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Hi. You can call me Tev.

Ask me questions, anonymously or otherwise, here.

What do you do when you're too lazy to have any progress to show off in a thread, but still want people to help keep you motivated in writing? Make a weekly teaser thread, of course!

Below are summaries of some of the storygames I'm working on currently or plan to in the future.

It was bad enough that the Kytta Kingdom's economy was going down the gutter. Unemployment, famine and crime were rampant. But then the neighbouring Tayton Empire started rapidly expanding their military, amassing a vast army of warriors, mages and machines. To the north, east and south of Tayton was only sea, to the west the only bordering country was Kytta, separated only by a small expanse of uncolonised mountains. There was only one possible goal behind the growth of the Tayton military: to invade the Kytta Kindgom. There were no riches or natural resources to be gained from an invasion of Kytta, only a vast population to enslave and a platform to invade the other wealthier countries in the area. The Kyttan king, Warno II, desperate, pleaded leaders from various bordering countries to lend military assistance to guard the Kytta-Tayton border. They were uninterested in such a costly endeavour only to lose their soldiers in an attempt to save some lowly, impoverished country from certain doom. Warno knew he had to find some other source of revenue to fund the raising of an army, but how?

Fast forward ten years, and the Tayton forces continue to grow, along with tensions at the border, although a full-scale war hasn't broken out yet. Sehrrina, a mage just coming to the end of her training, is placed in a special forces unit along with other rookies under the leadership of veteran com-mage Twankil. Told from a third-person perspective, you will be able to make choices for multiple characters including King Warno, Sehrrina, Twankil, their teammates and sometimes even their enemies. This storygame is not for those who are offended by violence, bad language, mythical creatures, immoral actions for the greater good, squabbling organisations with their own agendas or magic envisioned in an overly detailed shonen anime style pseudo-scientific manner with a high fantasy finish.

Galaxy Tale
It has been 1500 years since Earth came to annihilation, forcing its inhabitants to leave for other parts of the galaxy. Humanity struggled, but it pulled through, spreading itself across dozens of inhabitable planets. Alex, resident of Planet Mur, sets off on an adventure across the stars. Choose an objective for your journey, gather a crew together, stop off at multiple planets, all the while fighting, exploring and discovering new cultures, races, wildlife and space phenomena. Reach beyond the known, beyond mortality, beyond the galaxy...

Back in the day, I used to be a ruler. No, not the stationery kind! As in president, leader, running a country, making sure everything goes as smoothly as a baby sliding its bottom along a soaking wet icy floor. Except I was running the entire world. Yes, that man with the funny hat on TV with that huge-ass, badass but unwieldy looking sceptre, that was me! Yes, it had its shi... oh, pardon me, not very... good parts, like any other job, but it was also very rewarding. I lived a pretty fascinating life, if I may say so myself. All right, boys and girls, get your hot beverage of choice and gather round, because I'm about to tell you the greatest autobiographical tale about the Overlord of Earth that you've ever heard.

Naruto: A Shadow's Dawn
(title WIP) A Naruto fanfic set in Konoha before the beginning of the series, starting around the time that Minato and Kushina were children. Young kunoichi Tatsukami Renge is a rookie, distrusted by her peers because she's an outsider, originally living around the border between the Land of Fire and the Land of Wind. Lead Renge through her life as a shinobi as she tried to gain the trust of her teammates, develops her own unique fighting style and rises through the ranks by completing missions. She can lead her own team, make friends and even get married. As she gets older, gaining more experience and responsibility, the Third Shinobi World War looms ahead...

A Day in the Life of TeV
You wake up. Are you going to stay in bed, go downstairs or.... oh, who am I kidding. This is going to be one of those games without actually being anything like one of those games. Enjoy exhilarating everyday events experienced by some guy, complete with calendar-based random events and zero choices about what to have for breakfast or whether to brush your teeth.

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Dragon Song

13 souls.
10 fates.
5 main paths.
1 shared destiny.
All held together by a sprawling, ever-changing, conditional prophecy.

An action-packed, mystery solving adventure set in the arcanapunk fantasy setting for Dungeons and Dragons known as Eberron. Journey across the world of Eberron, starting in the recently battle-torn, tenuously peaceful cotinent of Khorvaire. Here, nations race in a cold war to find the cause of the mysterious cataclysm that devastated an entire nation, ending a century-long conflict.

