
I learned many of these things already
-- xX__Xx on 3/20/2019 12:49:40 PM with a score of 10
Well, it was a quiz. It did not involve any obnoxious author's notes and stupid questions like, "Almost done~ How do you feel about being ABOUT TO GET YOUR RESULTS!!!" So that's nice.
Still it was just a quiz--not a story. Additionally, Jacqueline Kennedy did not invent the bouffant hairstyle. She popularized it as it appeared in the '60s.
-- Cricket on 2/25/2019 8:12:19 PM with a score of 7
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