Dusty Fist

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"trek through the forest"

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"A nice jog down the driveway"

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Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 16. If this were a movie, it would probably between PG-13 and R.

Can you get a good drink while fending off raiders?

A young martial artist visits a post-apocalyptic town in search of a drink. What happens next is up to you in this classic style CYOA inspired by the cult classic God Hand.

Special Thanks To:
Cricket - For beta reading.

Author's Notes: This is mostly just a little something I wrote for my own amusement and isn't meant to be taken seriously at all. It's written in the Time Cave format, which means that every choice leads you down a unique path instead of all that rebranching and stuff that modern interactive fiction tends to use.

With that said, leave all your common sense at the door, because it's about to get weird.

Player Comments

Chris, you're supposed to rename The First Page!

But this was just good goofy fun and a worthwhile way to spend five minutes. A storygame doesn't *have* to be a giant epic to be enjoyable and yours are nice to be able to point to for all those trembling noobs who either get their own 2000 word stories tragically wrong or else refuse to ever try in the first place.

Glad to see you writing again and I can tell you had fun with this. Some of the lines are just hilarious. 'The desire to not be gay and to get a glass of water gives you the motivation to see this fight through to the end.' That and the tea and scones ending were my favorite since of course I did not choose to be THAT kind of guy.

First ending I got was the happy friendship ending two clicks in, but going back I was pleased to see I had correctly sussed out that one does not merely *become* fat in the post apocalypse without being important...or without at least having a lot of really good friends in assless chaps who are in touch with emotions and sensitive to your plight.
-- mizal on 5/8/2019 2:44:25 AM with a score of 0
I found this story hilarious.
The humor in Dusty Fist would not be everyone's cup of tea. If you are one of those weirdos that actually read reviews before the story, and you do not appreciate the Rule of Funny, maybe you should not bother reading this. You won't find it funny and will just click through for the free point.

If, however, you don't mind a little absurdity, I highly recommend this story. It is short and can be read when you haven't much time to spare, and of the stories of this length which I have read, I enjoyed this one the most.

There were several parts which had me audibly laughing even on my second read through, and the grammar and writing are good. The first page may make it seem as if it will be just some cheesy action story if you're not paying much attention, but it becomes clear that it is not by the second page.
There are a few pop culture references, but they weren't very distracting, even for me who did not initially get them.

The branching style is my favorite, and it made reading through the whole thing very easy without making me read the same page multiple times.

Good job on your first story of 2019, Chris.
-- Cricket on 5/7/2019 10:30:47 AM with a score of 0
This is a silly story about a bar fight with some blatant "Fist of the North Star" references. Enjoy!
-- DerPrussen on 6/12/2019 6:43:50 PM with a score of 0
Lol I loved this. Each line is beautifully written and you can never predict what will happen next. It's just wonderful. Had me laughing at almost all pages.
-- Nehal on 6/2/2019 10:30:30 AM with a score of 0
-- BgirlStories on 5/11/2019 9:06:05 AM with a score of 0
What a beautiful little story.

I found Ending 10 straight away. Got my water and made some friends... Was pretty happy with that ending, but I decided to stick around and explore... And boy, was it worth it!

Ending 5 was easily one of the most romantic and heart-warming scenes I've read in a CYS game, as the protagonist finally lets go of his bias and denial, and admits to himself who he really is. Discovering his true sexuality with these men who are outwardly so brutal, yet also know when to be gentle, is a truly intimate and inspirational love story that will hold a special place in my heart for years to come.

At that point, I thought the endings couldn't possibly get any better, but you proved me wrong yet again with Ending 2... I got tea and scones!!! I like scones. ^_^
-- Avery_Moore on 5/10/2019 9:21:59 AM with a score of 0
Stunning Fist Violence.
Excellent Raider Abuse.
Seven outta Eight.
-- ISentinelPenguinI on 5/9/2019 10:16:38 PM with a score of 0
Somehow I ended up as Dovahkiin.
-- ninjapitka on 5/9/2019 6:32:37 PM with a score of 0
-- corgi213 on 5/8/2019 11:05:57 AM with a score of 0
Story: Very short, but the absurdist humor, especially the tea and scones path is spot on.

Prose: The writing style was often really funny. The narrator's light and sarcastic voice was great, and propelled the story on. Some jokes didn't work for me ("you guys share a pair of balls and a brain") and sometimes the narrative does the heavy lifting with exclamation points or stuff like "ohohoh" when I wanted more description and jokes. But that's probably a good sign that I wanted more!

Grammar stuff: Punctuation needs a bit of work, especially comma placement.

In short, a ridiculous blend of different genres in the guise of a western.
-- Gower on 5/7/2019 5:25:30 PM with a score of 0
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