Will the party be able to uncover the secrets of the Dragon Song? Will they unlock the key to the Mourning that left the Kingdom of Cyre an inhospitable ruin? What will happen to the conflicting nations of Khorvaire, and Eberron as a whole?

Only you can pull the strings of destiny and find out the answer to all these questions and more.

Recent Posts

Breakfast Bad or Breaking Eggs? on 10/1/2023 8:43:38 PM
So I'm thinking of writing a light-hearted, silly fanfic storygame about Flynn/Walter White Jr. starting a breakfast restaurant chain after the events of Breaking Bad. I'm still in the stage of brainstorming for ideas, but I can think of some ways the story could go. The bit that I'm stuck on is the title of the storygame. Which would be better: Breakfast Bad or Breaking Eggs?

Initial thoughts and feedback on Warrior's Legacy? on 9/3/2021 9:12:49 PM
Yep, that's one of the big aspects, but I'll try to also include various other aspects to keep both the protagonist and his opponents feel fresh and interesting.

Initial thoughts and feedback on Warrior's Legacy? on 9/3/2021 9:11:01 PM
Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback. Haha, I guess it wouldn't be too out of place to include some cats fighting each other in the forest or whatever. I'll consider making a Warrior Cats cameo. I'd have to cite you somewhere in the description for being the inspiration for that. 1. Regarding the title, mizal has allowed me to take the Legacy title for now, but I'll consider making it more obviously boxing based like the titles you suggested. I like Legacy for its simplicity, but boxing is a somewhat niche story subject. It would be nice to make it obvious for boxing enthusiasts just casually scrolling through storygame titles. 2. I wasn't sure if someone had already done something similar on CYS, but I'm glad to know there's little else like that here. 4. Yes, something like that. There will be some choices you can make outside of matches that will alter the plot, like deciding when to turn pro, accepting/declining certain matches, your personal life decisions outside of boxing, etc. Equally, there will be choices that don't affect the overall plot, but moreso your fighting style. This won't directly affect your boxing career progress, but might give you different options or outcomes in certain scenes of your matches. For example, in a conversation you have with other characters, you might get to choose between different world champion boxers that you admire, and also what technical aspects of their boxing you like the most. Depending on your choice, your coach will help train that specific skill. If you choose Fighter A and his footwork, you will learn some of his slick, evasive tricks that keep him at a safe distance and off the ropes. This will then be reflected in your future matches by coming up as a tactic you can opt for, or you just automatically use it in appropriate situations.

Initial thoughts and feedback on Warrior's Legacy? on 9/3/2021 7:07:10 PM
Thank you. I just took the Legacy title for myself.

Initial thoughts and feedback on Warrior's Legacy? on 9/3/2021 7:06:46 PM
I think I'd heard briefly about what Kiel had done, but I honestly forgot, so reading this kind if made me sad. I used to think he was alright, and I liked his storygames. I guess you've just got to be aware that those kinds of people might appear normal on the surface.

Initial thoughts and feedback on Warrior's Legacy? on 9/3/2021 1:08:25 AM
Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, regarding the title, I'll probably get a mod to invoke their magic powers and change it to Legacy. I'd prefer that. I probably will go with the narrative combat option over stats and game mechanics, but I just wanted to hear people's thoughts on the matter, and whether somebody might think it's a missed opportunity to make a boxing simulator type game like that. I think you're right that I should go with what serves the story best, which will be the narrative route. Rather than a crunchy simulator, it's supposed to tell story of zero to hero, a boxer slowly improving on his skills. The 'character creation' would be better off woven into the story and the narrative choices you make. It's not supposed to give you complete control of your character's fighting style, but rather branch out in different ways based on story-based decisions. This style should be preserved during the fights as well. Rather than repeat the same choices of punches or go through the same stages for every fight, every fight should feel different based on the style matchup and the skill gap.

Initial thoughts and feedback on Warrior's Legacy? on 9/2/2021 11:44:19 PM
Hi! Long time no see. It's about time you became an all-powerful death-god-mod! I didn't know that could be arranged. I think I'll hold off on taking that Legacy title for now, but if I ever get this storygame more complete, I might take you up on that offer. Thanks. If I can get it changed, at least I won't be attracting those pesky Warrior Cat fandom horde here, or even worse, get mistaken as one of them. Are they still around these days?

Initial thoughts and feedback on Warrior's Legacy? on 9/2/2021 11:36:09 PM
Hi, guys. It's been a while, for those who remember me. I've got a rough outline for a new storygame I'm starting to make. It's called "Warrior's Legacy". I wanted to make it "Legacy", but that title is unfortunately already taken by an unpublished storygame made by someone who's been inactive since 2014. No, my storygame is not about Warrior Cats. There's a storygame description below, plus some specific questions below that. I was hoping for some general feedback and some answers to these questions, if anyone's interested. Description: "A boxer's journey from lost delinquent to warrior of legendary status. There are many paths to make your mark on the history of the sport. What kind of legacy will you build? This storygame will see you go through the life of a boxer, starting as a kid lacing up gloves as a hobby. You will learn to excel at the sweet science through discipline, dedication, determination and by intelligently, efficiently paving the way to improving yourself. You will make friends, rivals and enemies as you take on increasingly tougher opponents first in the amateurs, eventually going pro to pursue your dreams and goals. Although Warrior's Legacy is about combat sports, and there are large chunks dedicated to boxing matches, there are also plenty of sections that deal with the story and your choices outside of the ring. This storygame has more of an interactive novel feel than a gamey one, featuring narrative driven choices rather than crunchy numbered stats and repetitive button-press choices, even during matches. Whilst some decisions you make don't affect the overarching plot, every single choice is meaningful: relatively minor choices will affect the degree of success during a match, or give you a different set of combat choices for future matches. The latter can be reflected by changes to fighting style or conditioning that can be made during training or matches. There are many endings, each with varying degrees of success. Only four of these, known as Legacy Endings, will truly see you fully realising your greatest goals, leaving behind your legacy as one of the greatest boxers ever. However, there can be multiple ways to reach the same Legacy Ending. Remember that this is a sports storygame, so losing matches here and there doesn't necessarily mean a game over. Don't give up after losing, because you might still be able to get a good ending, or even a Legacy Ending! Many of the greatest boxers end their careers with defeats on their records. Of course, if you keep losing too many times, you will eventually get a game over (through quitting boxing) before achieving your full potential." Questions: 1. a. What do you think of the title? b. Does it make you think it's a fantasy instead of a modern? c. Should I make it more obvious from the title that it's about boxing? 2. a. Is this a storygame you would want to try, based on the description? b. Does reading the description make you look forward to play, or is it just something you'd save for when you're bored? c. If it doesn't excite you, is there anything I can do to make the description more appealing? Is it just that the content matter doesn't appeal to you? 3. a. Is the description too detailed? Not detailed enough? b. Are there any specific areas that need more or less explaining, or just the whole thing in general? 4. The third and fourth paragraphs of the description give details on how the choices will feel more like an interactive novel than very gamey. a. Would you rather the boxing matches feel more like a traditional game, with stats, random numbers, repetitive stages/mechanics, etc.? b. If you answered yes to the above, do you have any suggestions for specific game mechanics you'd like to see? 5. Do you have any other feedback or questions? Feel free to answer as many or as few of the questions as you'd like. You can answer each individual question separately or smoosh every numbered section into one answer, whichever you prefer.

Draw My Attention (Age of Sage) on 1/26/2017 8:13:52 AM

This isn't me recommending any changed to specific storygames, but just something about story difficulty in general. Eternal is rated 8 for difficulty and OMS a 6. That doesn't seem right to me.

Is it worth considering some guidelines for determining story difficulty that are a little more concrete? Sure, it'll always be somewhat subjective, but maybe each difficulty level could have a short description to give you an idea of just how difficult it is. For example, 8/8 might have something about it being almost difficult to complete without help from someone else who already has.

I know it would be a lot of work to sort through all the old storygames and change their difficulty ratings, but that's what this thread is for, right?

Lurking Trophy? on 1/20/2017 9:25:42 AM
Didn't know you were still around to be honest. True to your username, I see.